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Criticism of Mnangagwa is the most Healthy Tool of Civilisation to heal Zimbabwe NOW.

22 Nov 2017 at 18:42hrs | Views
If you hold a University Degree, you will not miss this point. Anything which is not subject to critical appraisal is doomed to fail. This is why Zanu PF is one of the most rudimentary projects reminiscent of African politics.

A leader is a human being, and yet in Zanu, a leader is perceived to be someone like a god. From 1980, Zanu carried on with Liberation Struggle tactics of supporting a leader's decision through thick and thin. These ideals were vital for the Liberation Struggle and not applicable to the complex ever-changing dynamics of running a healthy, progressive country.

Running a country needs complex placicity which cannot be found from one source. Those who did politics while Zimbabweans were still living in caves in the 14th Century found out that critical views carry more fuel to drive a county into competitiveness. In Zimbabwe, Mr Mugabe demanded a One Party State which is contrary to creating motive fuel for the economy. Only "He" was correct from 1980 to 2017 leaving a country reduced to year 1870 standards.

It is a grave mistake for critical voice to start ululating for Mnangagwa and calling him the change that Zimbabwe was waiting for. The first suicidal stroke Mnangagwa can employ on his road to failure is to suppress critical voices like Mugabe. Instead of inviting Gayigusu, Thambolenyoka, Gwesela and MaBrugwana to State House in 1982, Mugabe sent in an army to eliminate the critical voice. His solution did not live perpetually as, in the end, Mnangagwa became Gwesela. Mutswangwa became Mabrugwana, Chiwenga became Tambolenyoka, Matemadanda became Gayigusu.

Those who did healthy politics before us, tried the Mugabe's solution of elimination, some 700 years ago and it does not work. What works in modern day is dialogue.

If you are correct in what you are doing, it is not hard to sit down with your critics and show them those limitations which inform your decisions. Again, you need to set your mind open for placicity. You need to be a malleable leader who is willing to be changed by better views than those you hold to be perfect.

This country is giving Mnangagwa a chance to wash his garments so clean that everyone will agree that the blood on Mnangagwa's hands was directed by his previous leader. But, firstly, Mnangagwa has to acknowledge the Nation that he really has blood on his hands and ask the Nation for a Baptism. We can't tell Mnangagwa how to do this, he has enough education to draft an effective approach to that.

Mnangagwa's advisory team should consist mostly of those young Zimbabweans who have spent time studying and living in Diaspora. There is no point asking people who were poisoned by Mugabe long rule for innovative ideas. There is no innovation in Zanu poisoning. Zimbabweans are not different from North Koreans who are forced to believe that what the leader says is final.

President Mnangagwa should treat those who mistreated him in a good manner so that when his retirement comes, people will hug him as Zimbabwe's first best leader in recent times. Revenge taints. Imagine how Mugabe would be if he had killed Smith? Dirty as he was, Zimbabweans refused the temptation of doing a Gadhafi on Mugabe, even when they had a chance to do so. This is because Mugabe himself showed maturity in handling Smith after 1980. That makes Zimbabwe a respected country of educated people.

Unfortunately, Mnangagwa must prune a lot of Mugabe's loot and use it to renovate our Health Sector. Zimbabweans coming from Diaspora will find it hard to get treated in dilapidated hospitals as they stand today. Even if one has millions of dollars to invest at home, one will consider that event that one falls sick, and there are no hospitals, it becomes a death sentence.

 Mugabe is very different from Smith, he abused our money buying senseless things which must be immediately repossessed. 13 farms are not a sign of success, but a sign of senseless greed. Our former President deserves one farm.

Mnangagwa should show uniqueness in his style. That will make him unique. Uniqueness is employing sworn enemies like Jonathan Moyo as one's Minister of higher education. Avoid the temptation of being predictably ordinary, avoid giving your wife a role in politics, let alone give her a microphone. She can pray for the Nation at a rally, but not address people.

Mnagagwa MUST BAN the war cry of "DOWN WITH" any Zimbabwean. If we are a liberated country run by you, our Liberation Hero, how can we become Zimbabwean enemies?

 We fought the British 40 years ago and beat them, so, how can we perpetually call them enemies instead of harnessing their expertise to our advantage?

Mnangagwa should be unique and give the Ministry of Technology to Chamisa, while Biti should be given Finance. These are dynamical times, we are not in 1971, people like Chinamasa are an old book which must be retired. We need a young competent workforce which can make us competitive in this age of electromagnetism. Chinamasas are analogue wired material good for 1971 competiveness.

Mnangagwa must give Mutswangwa Foreign Ministry, but he must first take him for extensive counselling to wash away Liberation War anger. After 40 years, Mutswangwa still has not calmed down. He did a good job working under our best General Chiwenga to remove Malignant Mugabe, but Mutsvangwa failed to calm down and get professional like Chiwenga. Actually, Matemadanda did well, he spoke with the necessary precision of a Secretary General of War vets. Mahiya taught our Nation what unity means, he banned "Pasi Na…..".

Mnangagwa must stop failing to respond to those who criticise him only to submerge with an Atomic Bomb response as he did with Mugabe. All these War Heroes have symptoms of people who were put into powerful positions before being counselled for War-time trauma. Thus why it's hard for them to see life from a pleasurable view and always shouting threats, hate, intimidation and deploying strict unnecessary security forces while failing to run the country competitively.

Source - Ryton Dzimiri
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