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Only if, he listens to Mutsvangwa and Matemadanda, will Mnangagwa succeed

07 Dec 2017 at 20:08hrs | Views
The War Veterans from Zanla and Zipra who mobilised the people of Zimbabwe during the war, know what they promised. The Zanu hierarchy who were holed in Mozambique exhibit a very divergent view of what the people of Zimbabwe want. Mugabe and Mnangagwa seem to think that we, as the masses, loved their handsome looks thus why we voted them into power to enrich their families.

All those we did not see in the bush in 1974-80, have no idea what Zimbabweans want. Mnangagwa had just one errand in the sixties. The real Merchandisers of the Liberation struggle were the Gweselas, Matemadandas and the Mutsvangwas. These Heros cried in 1979 when Tongogara was killed and they told us then, who killed Tongogara and why. These Heroes taught us why we needed to remove Rhodesians.

After Independence, some of these Heros got disgruntled because the promise to the people was not showing from those who Governed us, including Mnangagwa. Some of the foot comrades rebelled instantly upon realising that our people were being impoverished and marginalised instead of being uplifted.

Mnangagwa and Mugabe went around the country insulting poor and marginalised villagers calling them snakes and cockroaches who needed to be killed. This was against the spirit of Tongogara, against the spirit of Dumiso Dabengwa and against the spirit of the objectives of the struggle.

In 1957 when we started the struggle, our people were insulted by privileged and called White elite and called Bobojane, Pikinini, Monkey and Kaffier. The privileged, who had best houses like Mnangagwa and Mugabe were seeing us as enemy animals in our own country. Today, the privileged elite who take their children to best schools at our expense, live in best houses at our expense, amass vast wealth at our demise, still use the hate language which made us start a war in 1957. Even up to this day, Mnangagwa sees black poor Zimbabweans as barking dogs. Victor Matemadanda will never call a poor Zimbabwean a dog. Neither would Mutsvangwa nor Dabengwa

When these foot solders conscientized us during Pungwes, they did not promise that we would turn into dogs, snakes and enemies. We were promised respect, security, prosperity, equal opportunity, freedom of choice, freedom of association etc.

These comrades have once again exhibited the same consistency in the last three years. It was Mahiya who stopped people from saying "down with Zimbabweans" at the Last Push Rally. Matemadanda has promised to ban hate language in Zanu. Mutswangwa has reversed the seizing of a productive non-racist White Farmer in Manicaland. I want to see the farmer whose land was taken by Ray Ndlukula in Matebeleland re-instated.

Hate always shows from that group of Zanu who were based in Mozambique and never came to fight. No one knows why they were thinking so obscenely because their essence does not match the expectation of the people of Zimbabwe. They were full of violence and murder but they have never killed in their personal capacity. They sit in the office and order the death of very valuable Zimbabweans.

Matemadanda, Mutsvangwa and Mahiya would never accept the ubducting of Dzamara. Mnangagwa, Mugabe and Sekeramai do not see anything wrong with that. So, judging from presented empirical evidence, Mnangagwa will never succeed unless he listens to the voice of our War Veterans. If Mnangagwa and Mugabe had fought the war without Gwesela, Matemadanda, Tambolenyoka, Mahiya, Gayigusu and Mutswangwa, they would have died in 1978 and Rhodesians would still be ruling. Our foot-Comrades were nice, persuasive, educative, and were willing to hear the views of diverse Zimbabweans. The Mozambique based officials came with an essence of force, dirty language, violence, and theft. In Mozambique, they were sleeping with their wives making babies while Matemadandas were fighting for us.

I wish our War Veterans NEVER vacate the people of Zimbabwe to join Mozambique officials.

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