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The problems we have with a coup imposed president

13 Mar 2018 at 09:47hrs | Views
When Mnangagwa saluted Mugabe in Davos & Addis Ababa as our great founding who is like a father to him, he was of the assumption that the former President was at peace with the November 15th military takeover. The reality now must be devastating to him. Mugabe will not be anointing his candidature in the next general election.
To us this just shows how the ends have self-defined the means. The current government in Zimbabwe has now been clearly exposed to be a product of a Military coup shrouded under the crocked banner of 'restoring legacy'.

Our dear President probably got to know this the same time as us. Just listen to the way he defies the 'voice of the people to silence Mugabe. He cannot even distinguish the difference between the voice of God as written in the Bible and the political voice of people in Zanu Pf. 
Because his allocated role is to open up Zimbabwean doors for business, Munangagwa will not entertain questions of historical violence that he presided over three years now after the disappearance of Itai Dzamara, the President cannot even show that he is a President for families that are still living in pain and fear due to his failure to bring closure.

But even on the side of opening up the country for business, has the President presided with authority to bring accelerated change as he promised? In Davos he demanded that people judge him from day 1 of taking office. George Charamba dismissed evaluating the President saying it is an American concept "which doesn't take into account the realities that are obtaining in our own situation". This is a clear admission that the President does not have anything to offer and his authority is Military clipped to affect his wishes.

With the burden of weak legitimacy and restricted autonomy to act independently, Munangagwa unfortunately is never going to be the saviour for the Zimbabwean problem. The country need to vote for a complete overhaul in government in the next election. Munangagwa is the old narrative that is not designed for the ordinary people of Zimbabwe.

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