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The Matabeleland genocide; Mugabe finally accepts his responsibility

16 Mar 2018 at 10:40hrs | Views
In the early 1980s weapons were "discovered" in ZAPU owned farms, by the way by whom, the white led CIO and the newly intergrated ZANU- PF cadres. True arms of war were in some of these farms, but why, one would then ask. Mugabe and his top commanders were fully aware that these arms were there for Umkhontowesizwe. However there were some that had been buried in other farms that neither ZIPRA nor ZANLA former cadres knew of and these were massive. The unique thing about these ones was that they had their firing pins removed. These are the biggest part that was "discovered" by the white led CIO and attributed to ZAPU. They had been planted by the white led CIO and the South African intelligence service to destroy ZIPRA and its possible capability to support the ANC in any form. Unfortunately Mugabe in his hatrage of ZAPU and ZIPRA and wanting to deal a final blow to these two organisations cried foul and went on to an unrestrained killing. The serial killer and mafia godfather had an opening which he took with both hands.

These weapons had been discovered in ZAPU owned properties, Mugabe says he had to act. Why kill women and children, some unborn ripped out of their mother's wombs. Why rape, detain, murder unarmed innocent civilians in Beitbridge, Kezi, Pluntree, Binga and everywhere in Matabeleland for weapons found in a few farms. What Mugabe says is that he acted as each villager and small child born and unborn had helped hide those weapons, hence he had to kill. The serial killer does not accept the number of people killed as fronted, he feels the figure did not reach the number he had hoped for.

In some instances he cites dissidents as the cause for the genocide. It is said they were about a hundred dissidents operating in the region. That genocidal war lasted from 1982 through to 1987 when Dr J Nkomo was forced to join ZANU-PF or witness the region and part of the Midlands lose all it's inhabitants. Mugabe, cruel as he exhibits to date at age 95, enjoyed the killings, found them a kind of thrill that is why to date to him all was justified. It has to be noted that in that period of genocidal operations the army successfully killed at least between three and four dissidents per month meaning about thirty six per each year. Looking at this army success dissidents were wiped out within three years. The operation still continued and one wonders who this serial killer and mafia gang leader was killing.  Surprisingly when dissidents were offered amnesty in 1987, about sixty dissidents led by Thambolenyoka came forward. Former ZIPRA combatants who had been intergrated into the army were by this time half their original strength at the period of intergration having been systematically murdered mercilessly and labelled as army success against dissidents.

Mugabe seems to find some kind of thrill when he personally orders killings, the white farming community was not spared his cruelty and in the run up to the 2008 election he turned on his own people. What he had done in Matabeleland and the Midlands in the early years, he enjoyed it at his door step and to date does not show any form of remorse but wants another turn as president this time to wipe out while enjoying the feeling all those opposed to his rule. General Mujuru died the similar way Mugabe was ordering people to be killed in Matabeleland. In the period Mugabe was in power, people died mysteriously, in accidents, murder, and most cruelly poisoning. He inherited the poison from the former army of Rhodesia.

This serial killer has to be tried than let go and want to come back to power directly or indirectly using known failures to once again unleash killing horrors. If the present government leadership was used to commit these crimes, it is their time now to turn the heat on Mugabe to fully explain why he used them, why he made them butcher innocent people. If they protect him, then they are a big part of the killings and equally guilty as he is. Will then they hope to use the army all their lives, no that is gradually coming to an end. They call it natural generational renewal. Only a fool does not know when and where the sun sets.

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Source - Clive Zulu
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