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Mutsvangwa, probably the only Good News for New Zimbabwean Govt

02 Dec 2017 at 19:58hrs | Views
In 1995, Nokia made a mobile handset named Nokia 5110. I looked at this handset and I was contented that nothing better would be made after it. From this handset, you had a watch, a telegram (later called text message). You had an alarm, a timer and a game on a monochrome screen. I read a lot of Newspaper articles from CRITICS who knew better than me, claiming that the handset was far below technological ability. Critics claimed that this handset could be improved and in my feeble uneducated belief, looking at the miraculous performance of this phone in 1995, I did not believe the critics. I was not alone, the old aged owners of Nokia in Finland, believed together with me.

Competing Samsung made their rival gadgets, capitalising on the rigid refusal by Nokia owners to research, innovate, critically appraise and improve on something that works well.

In 2017, talking about Nokia 5110 is utter backwardness to the highest level.

In modern Design, critics play the most important role than anyone else in MAXIMISING QUALITY. Any institution which does not know the role of a critic, is guaranteed to fail and fail dismally. I hold a Masters Degree in Industrial Design and I know, through Western Education, that Successful Companies pay critics to analyse the competitiveness of their products in order to have an upper hand in the volatile Marketplace.

Companies led by old, rigid and pompous proprietors find themselves selling NOTHING. This is because they use the old template of doing things where consumers are FORCED to accept un-innovated products because there is no competing rival. Criticism and Competition are the major drivers of QUALITY.

In 1980, Zimbabwe stopped growing competitively. This is because we got led by people who demanded uncontested Loyalty. They demanded One Party State and even went further to use gruesome violence to stop any competition and enforce unconditional loyalty to the Government of Zimbabwe. In Zimbabwean culture, we have what is called "Ukugida luziqakezela / Kudzanha richizvi nyemwererera". Traditionally, these wise words from our ancestors described an arrogant insane moron who does not know that a dancer has to get approval of excellency from the audience he is dancing for. This culture of an enforced "His Excellency" only started in 1980 in Zimbabwe.

Newspapers had to be forced to write positive appraisals to His Excellency's work. In all other Developed countries, Newspapers are not afraid to write Critical Appraisals about their Government. These criticisms show the Government, quickly, where it is underperforming. If we had Free Press in Zimbabwe, the 1982-87 killings would not have happened. ISAAP would not have impacted as negatively as it did. Gono would not have printed money to the effect of ending up without a trusted monetary system.

The role of CIOs, Police, Army would not have gone out of hand to end up serving a Political Party instead of serving the People of Zimbabwe in their comfortable opposing and competing Political Parties.

Rigging of elections is another way of removing the effectiveness of competition. Thus why our house windows are still those traditional breakable panel while in Europe, a hammer would struggle to break a window. Lack of competition is the reason why our bread is lower in standard than the bread we had in 1979. The taste of Zimbabwean peanut butter compared to the South African Black Cat one, is a result of banning critic and completion in Zimbabwe. The closure of Air Zimbabwe, rotting of NRZ and the decay of Hospitals all come from the STATE CONTROLLED NEWPAPERS which cant point out honest criticism of febleeness right at its inception.

In this new Government of President Mnangagwa, I believe the only positive drop we have had is Comrade Mutsvangwa. I did not like Comrade Mutsvangwa when he criticised my Party Leader Comrade Dabengwa in 2013. But, in the days that I was a Zanu youth in the 70s, it was Comrades like Mutsvangwa who were my Heros. Some of them had done a little bit of University Education, but they left that to propel the struggle to make Zimbabwe a competitive country.

I got my infant education during Pungwes. University GANDANGA Comrades would teach us about the Berlin Conference, about Martin Luther King, about Nkhwame Nkruma about Nelson Mandela and about Mugabe, Nkomo, Tongogara and why we NEEDED to free Zimbabwe. The likes of Comrades Mutsvangwa, know that they survived the struggle because of the fried chicken that our mothers dished. The Mutsvangwas, Shelton Chidoro in my case, know what they promised us in 1977. They didn't promise us feebleness.

The genuine Zimbabwean Guerrilla fought for QUALITY. Mugabe and Mnangagwa were busy sited in Mozambique plotting the hanging of guerrillas like Nhari who demanded QUALITY at all costs. The foot guerrilla like Mutsvangwa had the people at heart. If Presidentship had been taken by foot Comrades in Zimbabwe, we would have had a QUALITY and Competition-orientated Zimbabwe from 1980.

No one ever suspected that the Zanla Office beares in Mozambique were busy planning Blue Roofs, Death of Wives, Marrying Model Chimbwidos, Accruing senseless wealth while the Nation is starving. During the War, everything was for sharing. In my family in Rockford, we were not allowed to kill and eat our chicken unless there was a Pungwe to share with Liberation fighters. We expected to be rewarded at Independence, but, instead, in my case, Gukurahundi torture was my War Reward.

In his new Ministry of Information, the genuine Gandanga, one that we fed during the war, is saying "ASIFUNI BUMBULU / HATIDI ZVEMANYAWI / NO DECADENCE", our Ministry of information will be World Class! Zimbabwean Journalists will make conventional critical appraisals about Government Policy. This idea that Zimbabweans who criticise feeble policy are barking dogs "Kuvukura", can only come from someone who made one armed errand into Rhodesia and never fought a full blown war.

I hope the inclusion of Comrade Mutsvangwa into Government becomes the first step of a Zimbabwe we were promised in 1980.

"Rinodzanha richizvipururudzira" will only produce another Mugabe incompetency.

Obert "Obediency" Mpofu is one of the antidotes. His job is to worship, unconditionally, who ever is in power, in exchange for corrupt wealth. Perence Shiri failed to drop Liberation war psychology and continued with the killings of Zimbabweans after 1980. He is the worst of bad news to ever to dream about holding a progressive Zimbabwean innovation office.

Mnangagwa does not know anything better than the Nokia 5110 of 1995. To him, nothing beats Nokia 5110 because it works well. Thus why he values spent cane like Chinamasa. This story that mobile phones can be improved to do Banking, Barcode reading, Facebook, Shopping, Bible, WhatsApp, Selfies, Books, Video, Change channels on TV, track your children, monitor the CCTV of your home etc, are just dreams and wishfull thinking that he does not want to hear about. All he wants is a simple rudimentary 5110 because it works well. Better things, according to his age's thinking, are those things that he understood well in 1995. The system that Mugabe built in 1980, is the system he understands. He will continue with that, it works. Whether any other workforce can perform better, Mnangagwa is incapable to accept change. He is destined to FAIL, unless he uses the army to force us to accept feebleness.

Source - Ryton Dzimiri
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