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Jonathan Moyo is quite unlearned and uneducated

15 Dec 2017 at 08:17hrs | Views
Professor Jonathan Moyo wrote an article where he professes quite profusely about the unconstitutionality of the army activities which resulted in the resignation of one Robert Mugabe. For a professor, I find Jonathan to be quite unlearned and uneducated and of uncouth psychological inclination!

Let me remove a few layers of clouds from your myopic vision of Zimbabwe, Jonathan; bend down low and let me tell you what I know as an ordinary citizen:

1) This constitution which you quote so profusely, if not precisely, is unknown by the majority of the people that IT SERVES. However that majority know exactly what they want and on that day they said exactly what they wanted loud and clear: ‘MUGABE MUST GO!!'

2) This constitution which you worship and adulate was designed to serve people and not for people to be subservient to the constitution. The service of the constitution to the people is: ‘to enable the people to express themselves freely and for the will of the people to be carried out'. On that day, the army under the guidance of one Emmerson Mnangagwa provided the people with the chance to express themselves freely and their call was resoundingly and unanimously clear: ‘MUGABE MUST GO!!'

3) The call of the people was from across ethnic, racial, religious and political divide! It transcended borders and reached every daughter and son of the soil, Zimbabwe. Even though the army and your erstwhile nemesis Emmerson triggered the event, the subsequent chain reaction was spontaneous in an unquestionable expression of the will of  the  people which was: ‘MUGABE MUST GO!!'

4) The unquestionable will of the people of Zimbabwe which was patently clear to ALL the people of the world except of course, to one Jonathan Mlevu had the following downstream effects:

• Robert Mugabe resigned out of his respect for the will of the people of Zimbabwe.

• Every body politic in the country was at the inauguration of the second president of the republic out of respect for the will of the people of Zimbabwe.

• The AU and SADC immediately acknowledged the new president out of respect for the will of the people of Zimbabwe.

• All superpowers and the international community from Britain, Russia, China, Japan and even the USA immediately recognised the second president of the republic, out of respect for the will of the people of Zimbabwe!

5) It is quite obvious that Jonathan suffers from the following afflictions which are endemic within his psyche:

• Delusions of grandeur as the cleverest person in Zimbabwe - fortunately the particular day was not about cleverness but rather about what the people want

• A rabid personal hatred of the President—sour loser.

• Addiction to a political flamboyant life-style; I suggest you revert to teaching - teachers are not doing so well in Zim politics these days - look at Bob, Ignatius, Dokora…….

• A revoltingly guilty conscience—it was you who lied to Mugabe that you had a grand plan and since your plan failed, you have the sole responsibility for causing Mugabe's humiliation and any loss of his legacy.  You are to blame for the fall of Mugabe. Fatefully, before all this, you took to drum-beating from the top of the mountains and shouted to all and sundry: "the only way to destroy Robert Mugabe is from within ZANU-PF"!  Nobody has forgotten that! Looks like you succeeded, be happy. We thank you for your valiant efforts!

6) I think it is time that you too recognised and respected the will of the people of Zimbabwe and come back and work for the good of the nation. The alternative path that you seem to have chosen can only lead to self-destruction which will benefit no-one and especially not you. Usaite segurwe rinoti kana ratsamwa rinozvigura makumbo!

By allowing the people to express themselves freely and guaranteeing that the will of the people prevailed, the army and Mnangagwa clearly implemented the core value of the constitution. That event is the "genie out of the box"! good luck trying to put it back in!

Source - Noble Ngara
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