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Zanu pf a natural disaster to Zimbabwe

25 Feb 2018 at 22:45hrs | Views
Zanu-PF's rule in Zimbabwe can only be compared to a natural disaster, destructive to anything in its path. Still they, in their myopic minds, think they are the answer so people have to retain them in the next coming elections. If all things were fair they should have been confined to the archives of history.

In the eyes of the international community Mugabe stood as the face of anti-white rhetorics.Fellow African dictators and  a few leaders of rogue states from Middle east as well as South America cheered him as he attacked the West.His eloquency in English only served to show his hypocrisy of a culture he loves shown by his love of Cricket and dressing yet pretended otherwise.Some African leaders while pretending  to support his antics on  the other side were inviting Western  investors.While he embraced the look east policy together with his counterparts in Zanu pf. China responded by sending thugs masquerading as legit business people who looted our minerals with impunity ignoring any labour laws in Zimbabwe as they abused local people. This is the party that tells us today they are willing to turn around the economy .The junta leader promised results in his 100 days in power, the opposite is there for all to see prices going up,cash shortages persisting, service delivery worsening. The only notable thing they ever did was remove the corrupt traffic officers on our roads who had become so fat that it was hard to believe they were civil servants .

Zanu pf's never ending cabinet reshuffle never helped anything as they replaced one dead wood with another dead wood. Clueless people were ushered into cabinet with no idea why they were there in the first place.This continues to happen with most recent one just after the junta takeover.

Zanu pf will be remembered as a party famous for blasphemy equating their leaders to Jesus Christ and Mugabe seeing himself as the best thing that happened to Zimbabwe. Zanu pf destroyed industry, health service, farming, roads resembling dams and they want to build what they that possible? You don't destroy to rebuild an economy.

Zanu pf polarized Zimbabwe as any white person was seen as anti Mugabe and pro MDC bringing racial tensions that flared up here and there.The world has become a global village but here we had a ruling party's leader shouting, "my Zimbabwe", as if he owns us.

The major irony of this Zanu-PF led government was their presence at World Human rights forums across the globe attending without shame at all .This was despite gross human rights violations of opposition supporters and activists whose only crime was to seek a country were people could express their views without fear.

Zanu pf regards Zimbabwe as its own, they forget they went to war to gain independence and not lead forever. It is time the baton stick is passed on to whoever has the country and people at heart.Natural resources are used for self enrichment. They have destroyed education- now their children learn abroad.They have destroyed health systems -they go abroad for treatment. The financial sector has not been spared by this goblin like outfit.As l write this people are getting $30 in coins from banks.

It is time to tame this party whose legacy is like a natural disaster. The damage it caused will take long to be repaired.

The army disguised as a political party must not be allowed to rule if we want a Zimbabwe we dream of by voting it out. International observers coming give a glimmer of hope that its 2018 or never.

Source - Albert T Kadada
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