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President Mnangagwa man of his Word

26 Dec 2017 at 09:42hrs | Views
A wise man is the one who distinguish jokes from sensitive issues and a loving friend maybe a friend for life. While the country is recovering from bootlicking and backbiting mainly orchestrated by former president's wife to disgrace party loyalists and divide the part. The president Cde Mnangagwa seems to be Canaan bound with Zimbabwe as a Country in executing and discharging his duties. He extended the Olive Branch to everyone including opposition political parties to his inaugural ceremony. He is a man who respects the country's citizens and its constitution. He was quick to announce elections will go ahead as scheduled.

Zimbabwe is a role model in Africa for following the constitution in terms of holding elections regularly and in terms of the provisions of the constitution and from what is happening the president is oiling all sides that might resist motion. Unlike the United Kingdom which follows Parliamentary Sovereignty, Zimbabwe follows Constitutional Supremacy. Constitutional law is sui generis (special) in that it is supreme and overrides any other law in Zimbabwe to the contrary. Anything that is contrary to the constitution is void. The supremacy of the constitution is enshrined in section two {2} of the constitution of Zimbabwe amendment (No. 20) 2013.

Laymen are always confused what constitutional Law is. Constitutional Law is law regulating the exercises of political power. It governs the relationship between organs of the state and how these organs relate with individuals. It is the law that has three (3) main aspects namely;
a.    What are the institutions of the state?
b.    What are the powers of these institutions and how do they relate with each other?
c.    What is the relationship with these organs and individuals?
In his inaugural speech, the president clearly admitted his few days in office were hectic as the overall seer of both his party and government. He never disappointed, as we were told of his punctuality at work.  I also wish to applaud the Zimbabwe Defence Forces (ZDF), under the stewardship of the learned General, Dr Constantino Guvheya Dominic Nyikadzino Chiwenga, for managing to bring sanity in Zanu Pf and the country as a whole, upholding constitutional Supremacy. It goes without saying it all was done within the cannons of justice, under the dictates of supreme law of the land.

It is plain knowledge that military intervention was sparked by nasty events which had taken centre stage in Zanu Pf, where the G40 cabal, fronted by Jonathan Moyo, had hijacked the liberation movement, plotting the ouster of all those with liberation war credentials for their political gains. The intervention was timely stepped into diffuse a potential national crisis which was imminent after the ouster of the then first Vice President Cde Emerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa, who is now the president of the republic of Zimbabwe and first secretary of Zanu PF, on fictitious grounds. I personally have a deep personal knowledge of the now President of Zimbabwe, His Excellency, Cde E.D Mnangagwa. During his time as Kwekwe Central House of Assembly member, where he was used to be referred to as 'Wapamoyo', and at times 'Kwekwe Wapamoyo',  with the likes of Retired Brigadier General Mabenge, Retired Colonel Makombe, former Kwekwe Mayor Alderman Johnson Mawere, Stanford Bonyongwa and incumbent Mayor Cde Madzoke as his constituency aides, he was known for his allergy to corruption. Except for only Cde Madzoke, most of his other subordinates joined the G40 cabal simply because of their corrupt minds and self-enrichment philosophies which differ from the president.

The timely intervention by General Chiwenga and the ZDF, where he had given a premonition on his first press conference, warning that all counter-revolutionaries, those who chose to denounce war veterans and all criminals around the then President Mugabe, be literally fished out, paving way for the Zanu Pf leadership to ensure that members go for the extra-ordinary congress with equal opportunities. The colourful and straight forward address by General Chiwenga did not go down well with the counter-revolutionaries. Kudzi Chipanga charged over this, labeling General Chiwenga, in his own words, as "...a rebel and criminal", promised to fight the revolution and die for the former president Cde Mugabe. To this, the president remained determined and the day finally came. After all the reckless statements by Politicians, the Military only professionally responded that it was not a Military take over, and that their actions were done in terms of the constitution being section 211 to 218 of the constitution of the country.

