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What goes around comes back with vengeance dear Khupe!!!

12 Mar 2018 at 06:26hrs | Views
For a long time in our post modern political history we have seen how Madam Thokozani has messed up politically: despite all misdemeanours we decided to emotionally back her as one of us women, we thought the women's cause was sacrosanct. She has 36 years in the trenches according to the interviews she gave in South Africa when MDC-T Richard Tsvangirai had passed on: and in all those years she was trade unionist and after that the founder member of Movement for Democratic Change. With the MDC ticket she won Makhokhoba constituency elegantly against Prof. Welshman Ncube. We all thought she was putting an indelible female mark in our man dominated politics. Put in a nutshell, it is however the very constituency that do not want to see her again, if the politics on the ground is to go by.

We spare us the repetition of all events of political squabbles ever since the MDC party since its inception. The 2005 split stands out as the time when we felt; for some reason we do not know much as party outsiders, Madam Thokozani Khuphe openly outsmarted Comrade Gibson Sibanda politically. When it happened we thought again: here is politics at play, a dirty trade. We went along with it as the MDC was talking about Chinja Maitiro, Izenzo Guqula it's a democratic party whose principles are based on democratic values and the rule of law. Most of us ultra Zapu members were not really excited about the coming into political space of MDC but we attended their political parties in the UK diligently and curiously.

I remember confronting Thokozani Khuphe in London when she excitably told the meeting that Joshua Nkomo sold out: he was a sell-out. I was with Mpho Ncube then who can witness that event that took and shook us: we had gone to the meeting for curiosity sake: we took Thokozani Khuphe to task, we were very angry and we felt insulted; very angry. It was the late Matongo who saved the almost becoming a violent meeting: it was Mr. Matongo (MHSRIP) who fused the bomb by immediately and openly declaring that Joshua Nkomo as the Father of Zimbabwe and nobody should ever temper with those legacies of Josh: Umdala wethu. Then suddenly I became aware of what politics is all about; what is dirty politics in Zimbabwe political landscape, contrary to what I learnt about politics in Zambia in the seventies, wisdom imparted on us by those revolutionary fathers and mothers of Zapu revolutionaries executing freedom war. We were taught that politics is service and not Chef-mentality.

Not very long ago: last year before the coup d'etat: Madam Thokozani Khuphe was on a London trip to update her MDC-T members about the political events that were taking place at home at a very fast pace. To openly say that in a London public gathering, she is in politics because of money!!! She was in a country UK one of the donor funding of opposition parties!!! Of all misdemeanours she had done in her life: to openly concede and unprovoked tell it openly she is there in politics because of money was the height of folly. The internal political dynamics in MDC-T could have made the late Richard Tsvangirai co-opt two more VPs in his MDC-T presidency to make three VPs. (already was a recipe for current bitter wars after his death.) We women saw Thokozani Khupe as a gender-and-tribal victim. We went into overdrive to support her. Did we swear at Tsvangirai Richard Morgan with unprintable words using those tribally inclined vitriol? We had very little knowledge of dimensional twists and turns inside the MDC-T party itself. At times it is best never to make political comments if one is not privy of all that is happening in these political parties internally. We tend to take sides in issues we were not well versed with: no facts at all to base our arguments. We hallucinate and we start to think through those strict gender-and-tribal even -racial lenses. As we know a political party is not a church organisation: like ruwadzano, it has its own internecine nasty aspect of it that we shall never know: Madam Khuphe may not necessary be the angel in all those bitter fights inside the party. The argument is of political nature and it will not be possible to know who is right and wrong. We should be careful never to be drawn into political squabbles we really do not know the depth and breadth of the internal conflicts.

