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What's this fuss about our Khupe?

16 Feb 2018 at 19:16hrs | Views
 I don't usually write or comment on social media but the current events have compelled me to.

You hear people say Mdct must follow it constitution

Nywe nywe Khuphe this Chamisa that,

Is it constitutional for a national leader not to attend party meetings for almost a year and remain holding his or her position?

Umama uMaKhuphe reduced herself from a national leader and portrayed herself a regional LEADER.

The congress mandated her to deputise MT to lead the nation not a region.

She is or was supposed to be seen in Mash west, Mash east, Mash central, Harare and other provinces.

Currently or in the past two years or so you could only meet MaKhuphe in Nkayi Mat North or Bulawayo Provinces. To a lesser extent you would find her in Mat south.

The past three years she went in a crusade to suspend and expel members she felt were not submitting to her. She used non other than Abednico.
She came to SA and conveyed tribal meetings, she would invite only members from Mat land.

She was rejected by S.A. structures for her evil moves.
At one time I personally wrote to her and tried to knock sense into her heard.
Politics of hate has no place in our society today.

If she had problems with MT or the two appointed vice-presidents she was supposed to consult the structures that elected her country wide.

She was not elected by structures from Mat land only.
She compromised her national duty and chose to go tribal.

She is today busy with funeral arrangements in SA, but she was in SA a few days ago when MT was very sick, she did not bother herself to visit her in hospital. She chose to attend a meeting that party members are not clear about.

Maybe because many organizations have pledged to pour money towards the burial of MT, we are all aware that she once told the whole world about her appetite for money.
She openly said it in London, that she is in politics for money. His speech was not edited or said it under duress.

On her return, she boycotted the standing committee meeting and further boycotted the national executive meeting. She boycotted the national council as well.
In fact she boycotted all alliance launch activities despite the fact that the same congress that mandated her to be the vice president also came with a resolution that the party will partner with other political players we share the same ideology with. So she must stop telling us that she is a congress product because she herself does not respect resolutions of the same product
This is the person we put our trust in as a national leader. She is supposed to represent us members in those meetings but she chose to boycott without the mandate of the structures.

The structures mandated her to attend

-standing committee meetings,
-Executive meetings,
-National council meetings
-and to assist MT

She shot changed the party, how then do we trust a leader who choses what she wants to do at her own time.

There is no other word to describe such leader other than 'Loose Canon'

She proved her incapacity to lead the nation

Mudzuri once said MT must leave office and was the same person who was begging MT at his death bed for blessings.
He left the party leaderless and chose to go to Capetown for Lunch.
He failed to unite SA structures but escalated problems.

Amongst the three vps, Chamisa has been consistent.

For those doubting Thomas's,

MDCT constitution was amended to accommodate three vps including the appointed two.
The furore of unconstitutionalism is a baseless debate.

B. Mathe
(Writing in his personal capacity )

Source - B. Mathe
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