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Please Robert Mugabe Stop it! Lest we forget

27 Feb 2018 at 12:05hrs | Views
I call upon the African Union, European Union whichever intergovernmental body to stop tolerating this 94 year old man who is crying every day that her wife is being tormented for attaining a fake PhD at one of Zimbabweans prestigious universities. It is with an agony heart that I have chosen to remind the world what this old man, once a strongman of African politics who ruled Zimbabwe with an iron fist did to his country man. For starters this is the man whom his wife once said Mugabe would rule in a wheelchair and even in grave, he misinterpreted his popularity within the army bosses to the one he had towards the masses of Zimbabweans, In general the 'povo' did not like you Mr. Mugabe you caused untold suffering to the masses, the health system in Zimbabwe is so bad to the extent that all your grandchildren were born overseas not even mentioning you Mr. 'globetrotter' who spent millions of dollars seeking medical attention in Singapore while failing to revive the health system at government hospitals such as Mpilo Hospital.

This man inherited a sound economy but latter destroyed it because of being power hungry, however this man thought that the masses loved him not knowing that it was only those whom he shared the 15 billion with loved and cherished his dictatorship as for the public it was through instilling fear into them by ruling with an iron fist in which he was known for eliminating his political opponents to the extent of abducting an innocent Itai Dzamara, who was renting a two roomed apartment in Glen View. Instead of this old man lamenting for 'Gucci' Grace's fake degree, he better thank President Mnangagwa for affording him immunity from prosecution. This is the same man you fired from government and had to walk some kilometers into Mozambique fearing for his life but today you are now criticizing him for trying to bring justice towards a bogus degree which was afforded to your wife without following proper procedures, When your wife was persecuting former cdes where were you Mr. globetrotter. Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely. The fallen dictator was so power hungry to the extent of telling former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, I quote 'so Blair keep your England and let me keep my Zimbabwe'. Robert Mugabe took Zimbabwe as his first born and he actually wanted to be a life president just like other toppled African Dictators. It is the greediness he developed towards state power that the man ended up being corrupted by power and absolute power being a pivotal tool towards his demise.

Killing of innocent Matabeleland people
Robert Mugabe should thank his gods for evading the courts of justice through the help of the junta who afforded him immunity, this old fellow should rather keep quiet and spend his last days in peace, how on earth was he thinking when he ordered the 5th Brigade to massacre the defenseless Ndebele people, It is believed that more than 20 000 people lost their lives, all in pursuit of power from this political demagogy. The famous Gukurahundi has been one of the causes of tribal differences in Zimbabwe's social and political spheres as up to now its god father has remained mum on this burning issue, but has rather choose to complain of a bogus degree which was afforded to his wife. I call on those aspiring to form the new government especially those in opposition circles that they should bring these culprits who include Robert Mugabe to justice, because the Ndebele people all they want is not an apology but justice and closure of the matter

Chaotic and Barbaric Land Reform
My question to Robert Mugabe is why is it your predecessor is willing to compensate the white farmers who lost their farms during your barbaric land reform programme? It is through this so called land reform programme (ivhu kuvanhu) that ignited the suffering of the majority of the Zimbabweans at the expense of those Zanu Pf folks who were close to you. Without doubt giving back the land to the black majority was a noble cause but the way in which it was conducted it went to ignite some sanctions which latter paralyzed our economy and up to the time of your ouster from power cde 'globetrotter', you had failed to resuscitate the economy that you inherited while it was flourishing. Instead of this old fellow complaining about being removed unconstitutional he should zip his mouth because he was the 'god father' of overriding the same constitution at his and folks benefit.

Destroying the Jewel of Africa
Robert Mugabe inherited a working and sound economy when he came to power, in which the health system, social services, industries, the currency, education, state owed enterprises where all functioning at their best, however the old man cum dictator destroyed it all and many analysts have argued that the late Ian Smith was far much better than Mugabe. I quote, "You have the jewel of Africa in your hands," said President Samora Machel of Mozambique and President Julius Nyerere of Tanzania to Robert Mugabe, at the moment of independence, in 1980. "Now look after it." Thirty seven years later, the "jewel" is ruined, dishonoured, disgraced. Zimbabweans are now all over the continent especially in South Africa where even the degreed are working in the kitchens not because they want but because of the economic hardship back home that were caused by the deposed political demagogue

Operation Murambatsvina
Thousands of families were displaced at the hands of this murderous old man of African politics who is now complaining that the current government is not taking good care of him and his family, During the start of the month of May 2005 many families especially in urban areas were left homelessness as a tool of removing dirty in the major towns and up to now some of the victims of this so called clean-up campaign are still to come to terms with how their own government labelled them filthy rubbish occupying the urban towns. According to the United Nations report more than 100 000 people were displaced as the Mugabe government was doing its operation restore sanity in the major towns. However it is in the best interest of Robert Mugabe to stop this nonsense of complaining that the Mnangagwa government is ill treating him, rather he should take a look back on how he ill-treated his own people when he was still in power.

Denying the late Morgan Tsvangirai the keys to the state house
Without doubt Mugabe lost the 2008 presidential elections to the late Morgan Tsvangirai and during their compromised marriage in the G.N.U the late Tsvangirai proved to every Zimbabwean that a sound economy was possible to attain as many industries were resuscitated and both the educational and healthy systems were thriving once more. Robert Mugabe hindered democracy and development in Zimbabwe through manipulation of elections results which kept him in power for so long until  when he was kicked out in November last year. I suppose if Morgan Tsvangirai had been given the keys to the state house the economy will be functioning at its best and Zimbabwe will be on its course towards sustainable development.

It's time for you old man to chew your sour grapes.

Rest in peace Morgan Tsvangirai

Knowledge Hakata is a cutting edge political analyst and the co-founder of Demos Cratos a political think tank organisation. He can be contacted on

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