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Prof Jonathan Moyo: From pedigree political scientist to high profile political witch!

17 Jan 2018 at 14:17hrs | Views
The man who once and severally gave Zimbabwean retired president, Robert Gabriel Mugabe, a most thorny political bed! The political scientist who once belonged to the stable of The Big Five intellectuals who shaped the political atmosphere in Zimbabwe beyond parliament.

The Big Five in the persons of the uncelebrated deceased Professors Masipula Sithole, Elphas Mukonoweshuro and John Makumbe. The texture of these great men, especially Professors Mukonoweshuro, a former Cabinet Minister in the Global Political Agreement where he served as Minister of Public Service! And Murungu The Lion of Buhera, Professor John Munodawashe Makumbe, makes their untimely deaths most suspect! It remains as most difficult not to suspect that these good men were eliminated to smoothen retired president Robert Mugabe's political bed of roses! With these men alive Zimbabwe would have been surely never the same. The corrupted living Professor Jonathan Moyo in government and Dr. Ibbo Mandaza in lone defence of democracy at Sapes Trust! Dr. Ibbo Mandaza, the only leading and living warm-bloodied interlectual voice in the political market place. The untimely deaths of the three professors at their prime ages remains as suspect! The great lubricants to the wheels of democracy and good governance, was a suspect calculated devastating set-back to the wheels of democracy! Imagine that re-invented parliament with the likes of Professor John Makumbe as Member of Parliament representing a Buhera Movement for Democratic Change constituency!

The Big Five was not a mediocrity-bound team until that political witch, Professor Jonathan Nathaniel Moyo took to political witchcraft which entailed the smoothening of retired president, Robert Mugabe's thorny political bed of roses with the same tools of The Big Five. Yes! That could have been a most wise move for him as he could have been one such early victim with his untamed serpent type of tongue that knew of no boundaries throughout his career at The University of Zimbabwe and in government! A man given to self-contradiction or outrageous levels of inconsitency especially when disappointed! Sweet Charmer-Boy in good times! And yet full of vitriol and deadly venom in perilous times that do not put him in favour! When fired from government by Mugabe he went berserk upon the Mugabe administration with the same mouth of daily eliquent praise! When reinstated, he instantly fell onto a mood of glory with the same cursing tongue! And most recently, with a British Broadcasting Corporation Programme, Hard Talk, where he displayed unparallelled levels of intellectual depreciation with real weird and most desperate political utterances against the new Zimbabwe reformist government of sitting President, Emmerson Dambudzo Munangagwa. Most weird unprofessorial utterances equivalent to an ant attacking a  train! Retired First Lady Grace Mugabe, Amai, quality of rabid dog utterances! Professor Jonathan Moyo made a highly unrealistic! Unprofessorial prediction of bloodshed, state collapse, popular vengeance and leadership unpopularity and frustrated public! This was nausia-inflicting political madness of the worst order! Mist unbefitting of c a professor.

Highway from luminary political scientist to a frustrated gutter-political witch of the worst order! What has happened to your thorny wits Professor Jonathan Moyo? What sort of interpretation of the political atmosphere in Zimbabwe is this nonsense! This gross misinterpretation of true public mood! This remains as unprofessorial as dreaming of a Grace Mugabe presidency in Zimbabwe! And at this juncture the Professor could still not see how endangered himself and entourage! Retired President Robert Mugabe and Grace, among others, not from sitting president Munangagwa and the army but from the politically fatigued public! Public fatigued enough to stone the witch to death! President Emmerson Munangagwa sits on an unenviable task every day of his life! The task of defending The Mugabe looters entourage from public rage! None of the above would be safe to cross the street of Harare or any major centre without a Munangagwa well equipped escort! Jonathan Moyo risks a sharia type of public response upon himself! You dare cross the street without a Munangagwa escort school children would either effect a citizen arrest or attack upon any member of the Professor Jonathan Moyo-Grace Mugabe entourage! And President Emmerson Munangagwa would, in this instance, be The Messiah just as he has been since assuming office. The witch fails to acknowledge his safe man-made escape when in ordinary African Union politics of primitivism he could have been firing squad material! Thanks to the quality of new leadership in Zimbabwe! A bloodless and highly diplomatic transition! Zimbabwe made history! The Zimbabwean sutuation should have added a new stud on the belt of the celebrated political scientist turned political witch with high disregard of the multitudes of protestant poverty and corruption-weary Zimbabwean public that took to the streets country-wide to remove retired President Mugabe and all the criminals that drove him for self-benefit through his most errant wife in his senile state.

Least did the political market-place expect The King-Maker celebrated political scientist and political fraudster, Professor Jonathan Moyo, with sufficient wits to paste Mugabe into power, against popular will, beyond year 2000 at the peril of the respective citizenry. Championed the referendum to contain Tsvangirai's Movement for Democratic Change aggression at birth in year 2000! And granted Mugabe a new political lease of life. This was how the most weird professor earned himself the pisition of looting with impunity in the Mugabe admistration. Professor Jonathan Moyo's political witchcraft entailed sinking to as low as the highly politically unsophisticated disgraced former Vice President, Dr. Joyce Mujuru, who disgraced herself furthermore with every make or break interview that she had in The United Kingdom in 2017. Or, Tsvangirai's former National Railways of Zimbabwe Security Guard Deputy President, Thokozani Khupe, who could hardly measure-up in all the strategic interviews that she had been afforded in The United Kingdom in 2017, to the point of making it known that she was in politics for money, neither development nor public service.

Professor Jonathan Moyo had an equally failed interview with The British Broadcasting Corporation's Hard Talk programme! There was surely no hard talk there but most desperate uncreative sorry and most cheap political garbage unbefitting of a decorated professor. A nasty departure from the traditional role of a professor whose purpose was to most accurately inform and develop! Professor Jonathan Moyo has taken to championing underdevelopment in great desperation to instal his milk-cow, Grace Mugabe into power in Zimbabwe.

Reginald Thababi Gola
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Source - Reginald Thababi Gola
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