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What I learnt from a bicycle

05 Apr 2018 at 05:52hrs | Views
I didn't know how to ride a bicycle until not very long ago. One of my friends i worked with came with a bicycle at work one day and at lunch time and I decided to take his bike and practise riding at a nearby playground. He was determined to teach me so he came along to give me some help.

I couldn't cycle for 2 metres without putting my feet down to get balance as the bike kept on falling sideways. My friend then held the bike for me from the back to maintain some balance and ensure I don't fall. He told me to continue cycling.

I really tried to move forward but the reality is that I was scared. I kept putting by foot down after every 5 meters. I kept instructing him to hold the bike tightly and not dare to make me fall. He assured me and I trusted him. I however kept looking backward to ensure I still had his support. Everytime I turned back to look at him the bicycle fell sideways. "Motivator, you can't move forward looking backwards!" He shouted.

I gathered some courage and obeyed his commands. Interestingly I indeed managed to finally cycle for a long distance at last. What shocked me after I had travelled a long distance was that my friend had tricked me. He was no longer holding the bike for me and was nowhere near me. All the time I was riding the bike I had the comfort that he was still behind me holding the bike, but alas, he had long let go of the bike.

Number 1: You can't move forward looking backwards!
It just won't happen. Entering into a relationship or marriage while still looking behind at your bicycle-holding-ex will keep you grounded and frustrated. Moving forward while the old wounds, hurts, betrayal, loses and failures are still holding your bike will make your bike to fall by the wayside within a 5 metre distance. Don't keep turning back and looking over your shoulders , cut loose and fly forward to your destiny. You can't move forward looking backwards!

Number 2 Your Bicycle Holder Can Be Your Destiny Holder
Thank God for those we meet along the way and they give us all the support we need. No man is an island, we all need someone to hold our bicycle from the back while we are still trying to learn how to ride in this journey of life. Interestingly, our dependance on those who hold our bicycle is often the cause for our delayed progress. As long as I was aware that my friend was holding the bike from the back, I kept on depending on him to balance and push the bike forward for me. My greatest progress came when he let go of the bike without my knowledge!

I know of many great single mothers who never knew how great and powerful they could be until they had to let go of those they depended on for support and had to stand on their own feet. I know of a man who never knew he could compete in the Olympics high jump competition until one day when he unknowingly entered a house that had a bulldog. When everyone we trusted has vanished, and the bicycle holders who helped us have tricked us and left us to stand on own on, only then can we soar! Sometimes it takes us to have our backs against the wall to shake the wall. In the desperate moments when the bicycle holder has disappeared, we are left with only two options, to make history or to be history! Don't stress about those who left you alone when you depended upon them to hold your bike, they are releasing you to your greatness.


Source - Mthokozisi Gwizi
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