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So it was a coup

15 Dec 2017 at 08:15hrs | Views
Now we know what the Mugabes and G40 gangsters have known since 14 November 2017. That it was actually a coup. This is despite the many assurances that it was not a coup.

The first hint was when President Mnangagwa reneged on an inclusive transitional arrrangement. We are now aware that there were such tapping up of key opposition figures to join the new government. The new Minister of Information, Chris Mutsvanga, did most of the bidding. Volte face! Now Mutsvanga has changed tune. Not just Mutsvanga but the whole Mnangagwa team. They would have us believe that they never entertained such thoughts. The truth is that they did hold thoughts to run an inclusive government while there was uncertainty about the future without Mugabe. The opposition were cajoled into turning out in their masses to denounce a Mugabe presidency and the then imminent dynasty. They can not deny making such overtures to the opposition.

As soon as this period of uncertainty was resolved, the reincarnated Minister of Finance, Patrick Chinamasa, was quick off the mark to announce the events as a zanu only process. We are now made to believe that all those people in the streets were zanu supporters. Nothing can be further from the truth than this. We all know that the majority of those who marched were ordinary peace loving Zimbabweans hopeful for a future democratic and prosperous dispensation. Most of those were anti zanu and not necessary pro Mnangagwa/ Chiwenga. The opposition had been duped into supporting a false move which had consequently reinvigorated the oppressive zanu system of governance.

To those who still doubt this was indeed a coup, the proof of the pudding came in the form of new cabinet appointments. In true Mnangagwa style, he dropped the ball by appointing the generals into the cabinet including the diminutive and previously likeable Gen Sibusiso Moyo. Worse still the cabinet included other criminals who had been surrounding the Mugabes but who, for some reason, esacaped the rounding up by the new regime. Obert Mpofu is one such good example. If the objective was not to round all criminals surrounding the former president, then this was indeed a coup. It is a coup if the term criminal refers to the unpopular G40 cabal only.

Further proof that this was a coup, is shown by the presence of the army in the streets of Zimbabwe today. The army stubbornly refuses to shuffle back to the barracks. The order has not yet been given for them to do so yet. It is unlikely that this order will be given soon. Zimbabwe is now a military state. We have seen a spate of human rights abuses by the army including beating up unarmed women in the street. Such arrogance and indiscipline smacks of a coup. If we are not careful, we will find ourselves in deeper trouble where rule of law does not exist.

SADDC, AU, UN, UK and USA where are you when we need you. We have been captured by the junta. It is  now clear that this was a coup.

Sibusisiwe Tshuma is a Human Rights activist cum political activist, writing in her personal capacity
Contactable  at

Source - Sibusisiwe Tshuma
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