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The Gukurahundi: Who, What, Where, When, Why

12 Dec 2017 at 05:36hrs | Views
In about a week from today, on 1 July 2012,  Zimbabweans across the political cleavage will be celebrating the life and times of that great nationalist, Dr Joshua Mqabuko Nyongolo Nkomo. Without a doubt, Dr Nkomo's was traumatised, vituperatively vilified, ostracised and bastardised by his enemies, particularly the perpetrators of the Gukurahundi atrocities, for which Robert Mugabe accepted partial responsibility admitting that it was his "moment of madness" and disorientation.

To this day, there is still considerable myths and mysticism propagated by those who were complicity and culpable to the atrocities. Consequently, the facts and the truth relating to what actually happened during the Gukurahundi genocide has been relegated to a historical footnote epitomised by the disoriented Mugabe who has at least admitted to his own "moment of madness". Notwithstanding, this footnote, and the Catholic Commission's limited analysis of the tragedy, the Gukurahundi truth is yet to be told. Suffice to say Dr Joshua Nkomo's life was made hell here on earth by this killer brigade. A brigade that wreaked havoc, killing wantonly and heartlessly across the Matebeleland regions that were deliberately subjected to a scorched earth policy.

As usual, while Zimbabwe's so-called intellectuals are sitting back on their butts, in institutions like the University of Zimbabwe, NUST, inter alia, students as far afield as the University of Amsterdam are busy forensically documenting the tragedy of the Gukurahundi. In a ground-breaking PhD thesis that documents the whys and wherefores of the Gukurahundi, a student from Finland, studying at the  University of Amsterdam recently completed a research report on the Gukurahundi mayhem using sources that should enable our own lazy academics to analyse this tragedy with much ease. This should open the eyes of so-called academics in universities located in Matebeleland, that instead of being pre-occupied with their exclusion of Ndebele students from their institutions (.e.g. NUST) they could be rather doing productive work by conducting research into modern day contemporary genocides and holocaust events that have just taken place in their own backyards of Matebeleland.

Without going into the details (the devil is in the detail) of the research and conclusions drawn, the following sources that have been compiled by the Finnish student should help young students and lazy Zimbabwean academics who might want to do their own reassessment of the events surrounding the Gukurahundi. The sources detailed hereunder should help to answer questions the obvious questions: Who? What? Where? How? and Why?

Ironically, using Zimbabwe's dreaded media law AIPPA, one can request access to all Zimbabwean sources listed hereunder. Accordingly, here is the list of sources of Gukurahundi related information provided by the Finnish student at the University of Amsterdam:

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