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Mugabe's long over-due departure in Zimbabwe was God's will

01 Dec 2017 at 09:53hrs | Views
The stubbornness! Cruelty! Satanic Wisdom! Extreme Greed! Blank Cheque Anointing for corruption! Brave Viciousness! Open Malice! And high desire to dominate by hook or crook moved the hand of God upon the nasty and brutal iron-fist rule of Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe and his wife, Grace, his Second Vice President and the late Joshua Nkomo's ZAPU novice new-comer, Phelekezela Report Mphoko and cronies!

The Republic of Zimbabwe turned into a Mugabe Family Enterprise! Some called it "Grace Kingdom!" in ridicule of his most wicked! Equally Brutal! Vicious! With unlimited greed-anchored malice young wife and former married presidential office concubine cum First Lady, Grace! When she served in the government ministerial typing pool as a copy-typist. While in some circles, a "Mugabe Gushungo dynasty" was seen as aggressively in the making! With then second Vice President, Phelekezela Report Mphoko as a most willing accomplice against the citizenry of Zimbabwe! Mphoko! A most desperate and weird man wielding of a blank cheque Grace Mugabe open-deceit anointing was swept-off his roots and rebelled against his fellow revolutionaries in favour of the politics of greed and marginalisation championed by political up-starts of the worst order! Phelekezela Report Mphoko for hire! Stood against the people's President with Grace Mugabe's Blue-Roof manufactured malicious evidence upon the people's survivor president Munangagwa! Malicious Mphoko lies designed to unceremoniously deport the people's president, firstly into Heroes Acre for burial with that Gushungo Dairies manufactured ice cream customised for his co-Vice President, Emmerson Munangagwa! And, secondly, no return bridge into the political dustbin! Shamelessly hinging upon the waist of The Chief Executive of the novice Generation 40 cabal, Grace Mugabe. Generation 40 cabal of hurried mostly non-combatant schemers and looters who sponsored The Grace Kingdom for their own personal most brilliant and unGodly ends! It was political idiocy and highly miscalculated opportunism upon the then Vice President Phelekezela Report Mphoko, a trained cadre of the revolution against The British dominion in Zimbabwe. That spirit of opportunism took him aboard the unholy Grace Mugabe Kingdom job-card upon now sitting president, Emmerson Munangagwa (also known as Garwe or Lacoste)! Mphoko found himself only concerned with his launch and protection of his corrupt Asiatic frontiership of The Choppies Supermarket chain and Motovac Car Parts enterprises that target senior politicians for illicit partnerships. In all countries where these Asians exist they have bravely made their foot-prints under-cover of senior and influential civil servants and politicians. And former Vice President Mphoko in Zimbabwe for purposes of obtaining political insulation against corruption and compliance. These Asians have tactfully avoided partnering warm-bloodied more value-adding corporate animals in favour of the commercially unsophisticated politicians and influential senior civil servants for undue protection against government regulations. The Green Route Anointing into unrestricted corruption!

President Emmerson Munangagwa's customised poisoned ice cream miraculous escape was neither an ordinary survival nor escape! Bith that survival and escape was of God! Munangagwa scaled his way out of the grave when he had been already billed as Heroes Acre latest material at the time with Dr. Ignitius Chombo (Dr. Ten Million US$ Cash in the house) as The Master of Ceremonies. It remained as really difficult not to pay attention to the fact that multitudes of other people could have been similarly deported into grave-yards country-wide. That Ice Cream Movement! President Munangagwa! From The Grave, through well-schemed political oblivion emerging with a new and superior political dispensation! Achievements of a fortnight have out-performed Robert Mugabe's 37 years of misrule! And Britain's Winston Churchill! The amount of on-the-ground change and degree of organisation and Garwe projections! Garwe presence! Garwe authority and power! Has continuously hibernated the prophets of doom. When The Garwe assassination miscarried, its enemies banked on banishing it into the political paupers grave-yard! When The Garwe wagged its tail, its enemies embarked on a diplomatic international character scandalisation mission! British Honourable Member of Parliament, Kate Hoey took the lead against the people's president and, therefore, the people's will. I rebuked her with no reservation.

