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A NEW HOPE - Chamisa's to do list

19 Feb 2018 at 17:57hrs | Views
New president's should move fast to give Zimbabwe hope by doing the 7 things below
With a flood of optimism being poured to the new MDC'T president Nelson Chamisa from the majority of both the MDC'T standing committee and the supporters at large the young and charismatic leader should put the MDC'T house in order as a matter of urgency. Despite internal squabbles in the part the other two presidents should now accept the current change which caught them by surprise. According to Laswell he defines politics as a game of, 'who gets what, when and how' and timing and calculations are two major components in this game and it is very unfortunate that the other co-vice presidents failed to execute their game plan well, just like the way Grace Mugabe failed to execute her game plan, Mudzuru and Khupe should not waste their time being advised by Madhuku about the constitution of the party rather they should now join Chamisa and move both the party and try to win the next election, egoism sometimes will throw you into the political dustbin just like prof Mutambara.

(1) Maintain the Tsvangirai brand
The Nelson Chamisa now led MDCT should not fool itself by abandoning the T on the MDCT logo. If the masses are going to vote for the party, the Tsvangirai Brand should not be disbanded, across the Limpopo the ANC have managed to continuously  woo the voters by using the legacy of Nelson Mandela even if the man is now gone. It should be understood that MDC'T is where it is because of the late Tsvangirai hence maintaining the brand is critical especially as the nation gears up for the election and Hon Nelson Chamisa is fortunate enough to ride on the late former premiers legacy

(2) Unify the party
It might be difficult but the new president should find ways to convince and work together with Dr  Khupe and  Ellias Mudzuri, these two hold keys to the success of the new leadership and Chamisa should not undermine them hence as a matter of urgency the cum politician, lawyer and pastor should make strides to work with his erstwhile cde's. Nelson Chamisa should rather engage the two through a third party person like bishop Mukonori to make sure his former co-vice-presidents now his subordinates come to terms with the new developments in the party. Failure to solve this burning issue it will be difficult for the young man to win an election against a well calculative crocodile and his junta government. Like it or not Hon Chamisa, Khupe and Mudzuru hold the keys of the MDCT as of now and failure to handle these two properly might signify the end of a once thriving opposition party. With Zanu Pf maneuvering to win the July election money can be used to win these two cde's and they have nothing to lose if money is placed in their pockets

(3) Meet the people rallies
On these ones Grace Mugabe can teach you how to conduct them in order to market yourself and the party. Elections are around the corner and the party should start these rallies as a matter of urgency especially in rural areas where MDC'T has been performing dismally. Zanu Pf uses the chiefs to win the rural vote and by the virtue of the latter being given cars they will definitely market the once striving liberation party once again so that it will win the rural vote. Hon Chamisa and your team its high time you take these meet the people rallies to deep rural areas starting with Churumanzi-Zibangwe. The rural vote is a game changer in the presidential election and the MDCT should now shift its focus from urban rallies to rural areas

(4) Funding for election
The MDC'T should be braced enough in terms of funds, if it looks forward of winning the next elections, Zanu Pf is still using part of the 15 Billion and the previous elections it was well resourced unlike the MDC'T. For the party to strive well it should at least allocate $3000 to each aspirering local authority councilor and at least $5000 to those aspirering to become MP's. Money is a critical component in the game of politics in Africa and the electorate will vote for the ones who feed their stomach even if it is for a day. The rice man Hon Psychology Mazivisa knows how much rice is of importance in order to win an election and the MDCT should find funding as of yesterday to the extent that even if the election is called today they will be fully prepared to win.

(5) Strengthen MDC Alliance and stop listening to G40 cabal and Mujuru
Jonathan Moyo and company are just hard hit politicians that lost their game plan so they should not fool Chamisa and company to be an opposition party, just like Joyce Mujuru she joined opposition politics because she failed to execute her game plan, I repeat again those cabals and Joyce Mujuru should not be incorporated in the opposition alliance cause incorporating them is just incorporating yesteryear's criminals that are still fighting to control Zanu PF. I do not hate Mujuru and company but these are the same people who helped Mugabe to destroy the once thriving bread basket of Africa. Please Joyce and company keep out of the opposition politics you destroyed Zimbabwe and Zimbabwean with the help of Mugabe and if I was to be elected president today I will charge you also for being part of being Gukurahundi, why because you kept quite when people were being butchered. Lastly MDCT should continue working with real democrats in the MDC Alliance

(6) Don't undermine President Emmerson Munangangwa and the Junta
'Power is sweet and it cannot be shared' once said Machiavelli. The generals have tested power and to them it is sweeter than the one they enjoyed in the barracks. Once again some of these guys have partnered Mugabe in butchering the fellow Zimbabweans and that is why some of them have been on sanctions list for a long time, and they actually know that if they are to lose power today they might find themselves at Chikurubu or in Netherlands at, The Hague. The reason why Mugabe wanted immunity he knew that he had killed many people hence protection from the law was going to save his dear life. Mnangagwa will never apologize for Gukurahundi as same as Perence Shiri, what they will do is simply to get hold of power and maintain it cause to them power will make them evade justice. So Nelson Chamisa and company should not underrate the unpopularity of the crocodile because in politics popularity doesn't matter much what matters is how to grab state power. Zimbabwe might find itself in a state of civil war if the junta loses the upcoming elections. The MDCT should do its home work fast before rushing to the courts of law after the elections.

(7) Clear policy framework if elected into power
Opposition politics should divert from pasi naMnangagwa and company. That's old politics please Mr. Chamisa the people of Zimbabwe needs a clear policy framework on how you are going to eradicate poverty, Hiv, unemployment, political injustices, potholes, you can name them as they are many issues which needs to be addressed and above them all to put some criminals behind bars for committing political violence in 2008. The people of Zimbabwe have suffered for a long time and they need real change.

In summing up I say rest in peace Dr Morgan Tsvangirai, you fought a good fight of enhancing democracy in Zimbabwe
Knowledge Hakata is the Co-founder of Demos-Cratos, a cutting edge political consultancy firm. He can be contacted on

Source - Knowledge Hakata
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