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Chiwenga will be the Vice President with more power than Mnangagwa

20 Dec 2017 at 07:08hrs | Views
The unfolding of the events in Zanu-PF  clearly shows that Mnangagwa is not what we think he is but just a puppet of Chiwenga.

His inauguration message was subscribed by the majority but come to implementation "dololo".  Let us not expect anything good but more trouble.

Mnangagwa is ruling Zimbabwe the soldier way, "directives". People were beaten, violating human rights in the name of "Operation restore legacy". We cried and cried but he remained quite as if all is normal.

People were relieved yesterday when Chiwenga resigned  in a move to be the Vice President and when it was announced that "Operation restore legacy has ended and that police can do their normal duties".

This clearly shows that Mnangagwa is just a robot or is like a "dog" on the string hold pushed and pulled by Chiwenga. Obvious Chiwenga will be the Vice President with more power than of a President. I tell you, people's rights will continue to be violated until Shiloh comes.

Mr President is failing to understand that he came at the time people were in untold suffering.

He came when the streets  are full of vendors who are not there by choice but by the design of the party's ,he now Presides over, ill policies such as indigenisation, land grabbing among others.

He came when people of Zimbabwe need change which we thought has come yet we were still going backwards.

He came during the time when all was a disaster.

Others may say, it's too early to judge. No it's not. People were beaten by soldiers, all thieves are free while only two people,  Chipanga and Chombo were arrested, 15 billion issue not yet resolved, 2.2 million jobs not yet provided.

We were supposed to have seen something better by now. He must bare in mind that he has less than a year on his throne.

Source - Fanuel Chinowaita
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