President Munangagwa's lean cabinet and lean high-powered delegations abroad marked by his refusal to lead a high-powered delegation to the recent Kenyan President, Uhuru Kenyatta's inauguration following a controversial and violent election. And a commitment to reduced or none international down-drain prestigious trips all which had been a critical liability to the treasury in The Mugabe era! Restoration of sanity in the banking industry and the flushing-out of police highway robberies perpetrated upon the motoring public! Re-industrialisation! Commitment to compensation of the white farmers and deliberate generation of investor confidence! Amnesty to repatriate all looted State funds within three months. Release and pardon of political prisoners! All-round reduced queues especially in the banks. That most transformed atmosphere carrying a new beginning. The re-invention of ZANU PF and governance. The disbanding of The Presidential Praise-Singers Hand-out driven quartet! The rationalisation of State functions, just to mention a few of The Garwe new beginnings hurriedly walking his inaugural speech.

The blood-free and voluntary exposure of the enemies of the revolution at their best! The war was of Jehovah! (Isaiah 35:4). He manipulated all The Graceland Kingdom demons to manifest mightily in the provinces and all-over Zimbabwe openly unduly baying for Munangagwa's blood! The enemies of God's anointed Moses, Emmerson Munangagwa could not contend with the finger of God! God and Satan cannot be together! And his brother Aaron, (General Constantino Chiwenga). And all the majority saints in the silent brave revolution! in fear of The Mugabe Kingdom known brutal repercussions! In fear of Mugabe's George Mlala cabal in Bulawayo Province! Walter Muzembi and cabal with their political divorce papers for The Midlands in Masvingo Province! Chimene! Undenge! Kudzanai Chipanga! Sarah Mahoka! The Matabeleland South cabal that humiliated political elder and decorated war veteran, Kembo Dugish Mohadi with instant dismissal over his life-long commitment to the revolution on suspicion that he was of the Lacoste (Munangagwa) outfit of substance. The Graceland Kingdom disciples went-on live TV road shows of malicious denigration and Blank Cheque attack upon The Gushungo Dairies manufactured ice-cream survivor! President Emmerson Munangagwa. No-one has the capacity to escape the finger of God when it rises! The people's General Constantino Chiwenga and The People's President never went for a "Witch Hunt" as others would do! The hand of Jehovah took accurate charge to accelerate the revolution by exposing and protecting both the aggressors at State House and the victims in excruciating poverty on the streets! And delivering peace and prosperity with the hand of The People's General Chiwenga and President Emmerson Munangagagwa. (Jeremiah 20:11-12. Nehemiah 4:20. 2Chronicles 32:8.). The Grace Mugabe G40 cabal must surely find cause to repent and worship and fear Jehovah as they could have been firing squad material in ordinary SADC and African Union politics. The Lacoste (Munangagwa) quality diplomatic gymnastics have exposed and out-manoeuvred both The SADC and The African Union politics of primitivism.

