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Chamisa can be Zimbabwe's Obama

27 Mar 2018 at 22:55hrs | Views
AS Zimbabwe goes into the next elections in July/August this year, the nation awaits with bated teeth as it ponders on which leader it will elect to be the country's leader for the next five years.
The nation has a choice of whether to elect a continuity candidate in the form of President Mnangagwa or to make a fresh start by electing the 40-year-old Nelson Chamisa.

Cyril Ramaphosa
And across the border, after a disastrous 8 years under President Jacob Zuma, South Africans were beginning to believe that their country would turn out to be another failed African state as the nation was continually downgraded by credit agencies due to mismanagement and corruption. Jacob Zuma did not help matters, although he had started on a good note as man of the people compared to the aloof but technocratic Thabo Mbeki who, though, turned out to be South Africa's worst president after the end of apartheid in 1994.

During his 8 years in office, President Zuma and his Administration seemed to hop from one scandal to another, without providing competent leadership to the country. Among the infamous scandals were allegations that he had been captured by the Gupta brothers to the extent that it was the family that even ended up appointing the country's cabinet ministers and top government officials.
And, the Nkandla scandal were state resources were used to renovate his private rural home, further tarnished Zuma's reputation.

Even the ruling party, the ANC was now exhausted with defending Jacob Zuma to the extent that his allies deserted him in that last hour resulting in Cyril Ramaphosa being elected new ANC president in December last year. Like Zimbabwe, South Africa needed a fresh start and in Cyril Ramaphosa, the ANC elected a leader who has anti-apartheid struggle credentials, pro-business status, scandal free and has the skills set to guide the country from the economic crisis the country is facing.

Barack Obama
When Barak Obama became the first black president of the United States in 2008. It was after Americans had become disillusioned and disenchanted by eight years of the worst US Administration in living memory under President George Walker Bush. As Chris Rock would later put it, 'George Bush was the worst president of all presidents in the entire universe'

Americans had begun to lose hope in the American Dream as homes lost value and it became almost impossible to access finance. The situation was made worse by an incompetent then President George W. Bush who looked out of depth during the economic crisis. After the incompetent Bush; like Zimbabweans, Americans needed a fresh start, inspiration and the economy needed confidence for it to start roaring again.

And; Yes, We Can.
The Americans made history and elected the first black president in US history in 2008. And Barack Obama did not disappoint, he not only inspired his nation, but he brought back confidence in the World economy. Obama's 8 years in the oval office brought stability to US markets, growth to the job market, expansion to the local economy and restored the US as the moral leader of the world. And to cap it all, the charismatic Obama did the unthinkable, he did what his predecessors had failed to do before him, he brought universal healthcare to all Americans in the form of Obamacare.
Nelson Chamisa
After 37 years of brutal rule under the Mugabe Administration, which brought economic ruin and entrenched a dictatorship, Zimbabweans thought that a new dispensation had begun under the new Mnangagwa Administration which took power after a soft military coup in November 2017. But alas, the nation had been sold a dummy under the military backed Mnangagwa Administration.

After President Mnangagwa's famous 100-day Government stabilisation  plan, the nation saw nothing tangible in the 100 days except the launch of #EDhasMyVote campaign by his supporters. As always, the resilient and forgiving Zimbabweans said let's give ED a chance and wait for the much-publicised externalisation list.

But the Mnangagwa Administration would again disappoint the nation by naming legitimate companies who largely kept foreign currency out of the country so that they could use it to retool and restock. And even Zanu PF's all-weather friend, China literally called the now infamous list "bogus".

And there went out of the window, President Mnangagwa's new found mantra that "Zimbabwe is open for business"
And this infamous list has brought Zimbabweans to their senses and said wait a minute, which criminals that surrounded former president Mugabe have been jailed?

The answer is not even one, actually Ignatius Combo who is alleged to have looted in his time as Government minister was actually acquitted.

Now to most Zimbabweans, this is a "new error".

They have been sold a dummy.

As the July/August Elections slowly come into the horizon, the nation cannot afford another 5 years of false promises and the recycling of the Mugabe era.

And after the disastrous 37-years of Mugabe's rule, the nation cannot stomach another 5 years of a Mnangagwa Administration because he has continued to follow in his predecessor's footsteps of protecting looters and recycling deadwood.
President Mnangagwa also seems not to have a clue on how to solve the current economic crisis and appears out of depth with his new role as Zimbabwe's leader.

But; Yes, We Can.

Like South Africa and the US, the nation now needs fresh start.

Zimbabwe needs inspiration.

The country needs confidence restored in the economy.

The land of Kaguvi and Nehanda deserves an honest and transparent leadership.

The generation of the liberation struggle needs to enforce a democratic transition to the next generation.

And in Nelson Chamisa the nation finds its self a young but innovative leader who can give Zimbabwe a fresh start.
The charismatic and eloquent Chamisa can inspire the nation and bring confidence back into Zimbabwe's economy.
And Yes, Nelson Chamisa can be Zimbabwe's Obama.

And like Obama and Ramaphosa, who both took over leadership after disastrous reigns by their predecessors that even threatened economic ruin for their respective nations, Zimbabwe also needs a fresh start with a new leader.
President Mnangagwa as a continuity candidate from the Mugabe era, is not the right candidate to take Zimbabwe forward for the next five years.
But the country needs a new broom to restore confidence in the economy.
Zimbabwe needs a fresh start under a new leader.
The nation needs a new leader who can inspire the nation to greater heights.

And in the young and charismatic Nelson Chamisa, the nation can have a Zimbabwe Dream and be inspired to retain its place as the bread basket of Africa.

And much more, the nation can be on the path to be a developed nation in the shortest possible time.
And Yes, Nelson Chamisa can be Zimbabwe's Obama.

The Writer: Darlington Nyambiya is the President of the Local Solutions Council (LSC) , a leading Zimbabwe Think Tank. The LSC is a Think Tank with members from diverse Zimbabwean communities in politics, business, religion and sports. He is also a Pro-Democracy Activist, Political Strategist, Human Rights Defender, Social Media Commentator, Writer and a Business Executive. Contact Details ; Cellnumber: +44 74 823 56315  , Twitter handle: D_Nyambiya Email: , Corporate Twitter Handle : lsc_thinktank  For more information on  Strategic Views on Zimbabwe log onto our website on :Website Copyright ¬© 2018 All Rights Reserved. The Article may not be published or reproduced in any form without prior written permission.

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