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Free Speech Abolishment leads us back to 1924, Mould our President for 2020

26 Nov 2017 at 14:40hrs | Views
For a thriving economy to occur, there are more tools needed than Zimbabweans know. Zimbabweans believe that hard work, education and absence of corruption are the only tools our country needs. In reality, hard work, education and absence of corruption are just a tiny integral of an economy-generating tools box.

Zimbabweans miss out the role of FREE SPEECH, dissemination of information, creative thinking and critical analysis. Even some our most educated technocrats who never had a chance to live in developed countries, find it hard to accept the role of critical analysis as a credible tool in developing our country.

While we were growing up in Zimbabwe in the 80s, we were taught that it is a wrong thing to criticise our President. So, we complied.

We showed our patriotism and supported our President in everything he solely decided to do. We were taught to smile and dance ecstatically when he addressed hungry and impoverished peasants.

Facing no criticism at all, the President became an absolute King over years. His wife became the Queen, whose voice carried the direction our country should take. His children became Princes and Princesses who deserved everything a living human being can possibly dream for. Our Industries shut down, money extinct, infrastructure dilapidated, police corrupt, University Degrees rendered useless.

Because we have never known the role of a Government critic, we kidnapped, silenced, intimidated, jailed and killed critics. The kleptomaniac regime of Zimbabwe even deployed Green Bombers to oppose, threaten and silence free speech on Social Media.

What they forget is that Social Media was developed by Zimbabweans whose voices were silenced in the traditional print The Herald, Sunday Times, Chronicle etc. When we accelerated and educated each other on Social Media, the kleptomaniac regime found itself exposed. We became more influential to the society than traditional and controlled Print Media. They could not hide anything anymore. Our Social Media at one point excelled to the point of unveiling things that the regime was planning, before implementation. We became Pro-Active. There was one Baba Jukwa who nearly brought the regime to its knees. Thus when the regime deployed hungry Green Bombers to counter Social Media's view and silence Zimbabweans.

But, Green Bombers are rural folk. They have serious limits due to their poor infrastructure and information options. We will always prevail relying on Zimbabwean Freedom Fighters who fight an effective bloodless war against a corrupt regime.

Zimbabwean Social Media Green Bomber Regime wage strong campaigns to silence Social Media who are based in Diaspora, we initially formed these Online papers against Green Bomber mentality. Now they come out to say "Bulawayo 24 is allowing negative voices instead of supporting our new President"

They submerge from Murambinda Rural Settlement and try to control Electromagnetic Waves generated from London. In doing so, they lack facts to defend their philosophy. For instance, Green Bombers are de-campaigning voices which criticise President Mangagwa for describing Zimbabweans as "DOGS" and "ENERMIES" on his first week in office.

The newly imposed President does not address a rally and fail to say "Down with Enemies" or that "While Zanu continues to rule, DOGS IN THE OPPOSITION WILL KEEP BARKING AND BARKING"

If a Politician says that about people in Britain, he won't spend a day in office. This is because the British people are not dogs. They are special not because they are White, but because THEY REFUSE TO EMPOWER ANY INDIVIDUAL TO THE EXTENT THAT HE CAN SEE PEOPLE AS DOGS.

Many Zimbabweans now live in Diaspora. They have learnt where exactly in Zimbabwe we got things wrong. We all agree that we work hard, we all agree that we are educated, but still, economically, nothing shows that our country is growing. Or that our education is working.

We are forced NOT TO CRITICISE POLITICIANS LIKE CHOMBO WHO TAKE 10MILLION DOLLARS TO HIS HOUSE while the dehydrated Green Bomber is defending him and silencing Social Media. Just last month, we were prohibited from criticising Grace Mugabe.

Now, the Rural Green Bomber wants to silence us, for criticising Mnangagwafor his loose unguided mouth. Mnangagwa cannot claim to lead us while he sees us as barking DOGS.

In South Africa, the President rules upon RESPECTED human beings who live within that boarder,

In Zimbabwe, the President rules DOGS, ENERMIES and Zanu people. Thus why we have 3 Million Zimbabweans living in South Africa in pursuit for being accepted in the World as human beings. Thus why the economy there sustains roads, hospitals and continuity and thus why Zimbabwean roads and hospitals are dilapidated.

In Botswana, the President there rules upon INTELLIGENT human beings who live within that boarder,

In Zimbabwe, the President rules upon DOGS, ENERMIES and Zanu people.

That is the reason why the Tswana people still have their money. That is why their economy is thriving and attracting Zimbabweans from their Ancient Civilisation, into Botswana's thriving and robust economy.

In Germany, the Chancellor there rules upon respected and valued human beings who live within that boarder. She can't dare call Germans "DOGS" even during election campaign.

In Zimbabwe, the President rules EDUCATED DOGS, FRIGHTENED ENERMIES and Zanu people.

Thus why Germany manufactures Mercedes Benz which President Mnangagwa of Zimbabwe likes too much. The DOGS AND ENERMIES in his own country will never have the confidence to invent, even a car tyre. They will just specialise in what their President acknowledges them for being –Barking Dogs.

There is no point sending dogs to school, they will never use education to invent life advancing technologies.

What Zimbabweans miss about such official small insults is that, it affects the recipient psychologically throughout his life. If you grow up being called a dog, you lose psychological confidence in yourself. You actually become a dog which waits to be told what to do and how to do it. You can't generate the confidence needed to invent a mobile phone. Instead, you live to believe that those who call you a dog are good enough and they will invent mobile phones and sell so that your country canl thrive like South Korea.

Those simply tools we take for granted in Zimbabwe are the only tools missing to complete our economic machinery. At the moment, we are 93 years behind the economic technology to power our economic machine. We are educated but have no voice. A Rural, young and backward Army is deployed by Kleptomaniacs to silence voices that would make our country complete.

Anyone who wants to test this theory is challenged to remember that, just last month, in October 2017, every Zimbabwean SEEMED TO BE BEHIND GRACE AND MUGABE. What new wrong did they do which now SEEMS TO MAKE EVERYONE BEHIND MNANGAGWA? WHAT NEW GOOD HAS MNANGAGWA SHOWN?

Can anyone see that Zimbabwean people are afraid to openly tell their leader what is wrong about him? This is the same with Mnangagwa, we are accepting him dirty as he knows he is. We will mould him into the kind of a President we like in Zimbabwe. We can't mould him by conformity as we erroneously did with Mugabe, we will use universally approved tools of critical analysis, until he bends to our liking. At the moment, we don't want a President of just a few people who tends to call the rest of Zimbabweans DODS and ENERMIES. We want a President who will rule RESPECTED AND VALUED ZIMBABWEANS.

Source - Multiverse Dungani
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