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Zhuwao, tasting sour grapes

11 Jan 2018 at 12:39hrs | Views
It is saddening how former Minister of Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare Patrick Zhuwao imprudently criticizes the new Government under the leadership of President Emmerson Mnangagwa saying Zimbabweans were resisting 'the coup conspirators and terrorist junta' in 2018.

After he was sacked from Government, Zhuwao's actions and sentiments are now a case of sour grapes in a bid to seek relevance in the current political environment.

 In his article titled Zhuwao Brief Reloaded, Zhuwao wrote that he, together with his allies was considering regrouping and venting their anger in the ballot box in this year's elections against the current Government. Such claims by Zhuwao depict that he is out of touch with reality. With the new dispensation, Zimbabweans from all walks of life are appreciating the efforts that President Mnangagwa and his team are making in restoring the economy, efforts which one might add are already bearing fruit.
In that vein, it is through such tangible efforts that Zimbabweans consider when placing their ballots. What Zhuwao fails to realize is that Zimbabweans need a leader who is active in addressing their needs. People need a vibrant, working economy and improved standard of living.

Zhuwao claims the transition period was violent. Contrary to that, the outside community and most neighbouring countries praised Zimbabweans for maintaining peace during and after the transition period.
Among other countries, Zambia's President Edgar Lungu who attended President Mnangagwa's inauguration ceremony said he was pleased that the transition process was conducted in a peaceful manner.

Zhuwao also alleged that there was massive disgruntlement by members of ZANU PF to the manner in which former President Robert Gabriel Mugabe was relieved of his duties. However, this is only according to Zhuwao's warped thinking. Unlike what Zhuwao alleges, ZANU-PF officials in Central Committee agreed in relieving the former President of his duties.  What heartens most is that everything was done above board and according to the highest law of the land, the constitution.

As claimed by Zhuwao, the new Government never humiliated the former President. In his acceptance speech, President Mnangagwa appreciated the role that was played by his predecessor.  

President Mnangagwa said, "Let me at this stage pay special tribute to one of, and the only surviving father of our Nation, Robert Gabriel Mugabe. He led us in our struggle for National Independence, and assumed responsibilities of leadership at the formative and very challenging time in the birth of our Nation. That is to be lauded and celebrated for all times."

The new Government's thrust is to see a new nation with a new look. Operation Restore Legacy that was initiated by the Zimbabwe Defence Forces was conducted to bring back order in the country.

Some former Government officials and parastatal bosses were abusing their offices, through corrupt activities such as embezzlement of public funds. Currently, Government, through Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC) is investigating such cases.

Zhuwao also wrongly claimed that some opportunistic leaders of opposition formations were promised ministerial posts in a proposed 'post-coup' coalition Government have discovered that they were used to mobilise their supporters.  It's sad that Zhuwao is attempting to create fissures between opposition supporters and the new Government, over a non-issue.

However, after his inauguration, President Mnangagwa declared that he was not a President of ZANU-PF alone, but a leader of the whole nation including the opposition. This explains why the President recently visited ailing MDC-T leader, Morgan Tsvangirai who is battling with cancer. Unlike other leaders, President Mnangagwa has always been preaching the gospel of unity among Zimbabweans.

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