The gospel of Hate! Hurt! And undue Vengeance was launched by The Grace Mugabe Kingdom without boundaries! Zimbabwe's equivalent of Israeli Queen Jezebel took the unholy gospel to The Church! Demanded customised, and, therefore, false and favourable prophesies from the various Man of God in The Apostolic and Zionist Churches Christian Council of Zimbabwe! Bishops Busani Sibanda and Bishop Johannes Ndanga prioritised Grace Kingdom over God's Great Commission that they claim to serve! Grace Mugabe was an urgent case of spiritual deliverance, not prop-up! Surely these Fong-Kong Christians must repent of this blasphemous mission. Bishop Ndanga gave a Satanic prophecy! These Bishops in The Apostolic and Zionist Christian Churches of Zimbabwe remain as most urgent cases for prompt deliverance themselves! The Bishops gave a highly customised and therefore compromised prophecy to the effect that The Queen of Hate! Hurt! Corruption! Ever Brave Malice! And Undue Vengeance carried an anointing of God in their Supper Sunday Rally of the 5th of November in Harare! The Bishops falsely claimed that she carried the same anointing to (mis)rule as her now senile brutal husband Robert Mugabe! There-by granting her a stolen blank cheque to take-over and continue to (mis)rule the people of God! They accepted Grace Mugabe's patronage. Grace Mugabe, in all-white Apostolic and Zionist Christian Churches regalia! A wolf in sheep's skin right in the Church on that Sunday! In the presence of God! Got a great opportunity to belt-out Hate! Hurt! Malice! And undue Vengeance and unlimited denigration of The People's President and most accomplished War Veterans of The Liberation Struggle to pave a Pathway of Darkness for Grace into power. The multi-congregates were made to sing, dance and cheer-back to Hate! Hurt! Malice! And Undue Vengeance and Immeasurable Denigration of President Emmerson Munangagwa and fellow War Veterans in the revolution opposed to Grace Mugabe ascendancy to power in that, supposedly, the arena of liberty. The Bishops chose to protect Grace's earthly malicious kingdom over Jehovah's Great Commission that they daily dorn robes of holiness and white and blue collars for! These shameless hypocrites in Graceland!

Like biblical King Ahab, (1Kings 22:8, 23-38) Mugabe would be quick to wag a finger upon accurate prophesies that exposed his rule of the jungle! When God spoke to Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa over the customised poisonous killer ice-cream! And a prophecy was given, Mugabe went very green and warned Men of God to keep-out of matters pertaining to his Kingdom. A more accurate and corrective prophecy was protestantly given seven days later, on the 12 of November 2017! At the dawn of The Grace Kingdom collapse! By Evangelist Reginald Thabani Gola! To the effect that, like the biblical Israeli Queen Jezebel, beloved wicked wife of King Ahab, Grace Mugabe would suffer the same fate as her victims! Grace's blood would be licked by dogs in the same manner and place as that of her victims! Grace Mugabe would be fully dishonoured both in the eyes of Jehovah and in the eyes of Men! (1Kings 21:23-29). Ahab was pardoned by Jehovah and rescued from Jezebel'strong hand with her demise! Grace Mugabe was cursed material requiring most urgent repentance and deliverance respectively! And this marked the inception of a generational curse upon their house! Sustained by fountains of tears and blood flowing upon their home with lots of wailing! And surely, a few hours later the finger of Jehovah rested upon her Blue-Roof Borrowdale Home and State House respectively. And Vice President, Phelekezela Report Mphoko had sneaked-out of Zimbabwe only to resurface in Gaborone, Botswana seeking political asylum! President Khama rejected this cursed material and gave him up to the 29th of November to leave Botswana! And other multiple harvesting cronies scurried to the Blue-Roof and Chombo's 52 room mansion! The people's General Constantine Chiwenga had arrived from China! Emmerson Munangagwa had successfully scaled his way out of both his Heroes Acre Ready-Made Grave and The Customised Political Dust Bin. That poisoned freedom ice-cream! A vicious sword cum tablespoon! A deadly poison that nourished the revolution! Jehovah manipulated the most deadly hand of Grace Mugabe to free Zimbabwe! To energise both the people's General Constantino Chiwenga and the people's president, Emmerson Munangagwa into real national service.

The hand of God rests upon The Apostolic and Zionist Churches that Grace Mugabe has reduced into being Pagan outfits in her service. Bishop Johannes Ndanga and cabal must repent or face the rage of God! These Bishops must repent before Elijah is deployed upon them in the same manner that he was with Jezebel's 450 prophets of Baal. (1Kings 18:22 & 40)The enemy will not escape the hand of God. Churches cry for freedom of worship and yet so cheaply trade-it-off for Satanic loyalties. Churches should always strive to retain their freedom and loyalty under whatever administration by remaining as credible as possible both in the eyes of Jehovah and in the eyes of Man, in Jesus Christ's name! Amen.

Evangelist Reginald Thabani Gola
00263 775 184 749.

Source - Evangelist Reginald Thabani Gola
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