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Not 'right nor wrong' in supporting cyclic Mnangagwa, just HOLLOW!!

29 Nov 2017 at 16:58hrs | Views
Philosophically, the word "right" is NOT fixed, neither is the word "wrong". Even in general or Political life, the word "right", cannot be fixed. In Zimbabwe last month, October 2017, it was RIGHT to say "down with Mnangagwa" and "forward with Amai Grace Mugabe". Today on November 29 2017, it is treasonous to say "down with Mnangagwa", and, one would be risking his life if they uttered "forward with Amai Grace Mugabe". What then does right mean, or does wrong have a definitive measure?

So, fellow Zimbabweans, shall we now look at everything from an educated perspective?

After the August 1983 School Holidays, I walked into my Mkoba High School classroom limping with horrendous injuries sustained from Gukurahundi. I was only 13 having spent my holidays in Gwenzi, Zhombe. My classmates were newly liberated War time kids who came from all over Zimbabwe. Their country, which definitely had proven not to be mine, was protecting them for being on the "right" side of Zimbabwean fluid Polytrics. They did not believe it when I told them that the new, pure and people-oriented Government had set its private army on me. What they knew however, was that the pure army was rooting out Dissidents who were destabilising their new and pure Government.


From 1977 to 1980, I had spent those years in Selukwe being "right" to fight for Zanla against Rhodesians. At independence, I moved to Zhombe where an armed Dissident demanded food at gun point and I gave him. The INEDUCABLE Government of  the then "right" Mr Mugabe and his then "right", later " wrong" and now "right" Emerson Mnangagwa, set a private army to murder and maim trapped people like me.

As I write this article, our former Vice President Phelekezela Mphoko, who was "right" last month, is so "wrong" this month, so much that he is afraid to even set his foot on Zimbabwean soil. Mphoko's sin was to deputise the then "right" and now "wrong" Mugabe.

In 1983, Jonathan Moyo criticised Mugabe and Mnangagwa's style of running a feeble INEDUCABLE Government. The then "wrong" Jonathan was later imported into the Zanu Government where he became a highly spoken-about patriotic cadre.

In 2004, Mnangagwa used Jonathan Moyo to effect a failed Tsholotsho Regime Change.

When cornered by Mugabe security instruments, Jonathan Moyo was dismissed from Government for being "wrong" to help Mnangagwa. Mnangagwa himself was not touched. He remained "right" while on the "wrong".

Moyo had every natural right to be angry after his selective punishment following the Tsholotsho Declaration. He was later hired back by Mugabe at which point he decided to do the " right" thing and always oppose anything that Mugabe viewed as "wrong".

When Mnangagwa continued to pursue his "wrong" project to unsit Mugabe, Moyo remained " right" to stick with the then "right" Mugabe.

"Wrong" Mnangagwa was dismissed by Mugabe and Moyo remained "right" with the President.

Mnangagwa used the General Chiwenga to wrestle power from Mugabe as he had used Jonathan Moyo a decade before. This time around, the General's arm proved successful, and today, Mnangagwa is the  "right".
President of Zimbabwe. Had the General failed and charged with treason, Mnangagwa would have cunningly disowned him as he previously disowned Jonathan Moyo. If Jonathan Moyo's arm had been successful in 2004, Jonathan would be Mnangagwa's Deputy.

So, Dear Countrymen, is it about Mnangagwa or is it about Zimbabwe?  

Mugabe, who has been " right" for 37 years, is the most "wrong" person in Zimbabwe today. Those who were "right" to sustain him just last month, are so "wrong ", today that they can't set their foot on  Zimbabwean soil including Jonathan Moyo who would otherwise be Mnagagwa's Deputy if the Tsholotsho Declaration had succeed in lifting Mnangagwa.

Was General Chiwenga right to hunt for Jonathan Moyo calling him a thug around Mugabe? Or, is it because Jonathan Moyo had decided to do the then "right" thing to stand with the then "right" Mugabe?

If Mnangagwa wants to be any different and seeks to break away from Mugabe's Ineducable traits, he must start by freeing all Mugabe Henchmen. They are as much Zimbabweans as you and me. This cycle of senselessness must come to and end and new Thinkologies applied.

 While we all ecstatically celebrate our newZimbabwe, let's not be fooled by this INEDUCABLE, feeble Government into blacklisting, maiming, persecuting, hating and dis-fellowshiping our countrymen.

Being Zimbabwean is an unconditional RIGHT which must not be tethered to any one's individual political ambitions. This country is for all of us, regardless of who controls the army. The Zimbabwean National Army needs to be restructured to serve the people of Zimbabwe without any allegiance or influence from any politician including the Head of State. As it stands now, the Zimbabwean army has proven to be the most dangerous institution in our country. It has done me a good job to remove stubbon Mugabe, but, education informs me that this army is a dangerous weapon my country has ever constituted. Even Jonathan Moyo can turn his "wrong" into a "right" by exploiting the unpredictable army.  

Let's use our education to see beyond the reach of an ordinary eye and refuse to help INEDUCABLE Mnangagwa to persecute Zimbabweans we were forced to call " right" just last month.

A new-start should not exhibit remnants of old INEDUCABLE, feeble traits of 1983.

Source - Ryton Dzimiri
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