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Mr President Where is the proper list with well know corrupt individuals?

19 Mar 2018 at 15:56hrs | Views
Revolutionary greetings dear Comrades. Mnangagwa is a man of unadulterated political blandishing. He is the champion of talking right and walking left. Does his regime think the voters a mere fools to be fooled by cheap rhetoric. The president rhetorised about the recovery of externalised money. The biggest is question is: is he winning?

The report on illicit financial flows that has been released by the Reserve Bank is a mockery to the Zimbabweans. The report is  as ludicrous as the rhetoric of recovering externalised money itself. A sane Zimbabwean would have expected to see more than a list of companies. He would have expected to see a list of corrupt individual externalisers. High profile policians(especially those in the ruling party) and their friends and  relatives. It is very sadening to note that we are being lied to and taken for a ride by the Mnangagwa regime. Dear Mnangagwa we are not destitutes of common sense to be fed such sick and doctored financial flows. We are not fools to be compelled to believe that you Honourable self imposed President are a corruption virgin. It is known that you are the king of externalisation of money together with your desciples. Remember, the coup was all about power and money. For the first time in your life be honest to us and tell us where is the correct list with your names?

The report with companies and individuals guilty of externalisation of money is an insult to the citizens. It gives a false impression that there are no well known individuals guilty of externalisation of money. The list further falsely exhonerates individuals within and without Zanu PF from the sin of externalisation of money. Are Zimbabweans especially Zanu PF heavy weights saints? Are they champions of good governance? If they were, the Zimbabwean economy was going to be health and we were not going to be experiencing cash shortages. The queues at the banks confirm that there is ill-governance emanating from externalisation of money.

If Mnangagwa wants us to believe that his rise to power ushered in a new dawn, he must tell us the truth. He must without fevour produce a list with all the individuals guilty of externalisation. He must stop giving us a cooked list with mostly companies. Zimbabweans want to know the names of individuals who have been stealing from them. They want to know the thieves in their midst who are responsible of liquidating the economy. If such thieves are not named and shamed we risk experiencing a high rate of externalisation of money. We risk experiencing an elongation of bank queues and the growth of illegal money markets.

If the real transparent list of individual externalisers is produced, the citizens will know who to trust and who not to trust. They will know the people who are fit to occupy public offices. Only clean brooms are ideal for such offices. The list will help the government to uproot corrupt public office bearers. This will give the public offices a fresh breath and resuscitate the ailing economy.  As Zimbabweans, we are saying please President Mnangagwa give us a proper list that implicates all those guilty of externalisation of money, including your friends and you (if you are guilty). From there, moving forward, we want an efficient and effective life auditing sytem of  senior public office bearers to help curb corruption. Dear Zimbabweans let us unite and build a corruption free Zimbabwe, not only for our benefit, but also for the benefit of the posterity.

Victory is certain, alluta continua

PRC National spokesperson
Khulani David Ndhlovu

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Source - Khulani David Ndhlovu
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