Reality has it also, that, ever since the soldiers were in control, absolute peace and tranquility prevailed in the country. Police demonstrated by withdrawing from road blocks and check points, a lucid gesture that they were against, and at the same time not part of the transitional arrangement. It is surprising also that the army road blocks were friendly, lacked the usual harassment of motorists and demanding bribes, as had been the norm with Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP). The military presence shortened lag time, which, under police, had become an inconvenient to motorists and the travelling public.

The implications of Supremacy of the constitution are that the courts have the power to declare any law or conduct inconsistent with the constitution to be void. This is called judicial preview. In Zimbabwe the High Court and constitutional courts have jurisdiction to determine the constitutionality of the law or conduct.

Another thing, certain rights of individuals cannot be taken away by the state if they are in the constitution for example, the President Cde E.D Mnangagwa successfully challenged his sacking from both Zanu PF and Government. The order by Justice Chiweshe declared his sacking as null and void. Any indindividual may go to court, like our President did, to challenge the infringement of his rights. These rights recognized by the constitution are found in the Bill OF Rights (Chapter 4) section 44 to 87.

Having known that President Mnangagwa will lead this country one day, the G40 capitalised on their myopic was of thinking and appraisal to the former first lady Grace Maugabe  and tried to eliminate the revolutionary gurus from the party to achieve their parochial agendas of destroying the party from within.  Their plan was almost successful as the king pin Jonathan Moyo wanted to leave no stone unturned in achieving his goal. He authored a number of articles, in the past, in support of this idea- to destroy Zanu PF from within, so he was 'hatred by was'. Savior Kasukuwere's plan to hatch power was also unmasked by a Kadoma businessman but it was covered by the former first lady Grace Mugabe. Grace openly exonerated Saviour and Jonathan Moyo during the interface rallies around the country and usually publicly undressed his excellence President ED Mnangagwa. Herald newspaper was declared the enermy of the state and Kasukuwere, using his twitter handle, promised new hands were coming at the Herald and Sundaymail. I salute the Herald Editor in Chief and Sundaymail editor, Caesar Mwendamberi Zvayi and Mabasa Sasa repectively for standing firm and reporting news as they were on the ground. Command Agriculture was labeled "Command Ugly Culture" by Jonathan Moyo and his G40 and to this end Cde George Charamba was also dressed down publicly by Grace Mugabe in Chinhoyi at the interface rally. The only way to prone the G40's powers was to fire the chief architectures who happened to be Jonathan Moyo,Grace Mugabe, Phelekezela Mphoko, Saviour Kasukuwere etc.

Zanu Pf was being forced out of the rails, hence the intervention of the ZDF implementing the constitution as in no mean time a constitutional crisis was going to be created. The war veterans, who provided leverage to the smooth on goings, were publicly denounced by G40. By firing Cde Mnangagwa, G40's intentions were clearly manifested. In the liberation we relate the former president Cde Mugabe as the father and his relationship with the incumbent president was that of father-child so it was like the biblical phrase," when you see God you have seen Jesus", but to our surprise Zanu Pf' s Jesus was fired and crucified for his loyalty to the party. Kudos to Cde Chiwenga you are a true Doctor. G40 tried their satanic moves and you countered them. Thank you so much.

After all has been said done,  the new cabinet was sworn in last Monday, the Concord was set to take off piloted by the man himself, President ED Mnangagwa. Everyone on board must fasten his or her own seat belt so as not to be shocked or thrown out of the jet when it breaks. People quickly praised his cabinet and the imminent withdrawal of former Primary and Secondary Education Minister Dr Lazarus Dokora. The president promised to listen to mass which, in all his speeches says, 'the voice of the people is the voice of God'. The president was also willing to include few individuals into his new cabinet from different political parties according to his special advisor Ambossador Chris Mutsvangwa and they (opposition) parties shun it.

Let's move on united as a family and see if the coach will not substitute underperforming players during the game. Those reluctant figures in several government departments truly your honeymoon is over. Once again I would like to say congratulations president Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa please take the country to Canaan and beyond. I know you can do it 'Wapamoyo' defy all odds and return Zimbabwe to its Jewel status.


Source - Prof Luke Mbune Chakaza
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