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Adios Cde Dr Amai Grace

27 Mar 2018 at 09:02hrs | Views
Now that the local news wires are ablaze with how lewd Mrs Grace Mugabe conducted herself in front of the law, it becomes clear that to her and her family, the Constitution was just but one of those papers and had very little regard of it. Her crooked dealings and undisguised malevolence is a true picture of the scenes that remained hidden behind the curtains until her husband threw in the towel on November 21, 2018, an historic day!

The culture of impunity by power holders is the hallmark of corruption. While Constitutions are designed to oil democracy, the Mugabe family seized the opportunity to deflower the same Constitution in order to trample upon everybody's human rights except theirs and those of a few thieves surrounding them. The sole aim of this corruption of the rule of law was primarily to enrich themselves. While it is unwise to wade into matters sub judice, it leaves any political watcher on the edge to spill out her soul on the doggedness of the dealings of the characters that stayed under the infamous blue roof. Culprit-in-chief being the mother of the household, none other than Mrs Grace Mugabe, a wastrel charlatan who used every State resource at her disposal to launder her fetid character.

Mrs Mugabe-run thugs and henchmen's efforts have been recorded in smuggling, poaching, mineral racketeering, violence, ordinary thievery, oppression of the poor and weak and extortion. I'm neither an enemy nor a political opponent of the defrocked former boss of the women's league. What I am merely doing is chronicling the scattered events of adult delinquency that come laced with the name Grace Mugabe.
Throughout her pseudo political career enveloping a most terrifying mafia-style underworld criminology, she used every public resource to portray herself as a noteworthy philanthropist. Behind that philanthropy, the so called Doctor of Psychology Philosophy was chasing nothing but wealth. Illegal wealth. Where in Africa has an orphanage been established to demand school fees from the same orphans running into several thousands of dollars per term per child? Even middle class families find that kind of spending on just one child extravagance of note. How did she enrol her orphans anyway? That school surely has a different definition for an orphanage. Yours truly admits that the place is beautiful and that orphaned children deserve all comforts that can be availed by a benefactor. But, as a public figure running a project earmarked for public benefit, the criterion used to enrol the orphans should have been made public.
Without disclosure, one will be left to believe that all the orphans at the infamous orphanage had living parents. Word escaping that school's high walls was to the effect that the place existed above any Constitution on the land. The woman's wrath was sufficient for both the guilty and the innocent. Fear was the order of the day for the staff that manned the place in any capacity. Well, away with the goings on of this curious school.

Now in with the happenings of Blue Roof. Mugabe's public complains on one of his famous birthday interviews when the nonagenarian husband poured out his heart and loneliness inside the grandeur of the mansion about his wife's uncircumcised and uncouth behaviour left the nation awe-stricken. A fortnight ago, the elderly former president confessed that it was his same wife that asked him to resign in 2017. This did not come as a surprise as Mugabe has for long been on record consulting his unschooled wife even on matters that fell well beyond her purview and depth. What the ordinary observer could deduce was that the poor old man had become the woman's decoy in everything, from private to public life. This woman was Mugabe's biggest undoing of his life, the source of his fall from grace to the hall of shame.

With a wife like Grace who needs enemies? In South Africa, the Engels family has very low regard of any woman Zimbabwean courtesy of this thick mannered woman. Her shenanigans do not stop only in Africa. The world had gained a scoundrel of a first lady in her form. During her time, Zimbabwe could as well do without a first lady.

And now a new party born out of the pangs of disgruntlement, the NPF has Grace's handwriting all over it. How laughable! Which half brained person would want political relations with a woman history is tired of? Which person who cares about his emotional stability wants to put herself anywhere near that tragicomic character of a woman? Even a nameless island which nobody is fighting for because of its lack of material wealth deserves such drama for a leader. And thanks to the hands of time, the Grace moment of Zimbabwe has already gone beyond its twilight. God bless Zimbabwe.

Source - Wilson Mahlafuna Sibanda & Khohliso Maqhoba
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