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MLF condemns Mnangagwa's Rogue Commission

28 Feb 2018 at 09:33hrs | Views
Zanu-PF politics is too cunning and beyond the comprehension of many people. This movement has been coming with cunning strategies, ranging from those used to neutralise those opposed e.g. stealing elections and holding results for weeks without any announcements, delaying court hearings for those opposition candidates who disputed election results-the list is long. Last year November 2017, Zanu-PF got itself into some dramatical skirmishes where the outcome was a coup which ushered Mnangagwa and his Junta cabal. The world kept silent, the UN was mute, SADC went mute, AU went mute and there was total non-committal by outsiders while some people in Zimbabwe went into some frenzy jubilation as Mugabe was court marshalled into resignation by the army commanders, which were led by the then Gen Constatino Chiwengwa.

Reasons for the coup were that the criminal world of Chiwengwa/Mnangagwa cabal (Lacoste team) wanted to remove other criminals around Mugabe. Very funny indeed. That was akin to Lucifer dethroning Satan in hell. Very awkward a scenario. Mnangagwa, when he was in Davos, early this year, he denied any involvement in the butchering of the Ndebele peoples in the early 1980s in what is known as the Gukurahundi Genocide (GG). He denied the figure of plus 20 000 butchered Ndebele people and said that was an exaggeration. He did not give the number of people he knows that they were butchered by the team in which he was a participant. If plus 20 000 Ndebeles ascertained to have been butchered by Mnangagwa and his Zanu-PF is an exaggerated figure, then Mr Mnangagwa, Junta parachuted President, how many people did you, butcher, then? Zanu-PF is a cunning animal, indeed.

Now, Mnangagwa comes with a commision composed of three Shonas and one Ndebele, who is son to a Zanu-PF, ordained Abednico Ncube of Gwanda South. What's is of importance, about this commission, which is not the first (there has been the Chihambagwe and Dumbuchena commissions) and is expected to come up with almost a similar outcome to those of the other commissions. What are objectives of doing such a move by Zanu-PF? There could be a number of postulations as to why Zanu-PF is embarking on such a move.

1. Seeing that Mthwakazi peoples are reconnecting with their culture through Coronation of the King-Zanu-PF has bought that idea through using some of those identified "Kings" who are committedly playing into the hands of Zanu-PF. We are told by them and those who support those sectors, that "their king" or "kings" will follow the Zanu-PF Zimbabwean constitution, that they will work hand in glove with Zanu-PF, that the welfare of the king will be a government issue and many other reasons. Through those pronouncements, one may not be wrong to believe that Zanu-PF has chosen those characters to use to control the Mthwakazi peoples. So this king issue has been defiled by some peoples and blindly or objectively led the idea to be a Zanu-PF project.

2. The commission is set to hear the grievances of the people, known and fresh ones so that those grievances are used by Zanu-PF to defeat the peoples. That is diffusing the Mthwakazi Agenda and controlling the Mthwakazi peoples' daily interactions, their projected thinking and what they should do. The Junta will use what will be gathered in the outreach program, in their election campaign to hoodwink our people.

3. The commission is useless. It is meant to come up with recommendations that will be used to protect the interests of the Zanu-PF junta. Those interests come in different forms ranging from trying to garner for legitimacy in the political world after their coup.

4. Zanu-PF is trying hard to win the youths of Mthwakazi and take them out of the perceived threats of insurgency that may cause the discomfort in the junta. That's of serious concern to the junta. So, we need an analytical youth and one that will be ready to reject those Zanu-PF designed programs of making them to be subjects.

5. That the junta wants to buy out the peoples by using cheap political manoeuvres that will blind the unsuspecting-that's vote buying gimmick.

6. Zanu-PF wants to gauge the anger of the people, identify the vocal ones and use that identified aspects to silence the people.

7. The commission, coming in at the right time, when Tswangirai had passed on, it is not mere coincidence that it was formed, it was deliberate for a number of reasons that range from garnering support from the International community who shifted their attention to Zimbabwe as a result of the passing on of the MDC-T President. Some gestures by Mnangagwa may be misconceived as human by the unsuspecting international people when in reality; all is designed to fine-tune the mentality of the International Community in favour of Zimbabwe and its junta leadership. Its part of Mnangagwa's grand plan which is full of deceit and hypocrisy.

Modern politics are far advanced than what the archaic Zanu-PF junta does. Trying to hoodwink the investors through GG and the era of mourning Tswangirai is archaic and really demeaning.

Bringing the aspect of Cyril Ramaphosa taking up the Presidency of RSA, it also drives the egos of Mnangagwa and his junta because as the International Community shifts its focus into Southern Africa, they will definitely draw more attention to Zimbabwe and also raise the hopes of the international community to believe that there will be a solution to the Zimbabwean question.

In earnest, the GG is not a compromise subject. It is a judiciary one. It has to bring that issue to finality. It has to identify all culprits. It has to usher in a viable solution, not piece-meal solutions, but real solutions. The culprits must face the music failure to which future generations may embark on a direct confrontation approach to solve the GG issue for Mthwakazi's existence.

For Gukurahundi atrocities to be classified as GENOCIDE, it was the lobby done by MLF in around 2008 through the international court of justice. As such, the roadmap is clearly bringing culprits to justice so that we achieve, as a people, that missing PEACE and JUSTICE and fulfilment not as revenge, but as the rightful act to be done so as to curb a similar political behaviour from happening. No-one will give us justice, but ourselves!!!

NB: MLF does not believe in the Zanu-PF Zimbabwean elections as a way of RESTORING

MTHWAKAZI, so we say NO to Zanu-PF Zimbabwean elections!!!

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