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President Mnangagwa walks the economic talk

26 Mar 2018 at 15:52hrs | Views
A good leader is one who knows the way, shows the way and goes all the way.
Quoting from John Maxwell, "Personal and organizational effectiveness is proportionate to the strength of leadership," as what has been witnessed in the new political dispensation.

Judging from Zimbabwe's economic activities in the past four months, it is safe to conclude that under President Mnangagwa's stewardship, Zimbabwe is fast becoming an economic powerhouse.

Whilst President Mnangagwa has been criticized for failing to campaign by certain 'sympathizers,' what better way of campaigning surpasses walking the talk, especially when other contenders are all talk, talk and unattainable promises only.

As the country gears for elections this July, it is only normal for competitors to pick on each other, in their quest to appease the electorate, hence the need for voters to evaluate on the best candidate.

Whilst more than 100 contenders are in the race, the salient candidates remain Zanu PF and MDC, (President Mnangagwa and Chamisa respectively).  
Unlike Mugabe who gained notoriety for his infamous rant on providing 2, 2 million jobs, and Chamisa who has since promised bullet trains, and turning Victoria Falls into Las Vegas,   the current President seems to be more focused on tangible results especially towards economic revival.

While I don't wish to discredit or question Chamisa's credibility to revive the economy, the question is, what is it that he has done for the economy apart from holding rallies and promising the electorates pies in the sky.

In as much as it is commendable for Chamisa to hop on every province, announcing his existence and legitimacy as MDC's president, clearly Chamisa still needs a lot to do to convince the electorate that he is results oriented.

Actually elections are the last thing that the country needs right now, for now, all the focus should be on rebuilding the economy and advancing economic prosperity.

As Zimbabwe continues to expand its network of top level business contacts and new financial partners, the President is currently in Senegal, attending the Africa CEO's Forum, thus walking the talk.

Merely tracing last week's events, the country recovered USD $591, 1 million from externalized funds, Willowton Group opened a $40 million refinery in Mutare, and the President commissioned a US $500 000 Nestle Zimbabwe's Cremora filling and packaging plant, and President signed the African Free Trade Area at the Kigali Convention, Rwanda. What more can we really ask for?

Zimbabwe has embarked on a much stronger economic growth path following President Mnangagwa's ascendency to power and the change of administration in the country has generally given foreigners optimism of strengthening and re-establishing of bilateral investment agreements with Zimbabwe, making it an export destination of choice.

Most economic analysts also concur that economic prowess in the country is being driven by the envisaged stable political environment following the change in political administration, improved business confidence and anticipated turnaround from key sectors of the economic sectors, but mainly its political will from the leaders.

So before casting the ballot box, there is need to remember that economic revival lie in the hands of the leader, and for now Mnangagwa has what it takes, and what the country and economy needs.

Source - Rufaro Gijima
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