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In politics read the game & dynamics - A Big Monday With Tinashe Eric Muzamhindo

13 Feb 2018 at 06:25hrs | Views
Politics is all about strategy and political grip otherwise you can be a BIG joke. It is very simple, simply put your ears on the ground before you make any advanced moves. In political ecology we translate this as temperament features. Apparently it is a reference to those who lack political judgement, and whose eyes and ears are far and cannot read the game. You also need to have sensors and be able to read between the lines. Ask yourself why ED is brave enough to call for any election, knowingly that three months ago the same G40 cabal were claiming that ED is unelectable. Understand political ecology. Get the shock absobers on this very breezy Monday, for now we can safely say so much exchange of brown envelopes is taking place, remember after squandering your money they will simply go back to say this is the candidate we want. Better you build clinics in rural areas because if people have made up their minds you can't change the mindset. Zimbabweans fasten your belts, there is a dark cloud hoovering over Harare and a BIG bang is definitely coming. At the end one can appear to be a fool and you can loose your sense if you dont read the game tactifully. You can never win politics in board rooms but grassroots connectivity. Decision makers are on the ground. The same Dictator Mugabe manipulated the system by receiving endorsements and it worked for 37 years. This worked because he had the numbers. Jonathan Moyo and crew tried it in Tsholotsho and they failed generally because Mugabe had the clout. Morgan Tsvangirai survived three splits because he had political grassroots connectivity. How many lawyers surrounded Tsvangirai many, academics but his grip on power was very strong. Press conferences won't work claiming acting presidency. Strategy does not work that way. That is why ED kept on clapping hands for himself when Grace was busy insulting him, he played his cards very safe. Thats how politics work.

Politics Is a Game of Numbers

Apparently Chamisa has numbers on the ground. You can sing or climb the mountain but it is going to be an uneasy situation. This is a GAME and it has worked to his advantage. Read the game first, analyze it, never use emotions. ED was in South Africa whilst chinhu chichibikwa kuno, he knew that he had enough numbers behind him. You dont buy vegetables, then cook then call for people to have the supper. Your role can be to acquire the vegetables and allow others to cook for you and then resurface when they are done and when the meal is ready for you. In politics you dont do everything for yourself. You are found in press rooms, the next day you are in SA, then suddenly you appear in front of a decorated hospital claiming that you are the acting president. I dont think hospital staff or nurses may need to know. Politics IS done on the ground and you must have the political clout to command the following. Since when did varoora become spokespersons of properly constituted parties? Honestly here is a man who is going through rough patches of life, those chemotherapy sessions are painful and suddenly one sneeks in those precarious medical facilities on peep on the window to simply say " Am i still the acting president???" whilst the main contender is on the ground meeting structures. This is how you are beaten. Where on earth have you seen Zanu PF posting pictures of strategies on the social media or rallies or to post their line up programmes? Opposition fasten your belts a big bang is about to come. Read the game quietly, be calm. Still waters run deeply. This nonsense thing of Acting Presidency should come to an end, the political clout will reveal who is the acting president. Two months fighting for acting Presidency whilst ED is harvesting Chirimuhanzu, Muzarambani , Chendambuya? Better to fight for acting President at Munhumutapa. Simply read the game otherwise some of these press statements will be an own goal to individuals.

How ED Bounced Back

How many times was ED attacked by Marujata? How many times was humiliated by G40 cabal? How many times was ED thrown under the moving train? Who is the President of Zimbabwe now? When ED calls for an early election he knows what he is doing. Fasten your belts. For some they will simply go to vendors tommorow and i quote " I am the acting President from today" and then what's next? Auxilia Mnangagwa is busy going round visiting all medical facilities. How many medical facilities did you visit today? Other than claiming to be the Acting President. Please don't claim rigging when eventually you lose elections. Visibility on the ground is critical.