When such bitter fights take their toll in our political parties in Zimbabwe, we already see tribalism, sexism, gender insensitivity and bias. My big question here is: why did Madam Khuphe allow herself to be used by MDC-T by accepting the secondary role of a VP in the first place. Why did Madam Khuphe allow it to still be part of MDC presidency even when Richard Morgan Tsvangirai had shown her the door long back? If Madam Khuphe was a disciplined politician, she should have packed her political seven bits and pieces and left MDC-T the day Richard Morgan Tsvangirai co-opted two more VPs. Can she tell us why she continued still to remain a fourth option for MDC-T presidency? Why is she crying so loud now if for a long time it was telling her political is end-game for Sis Thoko with MDC-T; she was done and dusted in Zimbabwe politics and MDC-T long back? We should assume that it was the money that kept her from resigning from MDC-T, she said so herself in London. "I am in politics because of money!!" She could never give up the parliamentary post on the MDC-T ticket.

Shocking still to hear that there was a secret meeting between Madam Thokozani Khuphe and the retired President Mugabe. That meeting, if at all it took place is extremely devastating not only for MDC-T but for Mathebeleland as a whole. When it comes to politics, Madam Thokozani Khuphe will always think about her stomach more than the nation and the general populace. We are aware that Madam Khuphe is in politics because of money, this is how desperate politics of the stomach can push one to the limits. Was Thokozani Khuphe not fighting to remove Mugabe from power since the Millennium? Was she not fighting Zanu PF the past 19 years? That very person called Robert Mugabe she is secretly meeting was a perpetrator of genocide of the 1980s, he racially took over white farms making Zimbabwe destitute in year 2000, and its Robert Mugabe who perpetrated Murambatsvina in 2005 with impunity: 750 thousand peoples lost their livelihoods. Thoko was witness of these crimes against humanity. She was then serving in the highest offices of the opposition politics.

 Is it that Robert Mugabe who used violence thousands got maimed, killed, raped, all these atrocities that Robert Mugabe has done since independence has escaped Thokozani's consciousness levels of political good practice. She sees money more than the service she has NEVER PROVIDED EVER SINCE SHE BECAME A POLITICIAN IN Bulawayo and Mathebeleland. Please tell us one project that Thokozani Khuphe executed to the satisfaction of the community? Today, just today the social media is telling us about Mnangagwa gloating about "free and fair elections of 2008" that never was free but extremely violent! For the absolute lust of power and money, Thokozani Khuphe has gone that low to get power and money by whatever means with nonagenarian of 94 years of age.

I will be forgiven if I said that Thokozani is singing too much in Jonathan Moyo's hymn book. She is moon-lighting at every turn to get the political life line. This is a classical example of political dishonesty, deceit, political bankrupt political values and principles. Former President Mugabe knows well how to use such people who show absolute desperation in politics; he was following her political desperation. If there is money at stake to take, Thokozani will be the willing mule to execute Robert Mugabe's ill intensions about Zimbabwe. Robert Mugabe has nothing to lose but will spend much of his time to cause destruction, chaos and havoc before he dies. Mugabe wants to take Zimbabwe to his grave. But the gullible Thokozani has a lot to lose in this both inside and outside politics. She is a young woman: political years are very long ones too. How is she going to survive such scandals when the person who dragged her to those evil intentions has popped off? Mugabe is 94 and Thokozani is just over 50 years.

Thokozani Khuphe went to see Nkosana Moyo in South Africa when she thought Tsvangirai had humiliated her by co-opting two VPs of his Karanga tribe. We were convinced somehow that it was a genuine move to do. It did not materialize with Nkosana Moyo: she went for a kill with Amai Joyce Mujuru all over again: it was rumour more than we actually know the political desperation in Thokozani: we heard neon-sounds flashing, telling it all that there was a brewing relationship between Thokozani and Amai Mujuru. We still found it normal for Thokozani to team up with Amai Mujuru: both are in the opposition trenches and it was high season for alliances and electoral coalitions in Zimbabwe anywhere. Thokozani should know that to make some alliance, whatever alliance it was not going to be possible with MDC-T as her bargaining party for many reasons. It is not possible to ride on to the popularity of Richard Tsvangirai's MDC-T. U Richard Morgan Tsvangirai ufe lensiba zakhe! The Ndebele adage: says Udwayi ufa lensiba zakhe!!!

