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Chamisa and the cadence of a new toy

19 Mar 2018 at 06:00hrs | Views
Give a boy a new toy and see how it catapults him into an abyss of dreams! For MDC-T leader Nelson Chamisa, death has proved a worthy benevolent mistress, taking away party founder Morgan Tsvangirai and giving the youngster the opportunity to usurp power, albeit through unorthodox means.

She has caressed his ego and he is girding his political loins in an inexplicable way and Chamisa has become a master of pleonasm.

Typical of a young man who has just received a new toy, Chamisa has gone overdrive to consolidate power stolen from Thokozani Khupe and Elias Mudzuri, through childish, thuggish mafia-style means.

He has also become delusional in a bid to prove that he is the best candidate for the party that has forever been Zanu-PF's punch bag.

But it is the high-pitched empty rhetoric that has been the hallmark of his short stint as MDC-T leader. The rhetoric has been high-sounding and exciting, but signifying nothing.

Despite the ornery internal party power struggles, Chamisa has failed to present himself as serious national presidential material by largely playing to the gallery and increasingly marching away from realistic things.

One would have thought that he has matured with time, but the boy seems to be increasingly going off tangent, as new power flinches his sanity.

The more Chamisa speaks, the more you see he lacks the depth and you certainly see that his supporters overrate him. Back in the village, they say the more a monkey climbs up a tree the more it exposes its genitals.

Everyone remembers that Chamisa was part of an MDC Alliance delegation that went to the United States (against the grain of Zimbabwe's new political dispensation), late last year and that must have been the turning point that tossed him into an abyss of dreams.

It must have unfazed him or unhinged his brain.

Well, now the boy talks of turning Victoria Falls into Las Vegas. Karitundundu weee!

For starters, you don't have to be presidential material to know that Victoria Falls is a United Nations World Heritage Site that should remain natural.

Its attractiveness is in its natural state. To turn it into a traffic jungle and jam-packed streets of drug pushers, a haven of gangsters and hodgepodge of prostitutes and coterie of mischief, is not the way.

Tourists flock to Victoria Falls from Las Vegas and other big cities because it is a natural wonder.

The irony of it is that since Chamisa took over Kuwadzana East constituency from the late Learnmore Jongwe, he has not done anything meaningful.

Kuwadzana remains impoverished. The roads are impassable. The library left unfinished by Jongwe 16 years ago, remains unfinished.

Do elders not say charity begins at home? Chamisa has fed Kuwadzana with lies and rhetoric. Can he be trusted with a country?

For Chamisa, who is a pastor, an advocate and a Member of Parliament, it runs against the grain of reason that he supports the installation of a Ndebele king.

The legislature is the factory that manufactures laws of this country and he is party of it and he should uphold the Constitution.

And, worse still, for an advocate, it is political mischief to support the Ndebele Kingdom, when he knows fully well that there is no such provision in our Constitution.

Delusional as ever, Chamisa talks about introducing bullet trains in moons fewer than my fingers if he comes into power. My foot!

He must apply a thought process in what he says. This requires billions of dollars. It does not require cents.

Given, Chamisa's purpose seems nothing serious, but adding numbers to the political fray and bringing political humour.

He does not seem to be up to something serious. With a leader like him, MDC has slumped into kindergarten stuff and will soon not be taken seriously.

Zimbabweans can no longer be taken for granted. Zimbabweans can no longer be promised pies in the sky. Zimbabweans want real and tangible things.

They no longer want their time wasted by empty rhetoric that Chamisa represents.

This villager would have thought Chamisa learnt something during his short stint in the inclusive Government, but alas, it seems he learnt nothing.

Promising people heaven on earth, when he has failed in little Kuwadzana is a shame. Soon when the real politics rolls out ahead of elections, Chamisa will see that this is not a boy's game.

It is indeed a men's game.

Social media fools people. The real voters might be fewer on social media. The voters look for serious issues and not verbiage.

Gone are the days of pleonasm.

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