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Patrick Zhuwao haana kunyarara!

07 Jan 2018 at 23:16hrs | Views
On behalf of all exiled Zimbabweans in the Diaspora: we welcome Comrade Patrick Zhuwao and some of the G40 in exile: the new version of exile is Diasporas: a subtle description of asylum seekers or exiles. It must be painful for a person like yourself who has known silver plates and silver spoons/knives and forks ever since you were born. In the middle of your youthful time, greatness was thrust upon you by virtue of you being the nephew of the whole President of the Republic of Zimbabwe: you did not by anyway qualify to be a Minister for Youth and Indigenisation. We watched how you messed up that position: right left and centre, amassed state treasury, state coffers but nobody could ever utter a word that your position needed somebody with adequate qualifications.  

I am deeply worried about your launch of #2018 Resistance that is to me a joke of the 2018 New Year celebration indeed. Patrick you are safe wherever you are, but the people in Zimbabwe are not as safe as you think. You ran away from the military Junta because you feared for your life. That fear for your life is not anyway different from the fear the general population has: fear for Mnangagwa government and his army. Where does it come from that you think your uncle Robert Mugabe was popular in Zimbabwe now after that 37 year of mismanagement, corruption, no rule of law, brutal regime that killed, maimed, raped young girls and women of all ages with impunity? Your privileged background cut you completely from the suffering of the majority, cut you from reality on the ground. You are insensitive to the suffering masses of Zimbabwe; you are so self centred you still think the masses can be mobilized to get your uncle back pa nyanga. The villagers and all rural folk can be used again to get you back to your original privileged position. That time is gone young man.

If anything, the people were dubbed by the Junta to demonstrate because the people clearly and eloquently rejoiced at the political exit of your uncle Robert Mugabe. But at the same breath, it did not come into our minds that what we see as change, it was not change per se, not for the majority of the peoples of Zimbabwe. It was change for Zanu PF internal fighting: to make sure that the very Zanu PF regime continues to loot where you and your uncle left. Please remember too that it is you G40 that lost in this, the lives of ordinary people remains unchanged.  

To claim that the people have embrace your #2018 Resistance is not only fake news but really a serious issue that we need to tell you in no uncertain terms whatsoever: in the comforts of your South African exile. To say #2018Resistance is sprouting throughout Zimbabwe, its permeating across all sectors, it is present  in the streets of all towns and cities, in all alleyways, present in all rural areas and villages is the worst fake news I have ever heard in the Trump era. You are putting so many people in danger of the very military machine your uncle left behind as his legacy. Your uncle left a totalitarian regime that is still intact: its brutal violence to dissenting voices, there is terror everywhere meted by the army, we were told the army left our street for the confinement of the barrack, but typical Mugabe style they indicate right and they turn left: the army is present in the streets terrorising the civilian population just as it was during Mugabe era. Eight Mthwakazi youths, not even a week ago were manhandled from the church of God in the presence of the whole President of Zimbabwe and were sent to the barracks where they were beaten to pulp. Does it not smell the same as it was when your uncle was in power?

Patrick you should try another trick because this #2018Resistance is a lie and dangerous to our population. You have nothing to lose but we have lives that we can easily lose at home and those lives should never be interchanged with desperation in the Diaspora hardships. The most vulnerable niche that will suffer your youthful #2018Resistance is women and children. Just by your mere mention that there is a movement called #2018Resistance, the army will unleash terror  in all societies  declare state of emergency to really root out all #2018Resistance elements you will have planted on the ground. Patrick please stop the nonsense because you are joking with our lives, precious lives of the peoples of Zimbabwe. Your uncle Bob have for 37 years played around with lives of the common people before independence and after.  

Thousands of people lost their lives for different reasons and in dubious circumstances under Mugabe regime. Crimes against humanity and even genocide spell your uncle's reign of 37 years in power. There is no fundamental difference between Mnangagwa and your uncle Bob. You have left the political arena and you think you can get it back, never, I am sorry to say. It will never be the same again. The people were actually right to go out in the streets and celebrate your uncle's downfall. Those first demonstrations were genuine sending a message to your uncle that they have had enough of the Mugabe misrule. We literally waited for the death of your uncle Patrick; this is how cynical we had become, to wish another person's demise!  

The peoples of Zimbabwe could not stomach or comprehend yet another Mugabe your Ambuya Grace. Please get this straight in your mind that Mugabe is not wanted anymore in Zimbabwe politics. He is not wanted by the majority of the peoples of 'Zimbabwe: black, white, Ndebele, Shona, we all celebrated your uncle's downfall. We are happy he is gone and for good! Patrick please get it straight, your uncle is going to be 94 already next month, and you sincerely dream that the people of Zimbabwe want your old  and senile uncle Bob back, Ndizvo zvinonzi zviroto! You can dream, it's allowed, but to infiltrate the electorates with fake news: fun just stops there, this is a dangerous move, and it should never be supported. There several democratic spaces to be used to get rid of Mnangagwa: we do not want him because he is an extension and a continuation of your Uncle Mugabe.  