To put it general and mild and never rude in our analysis, the MDC-T party cashed up with Thokozani long back when MDC-T Tsvangirai single-handedly violated the MDC-T party constitution and co-opted the two VPs: Nelson Chamisa and Ing. Mudzuri. It is correct and rightfully so for Thokozani to claim the presidency of the MDC-T party after the death of Tsvangirai. But in politics there is no right and wrong. In political and its rawness, it means who played the "Correct" right card at the right "correct moment" to get that power? This is how Mugabe ceased power from Zanu in Maputo. Mugabe took over the party leadership from the mouths of the commanders who could not come to one single agreement. Mugabe impressed them with good English language proficiency and some charisma; Mugabe never gave them the leadership again. History is repeating itself all over again now in MDC-T

Politics is indeed a very dirty game with its convoluted twists and turns. Thokozani should know this herself: she did that to Gibson Sibanda sarcastically and unscrupulously and it worked: wamtshayu Gidson i scuzapo: overnight Thokozani was a candidate for VP and MDC presidency waiting for congress endorsement. Press fast forward 13 years later: Thokozani gets the same treatment from Nelson Chamisa in 2018: politically what Chamisa did was unconstitutional but that's pure politics itself, politics per se: is not a straightforward business, it's murky and indeed rude in most cases. Sometimes we may even fail to see the logic because it's not visible always. In politics logic is when one is speaking; but his/her actions are contrary to the holy script: the constitution.

I do sympathize with the Mthwakazi Party MRF for embracing Thokozani Khuphe so early: "we are going to support our own against Chamisa's MDC-T" said Mqondisi Moyo. Mqondisi Moyo ndinozomunyarira zve sure. Today they are told that as a matter of fact Thokozani Khuphe had a secret talk with Robert Mugabe: we however do not know when it happened! Mugabe is a Gugurahundist, the main architecture and perpetrators of genocidal atrocities in Mathebeleland. How are MRF going to take this fact into board? Next time we shall be told that Thokozani is collaborating with Jonathan Moyo watch this space. Does Mthwakazi Party really want to have anything to do with Mugabe hangers? What Mthwakazi Party is up to: if they had all the evidence that indeed Thokozani made a secret deal with Robert Mugabe, what is next for them?

Perpetrators of Gugurahundi atrocities are inexcusable criminals; nowhere in a civilized world can you make any kind of alliance with criminals who commit crimes against humanity, crimes related to genocide, unscrupulous people who have no value for human life: thugs, and dogs of war. Thokozani is going secretly to meet such a criminal to get a political life-line all over again? Is she comfortable with shaking hands with Mugabe? It will not be long; the Mthwakazi party will find it difficult to identify what it stands for as a political-regional party and its unchecked tribal and blind inclinations to whoever is Ndebele, gets covered and protected. You cannot support a person because she/he is Ndebele with rotting: dirty political intentions. Thokozani Khuphe should never get a regional support at all because her politics is self serving. If Thokozani Khuphe can steep that low to secretly talk to Robert Mugabe then we should collectively show Madam Khuphe a political door at regional level. We have a lot of political sell-outs right in Mathebeleland today. To supporting them when they sell-out, because they are of Ndebele tribe is just out of the realms of good practice.

Thokozani Khuphe should come clean and tell us what she connived with Robert Mugabe: what agreement did they reach, is the agreement a personal one: certainly not for the general populace but self political life line is at stake. Why does she still want to be used and abused by politics and politicians to this date? What will she gain from secret dealing with a 94 year old: MONEY? Thokozani should be advised to part from the "poor" politics of making money; IT WILL TARNISH HER REPUTATION. Her glorious days however are over with the GNU of 2009. Lucky enough she is educated with a doctoral degree. She will find work easily.

The political dynamics are very, very crude; one's personality must be crude to match and survive politics in Zimbabwe. She should take a cue at Jonathan Moyo, Kasukuwere and Zhuwao. Just when they thought they had it, they had it not: Such was seeking power, pure power and influence that make a man/woman tick. All is out there in Shakespeare volumes as evidence of mankind: his/her lust of power and influence.

Source - Nomazulu Thata
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