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Khuphe must be the one to takeover from Tsvangirai

09 Jan 2018 at 20:58hrs | Views
Tsvangirai is one other leader who does not possess leadership skills and knowledge.

How can he appoint all those deputies? Where in the world have you seen a country with three deputies? Even the richest country in Africa (SA), with a large population than Zimbabwe has only one deputy. USA and UK who have sound economies also have one vice president/deputy prime minister.

If he is trying to copy ZANU pf,then his IQ falls short of the expected standard of someone who wants to be the president of Zimbabwe.ZANU pf has two Vps because of the unity agreement. Someone was supposed to explain to him.

Those duties which he claims are supposed to be performed by someone who is a Vp, can be executed by anyone who is a senior shadow minister in their party. Any reasonable Zimbabwean can tell that by appointing many deputies, he lacks knowledge and skills of administration. Even schools do not have more than one deputy.

One Vp is alright. And that one Vp must be none other than Thokozani Khuphe. A person who is Vp is supposed to takeover from the president.And so it is the right of Thokozani Khuphe to takeover, not any other person. If Tsvangirai has it in his mind, like his cousin Mugabe that Ndebele people have no right to run the country of Zimbabwe,then he is not the right person to even become a future president of Zimbabwe.

The fact that he appointed other Vps shows that he does not want any Ndebele person to be the president of Zimbabwe.He also undermines Thokozane Khuphe by that action. Zimbabwe must learn from SA where there is democracy. In SA they do not look at the tribe of a candidate, but they follow due procedures.

There has been intermarriages in Zimbabwe between Shonas and Ndebeles, so gone is that time of discriminating against another on tribal lines. What must happen is that the constitution of Zimbabwe has to contain this issue. That a rotational system must be followed.

Two terms of a Shona president and the Vp being a Ndebele. And then next two terms a Ndebele president or another tribe and a Vp who is a Shona or another tribe. The system of running Zimbabwe like a monarch country must come to an end or else a petition to divide Zimbabwe into two, as advocated by Mthwakazi group has to be submitted to the government. And that is a plausible idea (fact).

Zimbabwe is for all Zimbabweans


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Source - Dr. Takesure Tazvishaya
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