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'The politics of gender and tribe must fall'

21 Feb 2018 at 07:29hrs | Views
Revolutionary greetings comrades. Politics of violence in Zimbabwe is known only to reside in the heart of Zanu-PF. It is in its DNA. Witnessing  acts of violence in our fellow opposition brothers MDC-T is very embarrassing and diminishing. This violence is not new, but as old as MDC-T.

Politics of violence must be condemned in Zimbabwe with the contempt it deserves. This politics is contageous and i bet MDC-T contracted it from Zanu-PF which is the citadel of terror. If political leaders within the opposition formations ignore politics of violence in MDC-T, then we must as well let Zanu-PF govern until thy kingdom come. As opposition we want to precipitate upon Zimbabwe change that will give birth to constitutionalism and democracy.

The attacking of Khuphe and Mwonzora at the burial of Morgan Tsvangirai in Buhera by allegedly Chamisa's foot soldiers is a shame in opposition politics. What makes it more appaling is the  attacking of females by MDC-T thugs. If men attack their female counter parts who will protect them. Does this mean women are not safe in MDC-T or it means that women are treated as 'others' in politics?

We also condemn pronouncements by the attackers that Khuphe must go back to Matebeleland, she is not welcome in Mashonaland. Such divisionist pronouncements are archaic and medieval. At this time of civilisation we must abhore politics of tribe. Those who still worship the evil god of tribe must be punished by their organisations within the confines of their constitution. This is moral degeneration of the opposition politics which we must fight in concert. Is it a sin to be a leader from Matebeleland? Is Matebeleland a seperate country? Are those MDC-T thugs a breed apart because they come from Mashonaland?

We further condemn calling Thokozani Khuphe a dissident from Matebeleland. That is gross direspect and disregard of the people of Matebeleland. There is no tribe is Zimbabwe that is better than the other. All tribes are equal and the leaders must treat them as such. If Chamisa is a real leader he must openly condemn such actions. His failure to do so will consign him to the bunch of political idiots who use the tribal mantra  to achieve their limited political aspirations. If MDC-T has a constitution, we expect Chamisa et al to use it to punish those thugs.

Dear Zimbabweans the politics of tribe belongs in the past. We are a progressive nation that must reject worshipping the god of tribe. Let us today at this very hour break into pieces the alter of the god of tribe. The politics of tribe is very dangerous, it is a witch's cauldron fermenting with dangerous ingredients. If it is not curbed, it is a time bomb that can explode any time and lead the country into an armageddon.

Instead of us fighting each other along tribal lines, let us celebrate our differences and richness there is in diversity. Let us treat each other as brothers worth to be loved than enemies worth to be stoned. Let us unlearn treating women as aliens in politics and protect them all the times. As oppostion, as long as we are divided along tribal lines, let us forget about successfully wrestling political hegemony from Zanu-PF. Tribal division within the ranks of oppostion parties will only serve to discredit us and elongate Zanu-PF rule.

This is not the time for the politics of gender and tribe. It is time for preaching the gospel of homogeneity within the opposition parties. Heterogeneity within our ranks will lead us to an evitable slide to doom. Let us choose today, at this very hour, to unite or die disunited as fools. Only when we are united will we dethrone Zanu-PF. Remember the biblical children of Israel marched around the mighty walls of Jericho in one accord, on the 7th round the mighty walls tumbled down. Dear comrades, there is nothing impossible when we are united. We need each other to remove Zanu-PF from power.

Victory is certain, alluta continua.NPP National Youth Spokesperson
Khulani David Ndlovu

Source - Khulani David Ndlovu
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