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Why is Chamisa afraid of the Congress?

23 Feb 2018 at 07:33hrs | Views
As a dissatisfied group of MDC-T from Matebeleland North, we are worried by Chamisa's avoidance of the Congress to choose the President. We are of the feeling that only the Congress must decide who will lead.

What is even more disturbing is the allegations that he (Chamisa) is busy promising provincial chairs money to bring the right people to fullfill his agenda. As MDC-T Matebeleland North members we wont sell out one of our own because of the love for money. Our struggle goes beyond temporary material things. This time we are saying as Matebeleland North, we shall reject being bullied and blackmailed by the illegitimate Chamisa.

We might differ with MaKhuphe in a few things but we are wholly behind her. We will not hesitate to remove those who you have bribed to sanatise your illegitimacy. One wonders why a man of law like you can choose to defy the constitution. Is it because you now think you are the MDC-T constitution? Can't you see that your insantiable apetite for power is destroying the party? Stop being a constitutional delinquent and stick to the constitution young man.

If rumours that you are set to fire Khuphe from the party today are true, then 2018 will surprise you. Whatever decision the party's Standing Committee will arrive at today, Friday, we are not obliged to respect. As a group of dissatisfied Matebeleland North memebers of MDC-T, we are advocating for proper channels to be followed in choosing the new party President. We shall never be ruled by self-imposed Chamisa who is there on a tribal ticket. MDC-T divided along tribal lines will never remove Zanu PF from power. If this continues unstopped, perhaps its high time we join Matebeleland regional political parties because its clear our tribe is not wanted in MDC-T. We shall never be bandied like pawns in rough game.

A failure to return to constitutionalism and democracy by MDC-T will render the party a replica of Zanu PF. If we continue blessing unconstitutional maneuvers, then we might as well shift our loyality to Zanu PF because it does that better.

Firing Khuphe from the party will confirm the allegations that MDC-T is a tribal party. It will further send a clear message that Matebeleland tribes are not welcome in the party. We will be left with only one choice, to embrace our own regional parties which wont discriminate us on tribal lines. In conclusion, Chamisa, if you want our votes do the right thing or else forget about our votes.

Dissatisfied group of MDC-T Matebeleland North.

Source - Dissatisfied group of MDC-T Matebeleland North
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