To some of us our celebrations for the downfall of your uncle Mugabe stopped when we realized that your uncle as a person is out but his system is still intact.  Patrick you should remember that this is not the first time there was a coup in Zimbabwe. There was a coup in 2008 when Comrade Morgan Richard Tsvangirai got a clean 74% plebiscite against your paltry 26% Zanu PF vote. The election results were cooked by the very army that ousted your uncle in November 2017. The very army commanded your uncle to stay on and not relocate to wherever because of lost election.  Indeed the gun was mightier than the pen in 2008. Why did you not complain about the interference of the army in civil and political affairs, wholly against the constitution you are now making reference to? My reply to this is that you think sincerely the peoples of Zimbabwe are stupid and gullible. The interference of the army back then was at your advantage, you accepted their interference in 2008. There is a german folklore : "wer A sagt mus auch genauso B sagen" this fits in well in your case.

To a certain extent we the common people are gullible but it is slowly dawning on us how politicians can be abusive to its electorate. This 2018Resistance is trying to use the peoples of Zimbabwe once more by making unfounded claims that your resistance is everywhere, country-wide. Patrick, you should be told that guerrilla war-fare and its activities are not something to joke about like you are doing. Alone your uncle feared to hold a gun in his hands: Edgar Tekere told us. He never went to the front to fight at combat level to fight the settler enemy of Smith UDI army. Instead he preferred to jet from one capital city to the other. We are told that even Mnangagwa feared to go to the front too, but preferred to be body guard to Mugabe who had just been made leader of Zanu PF.  

The army of Zimbabwe has always had the upper hand even before independence. The government of Mnangagwa is still underpinned with military presence just as it was in the beginning on the struggle till today. The Zanu PF political ideology is still the same, intact. Pasi ne mandu is still sung like a national hymn at every opportunity by our new dispensation. The death of Solomon Mujuru can well be explained by your uncle now that he has left power. He should also tell us what happened to our Itai Dzamara, what happened to him? Patrick, now that you are in the Diaspora tell us more about our lost son, where is he, did he die? We still want to give closure to his passing on. Your uncle was once a coup conspirator in 2008 we can easily call him a terrorist junta as much as you call Mnangagwa government terrorist Junta. Now that your uncle is not longer in power, he can easily come back to Mathebeleland and make a genuine apology to the Gugurahundi atrocities (moment of madness) of the early independence before he dies.

It is clear you cannot cope with the Diaspora life; you sincerely want to come back to Zimbabwe.  However you now have an idea what it is like to be exile and you cannot go home because of Zanu PF totalitarian trajectory of decades. This is exactly how we feel Patrick, its cold out here in the Diaspora.  Us, (on the aside) we are used to Diaspora lives almost calling it our home. Who ever thought that an overly qualified science and chemistry teacher would linger so long in exile Germany in the hope of coming back to teach those girl-children for the betterment of the nation? You are young Patrick; find something to do in the Diaspora than guerrilla tactics you want to endeavour to do. it can easily happen that you may not go back to your country in your life time, I am talking from experience, not saying it because of malice.

Your uncle rigged elections since year 2000. President Morgan Richard Tsvangirai has been winning the elections so do not tell untruthful statements that your uncle had a mandate given to him by the people of Zimbabwe. The presidential mandate of 2013 elections was given to Tsvangirai by the people and that 62% margin is a complete flaw, your uncle, by his own admission he told us that Tsvangirai won elections by 74% and he lost elections; as cunning as a fox he had no shame in declaring a win that was stolen from president Tsvangirai. Pirates and robbers stole the plebiscite: your uncle Mugabe is included in the election theft plot of 2008 and 2013. You and your G40 cabal were not smart enough to win the Lacoste/G40 party infighting; this is the bone of contention. Keep us out of this fighting altogether.

The least we want to hear from you is when you infiltrate the local population, feeding them with falsehood: it can cause danger to the local people. We are going towards a painful and dangerous time of election season. Uncle Mugabe cannot win elections today even if the elections were free and fair. We have a painful time of rebuilding this great nation. Talking in your paternal language: Portuguese, its aluta contunia: The Gugurahundi and the crimes against humanity that your uncle left as his  legacy falls flat on Mnangagwa's lap and he will have to deal with it. We want that justice in our life time. Please do not make false claims about #2018Resistance because you put our vulnerable women and children at great risk, you put them in danger of the military junta that you Patrick fear so much hence you are exiled. You have no idea about guerrilla tactics at all. Neither does your uncle and the entire G40 put together.

We sincerely hope that there will be free and fair elections in the coming elections. If the elections are free & fair, for argument sake if Zanu PF won those free and fair elections, we shall indeed have no other alternative but to concede defeat and work ourselves out for the coming 2023 elections. There are many democratic spaces where we can use to put a lot of pressure on the current regime to get our social objectives done. I am no fan of Mnangagwa at all, but just the thought about your Uncle Robert Gabriel Mugabe's rule leaves me cold. You mislead us when you make us think your uncle was better! Mugabe is equally a thug, a murderer, Mhondi just like your uncle. He is good riddance in the sense of the word. We shall check and balance all election processes of this year elections to make sure that we are not short-changed this time round by the current government of Mnangagwa. Enjoy the exile and remember 5 million citizens of Zimbabwe live rough in exile because of your uncle Robert Gabriel Mugabe. Tipeiwo maserious!

Nomazulu Thata is an active politician in German mainstream politics and she writes in her personal capacity. She can be contacted at Nomazulu.thata(at)

Source - Nomazulu Thata
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