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Who ill-advised President Mnangagwa to go to Davos? Ill-timed trip indeed!

30 Jan 2018 at 19:19hrs | Views
Nomazulu Thata
Even the admirer of President Mnangagwa: Hon. Eddy Cross questioned the visit by the President to go the Switzerland to meet global presidents and elite global business leaders whose objectives are to create a shared future in a fractured world. If one Googles WEF, one gets an impression that Davos is nothing but a "talking shop, write the critiques of this organisation called WEF. Mnangagwa is barely 90 days in power, what ground-breaking preparations did he make to speak in a voice that is at par with other presidents and global money-bodies in Davos? From Mnangagwa's interviews he made in Switzerland, nothing suggested the fact that he was prepared for such an international engagement. He was empty in body-language and speech, it was a show he is now the President of the Republic of Zimbabwe. Very un-presidential in his interview-sitting alone, struggling to cough out words, his Zambian accent was evident in his expressions of the Queen's English. (In as much as mine in German language accent)

It is not so much the dislike of Mnangagwa and his genocide atrocities he committed, but when he was in Davos, whether I like it or not he represented me equally by virtue of me being Zimbabwean phaqa, phaqa! I therefore have the right to scrutinize the president's visit to Davos as such.

If one further googled WEF, one would read placards written; "Fighting poverty, the direct juxtaposition of the same placard says: "fuelling inequality." This explains Mnangagwa's trip accurately. Mnangagwa went to Davos, not even to sell Zimbabwe to the global platform but to give it away so that he, himself gets the recognition he yearns for. His government is illegitimate at home. He does not seem to have had time to sit down and make a five year plan on how he is going to deliver his promises he made on the 24th of November. To advise, or to be so ill-advised by whoever said Mnangagwa should attend the world-rich-club is silliness and ignorant but last.

I listened to Ms. Parerinyatwa's interview with Dr. Nkosana and Dr. Makoni last Saturday: 27th of January, my first thought was, why and how did such technocrats miss it to engage the regime of Mnangagwa on such issues regarding the future of Zimbabwe? Nkosana would have professionally advised Mnangagwa that it was not the right time for him to go to Davos: it's just too early: but to say a statement of uttermost importance in a casual interview is painful! The whole President went to Davos empty-handed. Dr. Simba Makoni rightfully said that Mnangagwa still needed that legitimacy at home first and not to seek it in Davos "gaße." (gasse means a small street in Switzerland) Professor Ncube was even more sarcastic: Speak to your cockroaches in Mathebeleland first before you can go to Davos. Professor Welshman Ncube's crude language was full of truth in it: crude language? No! That was Mnangagwa's language use in the early 1980s. He called the people of Mathebeleland cockroaches. Mnangagwa and his government needed to engage with Zimbabwean people of all ethnic and race groups first; said Professor Ncube. Those advisers to the president Mnangagwa are not qualified by any degree to humiliate Mnangagwa so glaringly to seasoned journalists out there in Davos. There are so many painful issues that needed Mnangagwa to stay put in Zimbabwe and solve the issue of legitimacy and unconstitutionality of the government of Zimbabwe. His agenda at home is packed with questions not yet answered:

  • The purging of G-40 has not stopped, disregarding his own speech he made at his inauguration
  • The army is still harassing the civilians in most parts of the country: in Nkayi district reports say that the army is busy ill-treating the civilians forcing them to give up their voting receipt numbers to the chiefs who have been corruptly given brand new cars by Mnangagwa. (rigging has started) The army has not gone back to the barracks yet, will be out there until the elections!
  • The electoral reforms have not been implemented but we are four months away from the general elections, what the media blocker Wilbert Mukori laments endlessly in his articles. We are gradually waking up to his wisdom of demanding free and fare elections by implementing electoral reforms first before elections (I am painfully coming to terms with Mukori's valid point of view on electoral reforms, albeit very late)
  • The Gugurahundi issues are burning the country: the people want the issue resolved so as to move on in our lives. The nation demands legal processes to be adhered to in the processes of healing the nation of crimes against humanity, and those of genocide nature
  • Fighting corruption in Zimbabwe is so flawed: it appears as if it was the G-40 who were the ones who are corrupt hence they are systematically purged out of government and the party Zanu: this still goes on without end
  • They are sacred cows in Zanu-PF-Lacoste who are not persecuted for their crimes on corruption
  • White farmers are guaranteed compensation just to please the international community: but we have not heard from the president and government of Zanu PF how they are going to compensate victims of Gugurahundi victims!
  • Return to externalization of foreign revenue currencies is only applicable to G-40 members and not a blanket approach to all in the party Zanu-Lacoste and ordinary citizens: that must be looked at and be spoken loudly by the citizens who demonstrated along sides with the national army in November 2017 coup d'état.
  • We do not have a sacrosanct document from the government how they are going to take the government to a much higher level than the rot government of Mugabe: What is Zanu PF-Lacoste 5 year plan look like?
  • This worshipping of one man: President Mnangagwa; has shown all similarities with what we saw in 1980 when Mugabe and Zanu PF won independent elections: Zimbabweans have not leant anything about Zanu PF, the population still think that hero-worshipping an individual, a leader, a führer will bring bread and butter in their tables: for the good of all and not the Lacoste boot-lickers

It is not Hon. Eddy Cross who is deeply worried about the ignorance of our government: Previously Eddy Cross was all in praise of ED, he someone who thought Mnangagwa is some technocrat to be given a chance to deliver us from the rot economy of Mugabe government: Mr. Cross is now desperately saying to Mnangagwa, when you come back from Davos these are the issues you ran away from: please correct this with expediency, Hon. MP. Eddy Cross says:

