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Mnangagwa's Dis-trustfulness surfaces just a minute before he assumes Power

20 Nov 2017 at 11:27hrs | Views
Just three days ago, Mnangagwa mechanisms appealed to the people of Zimbabwe to unite and show Mugabe how bad a leader he was. The Nation responded after Mnangagwa-war-veterans had pledged that they now stand with the people of Zimbabwe. We were promised that the next arrangement after kicking out Mugabe would be a four year Transitional Authority which would be headed by Mnangagwa, deputised by Dabengwa and Mujuru while Tsvangirai would assume the position of Prime minister.

The general public extraordinarily responded by converging in a mass show of National Unity which has never been seen in Zimbabwe. The chairmen hosting the anti-dictatorship rally in Harare went on to exhibit a futuristic approach of banning any speaker from saying "Down with another Zimbabwean". This was the first time such an innovative futuristic vision was practised in Mugabe's Zimbabwe especially by pro-Mnangagwa war vets.

However, some pro-thinkers stressed that someone like Mnangagwa, who has spent 50 years working with Mugabe, will never have the capability to govern differently from Mugabe. Alternative opinions suggested that if we want any change at all, Dabengwa would lead better than Mnangagwa.

Mnangagwa's weakness quickly surfaced at the rally when Chinamasa appeared before thousands of people. They booed him shamefully. They did not hide their anger about Zanu's collective failures in bringing in Bond Notes after ZimDollar had gone extinct.

Chinamasa retreated and the Nation went ahead to show their support for their armed forces. On the following day when it became imminent that Mugabe was going to resign, Mnangagwa's Chinamasa commented that Zanu was going to run the country without any coalition. The people of Zimbabwe became angry at Mnangagwa's distrustfulness. His word and promise cannot be trusted and this shows that he is not different from Mugabe and also proves, beyond any doubt, that Mugabe knows Mnangagwa will be worse.

If you are a 24 year old boy, proposing love to a 19 year old girl hoping to spend the next 80 years with her as your trusted an beloved wife. If the girl acts, in front of you, like Mnangagwa. What would you do? Is it not foolish to commit to a dishonest girl who is distrusted and known by her own family to be a pretender?  Did anyone see how many rallies Mnangagwa attended being insulted everyday by Grace, still pretending that everything was normal? Is that normal or it's greed for power at any cost? Would you marry such a deceitful pretending girl and expect to trust and leave her in the house while you go to work? Would you trust such a girl better than her own family? What wise reason would you convince yourself with?

Pretence, deceit, suspicious silence, night plotting, extreme brutality against rivals, dishonesty, backstabbing, night dealing, manipulating, are all the qualities of a politician one needs to avoid. Only a fool would ignore this whole catalogue of Mnangagwa's character, especially when we are looking for a father figure to heal our country out of Mugabe's 37 year toxicity.

It is time NOW that the Nation, once again, has to reconsider how much of power we should invest in Mnangagwa and make contingency plans of HOW we are going to remove those powers if he proves he is Mugabe multiplied. Since 1980, Mugabe's only comment about Gukurahindi massacre was "It was a moment of MADNESS". What did Mnangagwa say? Mnangagwa said the worst of any possible insults to the victims of genocide. Mnangagwa said "the story of Gukurahundi is now a closed story"

A President is a father of the Nation. Those who have children know very well that, being a father, needs extraordinary wisdom. One has to learn to get into his child's feelings, and become the best counsellor to therapeutically calm and pump sense of confidence to an aggrieved child. A dull pretender cannot be such a father to any intelligent child.

Mnangagwa was educated when only a few Africans were educated. He, and Mugabe, spent so many years being the only few educated Zimbabweans in the sixties. They got into advanced adulthood with that belief that they can cheat uneducated people and play with them for political gain. They are now too old to adjust and understand that 90% Zimbabweans are now so educated that they can't be cheated anymore. We are no longer a Nation of grade six graduates who could be told any lie as it was in the seventies.

Dear Countrymen. While we join hands in agreement that Mugabe Must Go, let's use the same leverage to vet what we are bringing in. How could Mnangagwa's Chinamas say they abandoned the idea of Transitional Authority overnight? Are we now the grade six graduates of 1978?

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Source - Ryton Dzimiri
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