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'Mnangagwa's Peace and Reconciliation Commission Flawed'

11 Feb 2018 at 07:54hrs | Views
This week has been gripped with anticipation and emotions as the people from Matabeleland geared themselves to confront Mnangagwa's front line puppies in his endeavour to water down the issue of Gukurahundi. Thanks to Zim Rights, the event never took place.

For starters, the characteristics of this so called commission resemble those of the Gukurahundi itself. Firstly it is imposed by the genocide perpetrators on the people of Matabeleland. Just like the Gukurahundi coming to Gwanda in the 1980s, we wake up today to the reality of a gang of Mnangagwa's apologists invading our space, disguised as commissioners with a conscious.

We are thankful to our Chiefs that they are heeding our call and warning for them to stay clear of the stewardship of the Gukurahundi issue. Chiefs from Matabeleland can only partake in the Gukurahundi issue as victims or as representatives of the victims, with the mandate and the discourse of the people of Matabeleland.

The composition of this Commission has exposed the lake of seriousness on the part of the perpetrators of Gukurahundi, if indeed it is part of it's terms of references. Gukurahundi was and is an ethnic cleansing genocide. It is practically driven by the Shona tribe against the Mthwakazi (Ndebele) tribes. It therefore lacks logic that it can be dominated by members of the genocidal ethnic grouping.

If indeed this Commission has anything to do with Gukurahundi in it's terms of references, then it must not equate this henious human rights issue to the 2000 to 2008 violence. This incident had nothing to do with ethnic cleansing, hence can not be clustered with any probe on Gukurahundi.

It is even public knowledge that the acting chairperson, Lilian Chigwetere is former wife to the late Stanlas Chigwedere, former Ambassador and Public Service Commissioner. Chigwedere is  rumoured to have been a Gukurahundi operative and is said to be  buried at The ZANU-PF national heroes acre in Harare as a token of appreciation  for his sterling job as a Gukurahundist. Mrs Chigwedere is not welcome in Matabeleland. She is a direct beneficiary of the genocide against our people. We will not allow her to come and gloat over the blood of our innocent fathers and our agony that has propelled her to a lavish life of privilege she enjoys today. Never in Our Lifetime.  We are prepared to die and litter the jails of this satanic regime, in defence of our future and nationhood.

The other names that makes the disgraced Commission are, Patience Chiradza, Choice Ndoro, Charles Masunungure, Geoffrey Chada, Godfrey Chekenyere and the only Ndebele, Leslie Ncube- son to Abedinico Ncube, the Resident Minister of Matabeleland South and ZANU-PF apologist. We don't have much information on the personal character of Leslie but we are aware of the despicable shenanigans of his father, who is also a victim of Gukurahundi, but has chosen to listen to his stomach above reason.

Mnangagwa knows very well that this commission is a non starter, hence he has sought the services of Dr Clever Nyathi, who is a close relative of Mnangagwa from his mother's side. It is believed Mnangagwa's mother is Nyathi with links to Dr Clever Nyathi's family. Although he is a  natural resource on issues of peace building, he is currently compromised, as he is brought in to save a nepotist agenda. This is surely not a genuine Commission  by Mnangagwa. The intentions are the same to those of the Chihambagwe and Dumbutshena Commissions, which were done to fool the world and gain international legitimacy. It is worrisome to find that Mthwakazi people and the world at large never learn from the deceptions of this genocidal regime.

Lastly, I want to reiterate our position as Mthwakazi Republic Party that there will be no peace and reconciliation without the Truth. We are urging all Mthwakazians to speak unanimously in their demand for a fresh Truth and Reconciliation Commission to be headed by a neutral international judge and Church led organisations such as CCJP which are not tainted.

Let's all stand in defiance to Mnangagwa's compromised Commission  and stop them from stepping into our blood socked land of Matabeleland.

Sisonke Sibambene SinguMthwakazi Sizokulungisa

For Peace and Justice in Our Lifetime.

Mqondisi Moyo: Mthwakazi Republic Party  President

Source - Mqondisi Moyo
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