  • "The fiscal crisis is still raw and unattended after two months in power: what are you doing in Davos
  • The cash-flows remain the same as it was during Mugabe rule
  • Mnangagwa should impose exchange controls
  • Lift all import restrictions
  • Attend to the state debt: we should eat what we kill! Said Biti! There is nothing like: "what is overdraft meant for: said Hon Chinamasa? This was the answer Chinamasa gave to Hon Thokozani Khuphe. Does it surprise us all we are in this mess, if a whole Finance Minister can utter such "back of beyond" statement? This statement is not only corrupt but it exposes ignorance on the part of Chinamasa.
  • People want employment after that grand speech you gave at your inauguration ceremony.
  • Hon. MP Cross is concerned about Zimbabwe turning into a looting destination of global businesses.
  • Hon. Eddy Cross is saying: stay home and drive Zimbabwe to return to democracy by implementing democratic reforms that will usher free and faire elections: come the elections in four months this year 2018.
  • Give young people some kind of employment and please don't laugh at the in the way General Chiwenga did: "The graduates in Zimbabwe have never been in an aeroplane before." Sure, why are they not employed the whole General does not ask such pertinent questions at all. Instead he heaps accolades' on a clown called Hon. Chinotimba." What does that tell us about the new dispensation?

The damage is already done by his visit to Davos. In all interviews he made in Davos, Mnangagwa was not himself. Mnangagwa is un-presidential by any standard. His body language betrayed him miserably. He was surprised that the issue of Gugurahundi traced him all the way from Harare to Davos. He was indeed uncomfortable with questions on Gugurahundi that put him on the spot. Some article in Bulawayo24 today on the 30th of January written by Thembani Dube questioned Mnangagwa appearance at Davos and him taking part in the WEF. How he got hand-shakes from all institutions; be it global government or global business elite and all money lending global bodies. If it was a white murderer from Europe, such would not have happened in 2018, says Thembani Dube. Would all the elite in Davos in 2018 given Adolf Hitler a hand-shake?

The world governments and elite business people openly overlooked Mnangagwa's past genocide and crimes against humanity: they shook hands with a president of Zimbabwe who has blood in his hands: openly Mnangagwa did not want to apologise for his sad past, does not seem to be wanting to give closure to the past atrocities of genocide nature and crimes against humanity. The adage says that money does not smell: indeed it does not: as a matter of fact money is sweet, can overlook any flack relating to human rights atrocities. Western governments are only concerned about the natural resources in Zimbabwe and Mnangagwa was giving away Zimbabwe state resources in Davos in exchange for recognising his Harare government: his coup d'état . Zimbabwe people should know that they are on their own. We have a government that applauds ignorance and appraise primitives. General Chiwenga applauds Chinotimba and literally laughs at graduates who have never seen what is like in a plane

The international community apparently has dropped noble human rights and are now on the offensive to compete with China for African natural resources. If Mnangagwa had at least taken on board technocrats of Nkosana Moyo's global fiscal knowledge of how Davos works, technocrats of Simba Makoni wholly experienced with such world bodies, they would have done a great job for Zimbabwe. When someone is in the dark, you begin to appreciate light, they say. This is true for us Zimbabweans. Nkosana is indeed apolitic in his approach to Zimbabwe politics, but he would have done us a good job in Davos with his expertise. Our narrow-mindedness may say Nkosana is not the person for the job as First Civil Servant, but if you see how Mnangagwa is giving away Zimbabwe to looters in Davos, we start to wonder if our rejecting Nkosana/ Makoni are prudent in the first place. We do not have competent people out there to put Zimbabwean economy in track for the sake of our future generation, we shall, hard as it sounds, have to settle with Nkosana Moyo, Simba Makoni and others as future leaders of this great nation.

President Mnangagwa is taking Zimbabwe to neo-liberalism unknowingly and ignorantly because the people who surround him are apparently not knowledgeable about global economy is run and this institution called WEF. Just next door in South Africa neo-liberalism that was introduced in 1994 is not working. In retrospect the gap between poor and rich has exponentially yawned beyond correction. This trickle- down economics has not worked in South Africa. (Trickle down means wealth gradually benefiting the poor as a result of increasing wealth of the richest) I wonder if Mnangagwa understands neo-liberalism and its implications to developing countries if he sells Zimbabwe openly at the market Davos: blindly engages whoever has money to loot resources: it is for this reason Davos: WEF is at work, they know all those loopholes to exploit desperate countries to their advantage. Naomi Klein calls such a Zimbabwe situation: "shock doctrine" It means "squeeze them developing countries until they come begging on our steps!" Mnangagwa is rich to a billion already and does not care much about the rest of the population in Zimbabwe.

Hon. Eddy Cross said: do not take down your pant; otherwise you will be raped! Crude as this statement might sound; it is a fact when you realize the meaning of the crude statement. Curiously Hon. Eddy Cross cares about the common man/woman out there in poverty stricken Zimbabwe than the Black Mnangagwa.

The final question to President Mnangagwa by Hon. Eddy Cross is: "can you get your act together to find solutions to the above, can you deliver in time, While you are doing it, do not catch the Davos-Virus that seeks the welfare of the few at the expense of the rest of us." I wonder still if I could have summed up the trip to Davos by President Mnangagwa as eloquent as what Hon Eddy Cross has said in his article in Nehanda Radio. Zimbabwe and indeed global economics is Eddy's territory; he knows Zimbabwe economy well, numbers are in his fingertips. He must be embarrassed to find that the man he worshipped so much previously is messing up the economy irrevocably. We still need new names in the economics and politics of Zimbabwe. Mnangagwa could be the interim that will pave way for a much better Zimbabwe. We should never lose hope for our Zimbabwe.

Source - Nomazulu Thata
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