Edgar Lungu' S Dramatic Return

It happened in 2015 when Michael Sata was critically ill. Guess what he simply called Edgar Chagwa Lungu who was in Namibia on State duty. The other cartel tried to make him sign documents for acting presidency kkkkkkkkkkkk he vehemently refused. Allow me to stay this even the tapinda tapinda crew wanted to be acting Presidents as well. Sata knew it , a plane was hired by the Government upon the instructions from Sata himself to pick Lungu from Namibia. Upon Lungu' s arrival from Whindoek he was given the instruments of power through Sata' s spokespersons. These spokespersons are critical. You by pass them you become a circus in society. Immediately Sata left for England he never came back. My point is Sata insisted that Lungu sshould come back immediately. LUNGU acted for 3 months, and Guy Scott plotted using the attorney General to upsurp powers from Lungu. Guess what Lungu never bothered, he surrendered the powers for fears of bringing implosion in Zambia. Zambia was under siege. Cant you read the game. The Guy scott cartel failed to read the game. When nomination time came, Zambians made a decision and they said the one who should be given the instruments of power is Lungu. The man from Chawama constituency. Thats how it works. How many press conference did Lungu have? None. What about Guy Scott and crew as many as possible and Zambians taught them a lesson kkkkkkk so who id the President of Zambia? Its none other than Edgar LUNGU. I smell a rat in Cape Town as if the whole meeting was all about acting President. Kkkkkkkkkkkk whilst others are plotting here in Harare you are busy moving with Acting President in your pocket. You get to a flea market im the acting President.

Nelson Chamisa's Triumphal Entry

Simple young man and he doesnt do the dirty work, very quiet, tactiful, strategic and level headed. He ddoesnt claim to be the acting President. Why? Where is his power? GRASSROOTS CONNECTIVITY. Period. Read the game. You have to understand the nature of politics. Remember people in the MDC already know where this young man came from, they know the history. You see don't underate those people in villages. They know who Mudzuri is, they know whom Mwonzora is they even know when they joined the struggle what happened along the way. They know the scars you bear . That is why in 2008 after the rural electorate received handouts from Mugabe he was rejected on the 29th of march 2008. Dont under estimate people in rural areas. Politics tebayana leyi it will shock you. So these cheap bedroom politics of climbing those heavy steps going straight to 6 th floor and claim the acting presidency is very unfortunate because grassroots will never forgive you. Coming back to Nelson Chamisa the reason why people are rallying behind him, the answer is very simple kkkkkkkkkkk sadza rakabikwa kare people are seated in the lounge waiting for supper. The young vibrant lawyer made a name long back so its a process. The process is gradual. How many provinces endorsed The expulsion of ED, the same provinces brought ED back to Zimbabwe after having a damascus journey to Mozambique. Secret, people knew the history of ED and what happened to him during the struggle. Grassroots have files, they know when he joined the sstruggle in Chitungwiza and what happened to him at the Airport on his way to Pan African Parliament and Machipisa as well, so What Chamisa is simply doing is that he is enjoying the fruits. Incase you are mistaken , people are in the Lounge they are hungry they need a good meal in the name of NELSON CHAMISA. ED never came back to his friends and say " how far with the acting presidency" some claimed he is in Gweru, some said he is in SA, sone said he is in China, some said he is at the Airforce, but apparently ED was in the wafees strategizing and all they did was to welcome the President at the Airport. These press conference will throw you under the bus. Let ppeople decide who is the acting President.

What Is Acting President???

Is it a document? Is ita key? Is it a small packet of pins? Is it visible? Can you hold the acting presidency? Can someone show me? What colour is the acting presidency? A big NO. Acting presidency was seen in Masvingo, Epworthy or Mutare. The situation can easily tell you that im not the acting president or apparently im the one. I wish i could buy one, maybe tommorow let me prepare to announce myself that im now the acting president as well.

-Be able to read politics

- Be strategic

- Close your mouth

- Still waters run deeply

- Let them grow together they shall be known by their fruits

- Be smart in politics

- Let others do the dirty work for you

Tinashe Eric Muzamhindo is the Head of Southern Institute of Policy Analysis and Research- SIPAR TRUST. He is a policy advisor and academic in the area of development and Governance. He is currently studying for a PHD at Kwazulu Natal University in South Africa. He can be contacted at

Source - Tinashe Eric Muzamhindo
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