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Free and fair elections is a myth

19 Jan 2018 at 08:53hrs | Views
The nation has witnessed as new political dispensation which was unexpected as the method employed is quite scary and undemocratic. Zimbabwe has been a military state since its formation, elections serve to strengthen the grip of ZANU PF due to its nature of being marred with violence perpetrated by the Government agents and the State sponsored green bombers.

Arguable, how could the current coup President make proclamations on the world stage of a free and fair elections when Zimbabwe in its entire history has never had such a plebiscite. The invitation of foreign bodies to come and monitor the elections is purely window dressing. It's common knowledge that the foreign delegation tasked to monitor the elections won't go to the rural areas whose vote usually determine the outcome of the elections.

Already it is reported that in rural areas people are being harassed by the soldiers. What are the troops doing in rural areas using intimidation tactics to instil fear in the citizens so that they could vote for ZANU PF against their will.

What should cross our minds is that it is the same Government that launched numerous inhuman operations with one thing in mind, to create a one-Party State, or a military State. Their declaration that someone without military background cannot be allowed the opportunity to rule Zimbabwe speaks volumes to those who are yearning for genuine political change and the international community which is closely monitoring the actions of the junta government.

The description of a military state is justified by the following reasons; If the military is not aligned to ZANU, Zimbabwe could be in the hands of a transitional government primarily because the military being apolitical as per Zimbabwe Constitution, could have rightly commanded all political parties to form a multi-party government until the next general elections than to side with ZANU, so that important government positions could be parcelled out to the coup plotters. This is super indicative of the fact that the military is a ZANU project.

The recent torture of the masses by the military is a cause for concern. In Harare, the surrounding areas are heavily militarised. In Bulawayo, peaceful protesters at a church service attended by President Mnangagwa were ferociously dragged away to BRAD BARRACKS where they were heartlessly bayoneted. As I write, some members of Bulawayo youths who suffered deep cuts and bruises are still being treated in various hospitals dotted around the region.

Mr President, how will you unite the country with even members of your own party exiled since your ascension to the highest office in the land? Talk is cheap and that is what you have been able to demonstrate so far, however, be mindful of the fact that your history is rich with violence, murder and rape of opposition members. Your day in court is awaited by all and sundry with abated breath.

Source - Zondiwe Gumede
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