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It is a no-win situation for Mugabe

20 Nov 2017 at 15:44hrs | Views
Mugabe has always looked for political support to accord him some legitimacy. He hijacked ZANU PF - by chicanery - then subvert its constitution to achieve his vision, which is self-aggrandizement. He surrounded himself with cronies to ensure that the he is always nominated as the party's presidential candidate. Where in the world have you seen an elective Congress convening with the only elective position decided? Yes only in Zimbabwe!
The problem started when some cadres in ZANU PF started resisting Mugabe's chicanery and agitating for a vote for the presidential candidate at Congress. They threatened to split the party if their wishes were not met. Mugabe has never been a fan of ZANU PF split - hence the military intervention. The dilemma is both sides want to keep the name ZANU PF and everything the party stands for. This is the issue we are facing in Zimbabwe right now. The army wants a ZANU PF that will maintain the liberation ideals - those wishes are at variance with Mugabe's cronies who want nothing to do with liberation ideals. They want to start afresh.
If you care to know - this started in Victoria Falls in 2015 when Mugabe accused the military of interference with the political process. On realizing the army's clout, Mugabe hatched a plan to infiltrate and destroy ZANU PF from within. The assignment was given to Jonathan Moyo and Kasukuwere who are sitting with the despot at the blue roof right now. How absurd can this be? The whole country has been made to believe the two thugs are in jail yet they are sitting with the despot, dictating his every move.
How do I know they are at the blue roof you may ask? I know these moles are with the despot because Temba Mliswa who is Kasukuwere's girlfriend said so.
I know Mugabe has been spying on his lieutenants because Grace said so - she declared that she had inner secrets on Mnangagwa. She dared Chiwenga to come and shoot her. She is holding on to some precious and sensitive information and I will not doubt that something explosive is going to come out if the situation is not handled carefully.
Look, the gangster hatched to waylay Mnangagwa during a political rally in Gwanda, through some "mysterious food poison".
I know ZANU PF is split into two because Mugabe and Grace started denigrating people from Midlands and Masvingo. This is classic, this is revealing - this drama we are seeing is a fa├žade. The real fight is over the name ZANU PF and assests.
Unfortunately, frustration might this time erupt into massive street protests against Mugabe. We will not be the first country, neither will we be the last to witness such anger expressed on the streets. Such protests have happened in Indonesia, Ivory Coast, Madagascar, and the former Yugoslavia.

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Source - Sam Wezhira
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