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Jonathan Moyo offside

11 Jan 2018 at 11:23hrs | Views
The same burning sentiments he was talking and complaining about in today's interview on the BBC HardTalk, have been the bone of contention in Zimbabwe's political history for a long time on which his government was failing to address.

Now that the learned Professor is not in the same government wants us to believe him and help him to push for reforms.

Yes Jonathan Moyo is a criminal and political prostitute who should not be near or close to any electorate. He should be brave enough to reveal and answer the charges being levelled against him if he wants to be taken serious in the political circles.

He went on to address the issue of an illegitimacy government which when Morgan Tsvangirayi won the 2008 election he could not even raise a voice and was lip tight and couldn't say a word. He talks about advocating for free and fair elections which his government failed to do for the past 37 years.

This claim by Jonathan Moyo that Zimbabweans are demanding to know what happened to Mugabe. Which Zimbabweans though? Could there be Zimbabweans who still don't know what happened to the elder. Moyo must be reminded or shown the video clips on the 18th of November 2017 where the whole nation from all walks of life marched in solidadity to remove the former President who had been clinging to power despite his old age.

Its a shame that his crying for return to constiutionalism only matters when he is thrown out of the bus. He was part and parcel of the same illegitimacy government that made people suffer and live in abject poverty.

Indeed there was no problem for him to support R.G Mugabe, that was his democratic right. The same President could not see the wrong doings of the Professor. No doubt that he was having the blessings of conducting himself in corruption. Moyo was involved in corruption and was one of Mugbe's allies who was untouchable.

He stole from the state the Zimdef funds and he has a case to answer. No matter how much he can defend himself , the evidence is there. He was in ZANU to eat and help Mugabe marginalise the people of Matebeleland. Since 2000 Moyo did nothing Jonathan for Matebeleland except to rebury his father. If he was a brand ambassador why then is Matebeleland still lagging behind today in terms of development?. For public consumption Jonathan did not break ZANU PF from within but he wanted to ascend himself to power by whatever means available.

This is the same Jonathan Moyo who crafted the draconian media laws which are so restrictive and not conducive for other media players. He crafted the AIPPA and POSA to the detrimental of the media growth. The same BBC he castigated is the one he ran to air his views.

Morgan Tsvangirayi got victory in 2008 but was denied the opportunity to take over and never got bitter and delusional as Jonathan Moyo. He is so desperate that he wants to appear on television to spruce up his image as his twitting cannot handle more.

In politics Moyo must try at the next opportune time.For now no amount of spirited tomfoolery can buy into his rantings.

Jonathan Moyo is becoming too lunatic. Zimbabweans cannot be taken for a ride. He cannot take advantage of the gullible, gone are the days. We all know that a plan was hatched to elevate Grace Mugabe to the presidium and that failed to materialise and was later arboted.

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