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Spare us these arrests and sex tapes

25 Feb 2018 at 14:09hrs | Views
As the election mood gathers momentum, the mudslinging and smear campaigning have been propelled to another level. The arrest story of MDC-T Acting President Nelson Chamisa on allegations of causing and fanning violence at Dr Morgan Tsvangirayi's burial in Buhera sounds stupid and directionless.

During Morgan Tsvangirayi' political career , he went through such trying times when he was brought before the courts to answer charges of treason. The then administration had to hire Ari Ben Manashe fo nail the MDC-T leader on a cooked video of a planned assasination of the former President. Trying to drag and bring down democrats will not weaken them but infact will strengthen them and they will become radical and even stronger than before. A good name is hard to soil, no matter what kind of tricks are used.

The frictional matters within the party should be investigated and solved amicably. Everybody knows that the National Council made a political decision to appoint Nelson Chamisa to fill in the vacuum of leadership crisis which has been gripping MDC T for a time immemorial since Morgan Tsvangirayi was admitted in the hospital.Khupe has not been absconding several crucial meetings even when Tsvangirai was alive due to policy differences.

The social media has been awash with allegations of adultery , with sime haters promising to unleash sex tapes. Zimbabwe has come of age and such cheap politicking must be wished away. One wonders why such dubious allegations start coming when the country is about to hold elections. All aspiring leaders should start at the same footing without soiling other's leaders curriculum vitaes. The electorate should be the judge and must be given the opportunity to elect a leader of their choice.

Nelson Chamisa is not the first victim of such character assasination. We have read of such news like NPP leader Dr Joice Mujuru gunned down a chopper and the following day we hear she didn't gun down the chopper. Others have written and demeaned her name by calling her "Queen Bee" just to tarnish her name and brand. Morgan Tsvangirayi was once labelled "Open Zip" and so forth. Such kind of politics does not improve the economy of the country. Who is a saint in this world and they are supposed to throw a stone to the sinner. Those with such nauseating stories should keep them for their own kith and kiln and noone will bother them. They must not take advantage of the gullible.

Fortunately Zimbabweans have moved a step further and have become too analytical when it comes to choosing leaders their choice.

Previously we had on 16 July 2007 an adultery lawsuit which was filed against him Pius Ncube and his lawyers stated that the allegations were politically motivated.

His lawyers described them as some kind of orchestrated attempt to embarrass the archbishop because of him too critiical to the by then the Mugabe's administration.

Ncube was reported to have been involved with Rosemary Sibanda, estranged wife of Onesimus Sibanda, a Bulawayo resident.

It was reported by some sources that Mrs Sibanda admitted that she had had an affair with the Archbishop. It was reported by other sources that the whole event was a government honey trap.The lack of good quality reporting mad this issue unlikely to be resolved. In the few days before 11 September 2007, images purporting to be of Ncube with Rosemary Sibanda in his bedroom. We have of late started getting such images and other being promised large sums of money just for smear campaigning.

Zimbabwean youths constitute about 60% of the total population and the majority about 90% are unemployed and have in young leadership. I don't have a problem with President Emmerson Mnangagwa.I expect him to face a young leader such as Nelson Chamisa in a free and fair election.

The wave of change and transformation has come. We have seen Mugabe being thrown out of the political arena and Mnangagwa taking over. The battle now is between the youthful leadership and the old guard. Whoever wins the election will have represented the wishes of the people.

The idea of Madam MDC- T Vice President Thokozani Khupe of filing papers to reverse the nomination of Nelson Chamisa as the interim MDC-T President kills the hopes and aspirations of this generation. In principle she is nòt representing the interest of the party. She is being against every political decision being made by the MDC-T. This growing clashes will serious cause disharmony among the supporters and the electorate.

Facebook- Leonard Koni

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Source - Leonard Koni
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