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RIP Morgan Tsvangirai 'my Moses'

14 Feb 2018 at 20:51hrs | Views
RIP Tsvangirai, it is like your life was cursed. Just like Moses, Tsvangirai never saw the promised after all the Suffering and Pain he went through in order to try and change the future of Zimbabwe. Look at even the speculations when he lost his first wife, he never gave up and that is how life is like. Sometimes I matter the efforts and hard work, you might fail to get there. You will always be seem as a fighter of good things buy those who look with the positive every and also as a failure by those people who focus only on the negative.

I take everything around me as lesson and as an opportunity for me to learn, gain and benefit something good. I am all about good vibes. RIP Tsvangirai. As a human being just like me, I never expected him to be perfect because no one was and no one is. He did his best and he did well. People should be strong enough to fight and not to give up, you never know who is watching, who is being inspired and those who will see the opposite. That should never destruct you because people are like that and will always be in that way. You never know whose lives you have positively in as long as you have live but still you are having a positive impact here on earth. It is good to die and live good memories, you will be remembered and all those you leave will also be inspired by whatever good they hear about you. It is something you should be proud of if you leave good memories in people's lives.

RIP Tsvangirai, you will always be remembered with good memories by all hose who gave positive direction more than they face the negative. I learned and got inspired by some and not all of the things you did as you lived.

I have just received the news of your death although you were claimed dead more than 10 times by the media and so forth. This time around, I felt something inside of me and I feel like it is real. Some things are very hard to accept but whether you like it or not, you will never have power to change it. RIP Tsvangirai, hope you find perfect and peaceful rest.

Personally Tsvangirai was my hero. He risked even when things were hard, even when his chances of losing his life were too high… he bet gave up. Tsvangirai kept fighting regardless of what because he had hope for the best. He fought for that group of people who know what they want but are very much afraid of losing their lives. He was very strong. I imagine the days he was being heated around 2008, I was very young but not too young to distinguish between something positive and something negative. How he got swollen, He got beaten, how he got harass, how he got all of the bad things life had to offer, he fought back. Tsvangirai never gave up, he fought even from his death bed and I hope his soul and spirit will keep fighting for us. To me, he was more or less like Moses. It is now all in the hands of the public to have hope and faith and also to expect only the best. Positive vibes will get us there.

Tsvangirai was still too young and to me he looked so understanding. He did not only consider himself but also considered others because he could strongly stand and fight for others even though he new that victory does not come by accident but had to be fought for and sometimes risking you life for it. Imagine fighting but you do not know whether you are going to win or not and you are also doing it for people who probably might hurt you. I liked the confidence, hope, faith, positivity, spirit, strength etc. Morgan Tsvangirai had.

Many people die without fulfilling whatever they desire for or dream of, that is how death is like, when it knocks at your door, you will never deny it no matter how hard you try, how much money you have, how hard you cry, how hard you sacrifice, how hard you try to run away from it… eventually it will find you.

My heart is bleeding.

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