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Mnangagwa never temper with capital punishment, we need it only for paed0philes!

22 Feb 2018 at 18:53hrs | Views
Third letter to Women of Zimbabwe: International Day of Women 2018

Paed0philes who abuse babies, toddlers, little girls and boys should never be spared from hanging. We ask the government to uphold capital punishment only to those males who think that they can cure their HIV/AIDS on vulnerable young lives who deserve honourables lives like all of us and them men. It is now order of the day to read in the social children who are sexually abused by sick men in our society who cannot control their sex drive. Zimbabwe has turned into a sick society: those men and women whose sick intentions are to abuse children mainly to cure their STD diseases they got due to their carelessness. We welcome death sentences to such situations. Those Paed0phile intentions should be warned in advance; knowing what will happen if they sexually abused children they will think twice about sexually abusing babies and toddlers. 

Child rape, child sexual abuse and sexual violence on growing children have become pandemic in Zimbabwe in all towns and cities; in rural areas it's even worse. We believe something greater than thunder must be a corrective measure to protect our growing up population: Death by hanging is greater than thunder: it is only punishment by hanging applicable to Paed0philes is all but appropriate: physically removing them from our socieities. Sexual violence on children in Zimbabwe is done almost on daily basis; the social media is full of such sick stories: articles relating to child abuse in our country. We feel men are not scared of prison anymore, hence they repeat these atrocities again when they leave those jails. The best to scare those Paed0phile tendencies is to constitutionally remove them from the societies altogether: hanging is the solution. When some of them Paed0philes are hanged, then it is when these men with overly sex-drive: cannot control iziqu zabo will think twice about abusing babies and small children.

What men particularly sexually crave in girl-babies and girl-small children is the tenderness of the female genitals of these children, when a child starts crying because of pain of penis-penetration, that's when they get their 0rgasm moment, they then hit harder tearing the inner parts of the child, death in most cases does take place and the women in the home will just inform the neighbours that our child has passed on because of "measles" "indingindi"  "gwirikwiti". The story about the girl child untimely ends there. In this case women are involuntary and indirect Paed0phile, that's where the complicity defines it. It takes a brave woman to report sexual abuse done to children in the home to the police. This will be sexual violence done in the home, concealed by women. I have a text-book-case of naming and shaming sexual abuse in my family in the public, I was attacked by women in the home; the Paed0phile himself was silent about his criminal sexual abuse on three minors: all of them sisters- it is sanitised and called abalamu bakhe. The Paed0phile wayelamuza. He goes scot free to this day. But in my case I feared to go home for some time because I intentionally exposed an abusive male member. I named and shamed him. I will be attacked by women first: "She washed dirty linen in the public" women will be sent to attack me, I will be dressed down by women who have been given the custodianship to silence trouble causers in the family. 

The culture of silence protects criminals; it is the women in most cases who protect rape criminals in our homes. We should remember too that sexual violence on children is not confined to shanty towns and low income brackets and high residential areas. Sexual violence is equally done in those posh areas of Borrowdale Brook in Harare and in Matsheumhlope and Hillside in Bulawayo.

Ladies and gentle in this article I am talking about sexual abuse: I was called all sorts of names: "are you seeking limelight, Nomazulu? Nobody has ever asked how those abused girls who were abuse by a brother feel to this day. At tender age of 8 years 11years to 13years girls were subjected to sex video cuttings they had to see to bring the Paed0phile to the point of sexual act: arouse him to sexually act. How does a girl-child grow up with disturbed emotions of sexual nature? How is a girl-child going to develop those investigative potentials to become inventive to empower herself in such an exponentially developing world,  when she inherently fears life in her world? The lives of girl-children are seriously tempered with at an early age, sometimes cut short, but since they are girls it does not matter much, they are girls anywhere, second-class citizens to this day. (Girl-child lives matter equally)

The UNICEF conventions declarations passed on a resolution that no woman, no child should ever have to experience sexual violence especially from someone they know and trust most. In Zimbabwe today 1 in 8 girls between the ages of 12 and 17 have been victims of forced sexual intercourse or forced sexual acts. In some cases some of the victims are too young to know what actually happened to them. Most victims are traumatized by the sexual abuse itself, and to still think they can report it, is just not possible at all. The subsequent problems that arise when the father or guardian commits such sexual crimes traumatizes all in the family to submission. Those are the factors influencing child-sexual abuse at homes: male dominance; man chauvinism, a man is the centre of the universe, men's professed inability to control sexual drive and desire to have sex anytime of the day. 

We salute the police of Zimbabwe for the good work they do in trekking down Paed0philes in our societies. When they are caught they are really dealt: the law takes its course and are given fat sentences yes, but we feel because of the prevalence of sexually abuse to even babies, something greater than thunder must take place: hanging. Even in the social media the police: ZRP work has been commendable by many.  We thank you for the good work!!! Their work becomes problematic when young girls are threatened to drop cases of sexual abuse to protect the family name. It is for this reason that capital punishment should never be tempered with. Those Paed0philes should know that a rope can be activated anytime if found guilty of crimes against humanity. 

There are cases of women who have been sexually abused when they were young children and when they report their cases thirty years after: they are laughed at: why did they not report the cases then and not now. I am the one who can give an text book answer to that. I got courage to speak about my own abuse when I became 50 years: 50 years! I was having serious issues that related to sexual abuse at an early age that led to say it all. I wrote my autobiography to name and shame those that abused me. If someone who knew about my abused times, and she/he spoke causally about it at my age of 20 years, I would have collapsed with shame and disgrace. I needed a secure place to talk about my sexually abused times in my early life. At my age I feel so safe and am empowered even to confront my abusers dead or alive.

 It is for this reason I decided to expose abuse in my family, I could not stand abusers gloating about sexual intercourse as if it was a national trophy to abuse under-aged children. I am empowered enough to trigger a case for police investigation when I get to Zimbabwe. My whole activism is about fighting cases of abused children of all ages by whatever means. Fear is not an option! This statement should never be used in political parties only but "fear is not an option" should be a #ME TOO# movement, must be made to use of even to such cases of sexual violence in babies, toddlers, little girls, young women and senior elderly women are not spared from sexual abuse. 

It would be good if Mrs Mnangagwa took the plight of sexually abused girl-children as her "Chefsache." Much as we applaud the arm of the law that is effective: it's still not enough: a person like Mrs. Auxillia Mnangagwa could make a difference if she really take active actions: goes on radio and television: talks about sexual abuse/sexual violence of minors in Zimbabwe. Sexual abuse in Zimbabwe is alarmingly prevalent, it is a scourge, something must be done urgently, and we cannot go on like that. We are losing a lot of talent: some sexual abused children get retarded at an early age making it almost impossible to reach their potential to contribute effectively in their personal and community development. Sexual abuse on children is horrendous, it is criminal, it is a crime against humanity. Those who abuse children must face permanent punishment. It is for this reason that we feel those who are capable of casually committing such horrendous crime must face the rope.  

It would be good if we started this #ME TOO# movement for the reason of exposing rot in our midst. A criminal register should be introduced in Zimbabwe. People with record of sexual abuse should never be near the children's institutions of learning and homes for orphans. How many teachers have raped under-aged pupils in classrooms?   

With a very heavy heart, I pen off
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Source - Nomazulu Thata
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