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Those with power have no ideas and those with ideas have no power: Chamisa has no policies and no manifesto!

11 Apr 2018 at 15:47hrs | Views
Quoting PLO Lumumba, a Kenyan Professor said, "those with power have no ideas and those with ideas have no power." It is very true for our dear Zimbabwe today: The electorate has the affinity to people without ideas, he says, sadly so. I realized later that when you listen to Chamisa's speeches he makes at rallies, all his speeches are just oratory eloquence without substance in them. Chamisa commands the Shona language very well and the people enjoy the articulation of his idioms more than they would listen to Nkosana Moyo articulating sound policies that will take this country from poverty to one of the respected economies in Africa. I confess that I am one of them who enjoy Chamisa's ability and oratory command and expressions in the language I know well.  

If Professor PLO Lumumba understood Shona, he would appreciate Chamisa's art of speech delivery but at the same breath become sad about the empty contents of his long speeches. It became clear to me on Saturday when Chamisa spoke to the large crowd in White City stadium that there was very little to take home with. Mostly it was self-praise, self-aggrandisement:  "he went to Uncle Josh's home, Induku, all false claims: there was very little or nothing in his speeches that promises real change we want to see in this country. To promise bullet trains and spaghetti highways, impossible projects that will not give citizens bread and butter in three months, six months, and five years is political deceit no less. The general populace curiously and sadly wants to hear such lies to "feel good" just for that day. Is it because Zimbabwe has suffered so long and we think such projects are possible in the blink of the eye?  

Our country has been receiving donor money for a long time and it is for this reason that we think we are going to be given money to develop our economy by building the infrastructure we really do not need. Are we going to build Zimbabwe for foreigners to come and enjoy themselves in our country? Hey, we have schools, hospitals, agriculture, and community development in rural areas, mining to get national revenues but certainly not selling our national resources cheaply to in-coming investors because we are desperate. We want clear plans and policies from Chamisa and the group. Musatambe nenjere dzedu imi woye! We are clever than you think. We do not buy Chamisa's ben-10 face: we need tangible projects that will inform us the way forward: in three months, in one year, in 5 years: period!

Chamisa must tell us about national policies and not "feel good" impossible projects. We want in the next week give us the manifesto that will represent his government the next 5 years. We have young girls eking out a living in the streets of all towns and cities of Zimbabwe. Strangely he did not mention those painful issues bedevilling our societies in the country in that big rally in Bulawayo. We want a glass clear way forward, how he is going to solve that e. g. how are poverty elimination and poverty reduction going to be tackled in this country? We do not want this country to become servants of in-coming investors but how to empower our citizens to enjoy the fruits of their independence denied to them for 38 years.  

We have learnt dependency ever since we got independence in 1980. Many people still have not learnt just how degrading this dependency is and what it can lead to. There is no pride in ourselves to say we do not want foreign aid but create wealth ourselves. If you tell people to live within their means, they will jettison you as a political leader. Generally, people will listen to you if you tell them that Donald Trump is going to give us 15 billion dollars if you win elections, and they will believe this and think you are a true leader who can beg donor funding abroad and succeed. But money is not given for free, the international money lenders give to get interests first and foremost. Sometimes those interests may be higher than the actual loans given to countries because those given loans are not serviced on time but take years, and the interests accrue without these so-called "third world" countries realizing it. This money lending to "third world" countries from international lending institutions has become the modern Colonialization of this Millennium.    

There are 112 people who are aspiring for presidential candidacy: they are very few who really have good ideas about how to fix this economy but they do not have the masses behind them. They do not have the power to change the economy, just what Professor PLO Lumumba was talking about. President Mnangagwa has the power of the army but no ideas and has proven to be out of his breath to give Zimbabwe what he promised at his inaugural speech in November 2017 to Zimbabweans. Mnangagwa is more on squandering the very little national revenues we have to jet-connect from one city to the other sometimes begging for money, comes back empty handed because the money lenders, even China know that to give Zimbabwe just a billion is as good as to kiss goodbye the hard-earned China taxpayer's money to people who have no idea about economics and how the country the is run. As time goes on, those countries who lend money to African countries, and they cannot afford to repay those loans, it will be possible to claim some land in Zimbabwe or mines as repayment of loans.    

Evidently, Chamisa is rich and has the political mass following; he splashes money to his immediate followers to execute what he wants, just to pursue his political dream; to be the next President of the Republic of Zimbabwe. Chamisa is non-democratic and engages gangsters to ruffle up perceived enemies who oppose him. That is typical African politics of today. Chamisa is not grounded politically to take the highest office; he has nothing to offer the electorate. So far we do not know any manifesto coming from him to sell to the electorate apart from the bullet train from Bulawayo to Harare, Las Vegas in Victoria Falls, airports in every city of Zimbabwe, spaghetti highways. Our immediate needs are very different from what he is offering us. The mass following that is supposed to go to the presidential candidates who have sound policies in the document. Nkosana Moyo may not win the elections in 2018 just as Simba Makoni did not win the elections in 2008.  

We get what we vote for: we give our vote to clueless people because those people have power and influence. This is the Kenyan Professor PLO Lumumba's message to Africa. Evidently, this message, good advice as it might be, very people understand the Professor's voice. This mayhem and mass rallies we see in Nelson Chamisa, we saw it when Mugabe came to power in 1980, and we are wary of it. It is for this reason we are extremely critical and concerned about who we must vote for.  

Chamisa may have his charisma yes, good public orator yes but those undemocratic tendencies will be a serious problem in the future. We see another Mugabe in him, we see another Sese Seko in him, not different from those dictators in the black continent. (They do not call it black for anything) We shall cry foul again when we vote for obvious dictators like Chamisa. We do have credible leaders in this coming election time but they do not feature so much to appeal to the electorate, only those without ideas do. Nkosana is at the periphery of the electorate; the person who has ideas about how to turn around this economy but no power and mass following. We are dubbed again for another 5 years.

Source - Nomazulu Thata
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