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Current systems are corrupt, tribalistic, marginalise others

17 Apr 2018 at 07:20hrs | Views
We are living in a time when we must, will and should treat our societies of the ills of a status quo political class. This class of people have intentionally put or left in place policies and systems of governance that when all is said and done, benefit ONLY them. These systems are Corruption, Tribalism, Nepotism and Marginalisation. These systems cascade down our constructed social classes and hold rigid because we are accustomed and addicted to getting more than others. This is our measurement of success. Individualism. Being better than my neighbour, brother and colleague. This poisonous system has disastrous symptoms for all of us. Politicians, get more than civilians, Northerners get more than southerners, Shonas get more than Ndebeles.

This kind of thinking has clouded us from having an overview of how the majority are suffering. We are blind to how our development is stagnant, how our progress is sluggish, and how our prospects are nullified. We are blinkered like animals, but our jockeys are blind folded idiots. Blinded by their greed and gluttony.

Politicians always pay themselves more than they are worth. We are just too blind to admit or acknowledge this. We worship politicians unnecessarily. Our country has a GDP per capita of $1008.60 (2016 World Bank). GDP is the total value of the goods and services we produce a year. If we take that to be our entire wealth/value for that year and divide it by all our citizens, we get the figure (per capita), by which we must all value ourselves. $1008.60. This is the figure we must use to evaluate and see if our politicians deserve the remunerations they afford themselves.

- South Africa has a GDP per Capita of $5273.79. The President earns $272,000 per annum and that is more than 5000% of the GDP per capita of South Africa.

- Botswana has a GDP per capita of $6788.04. The President earns $72,000 per annum and that is just over 1000% of the GDP per capita of Botswana.

- USA has a GDP per capita of $57, 466.79. The President earns $400,000 per annum and that is 734.4% of the GDP per capita of USA.

- UK has a GDP per capita of $39, 899.39. The Prime Minister earns $213,629.55 per annum and that is 535% of the GDP per capita of UK.

 - Zimbabwe has a GDP per Capita of $1008.60. The President earns $108 000 per annum and that is more 10 000% of the GDP per capita of Zimbabwe.

To put this into perspective on ration to value (GDP) Zim President earns a higher percentage than most leaders in the world today by thousands of times over! If we add expenses, looting, corruption and misappropriation of funds we are left in no doubt that this is just a sick sick joke for Mugabe, Mnangagwa and all these other voracious Zanu and MDC Politicians to be blaming other people for their daylight robbery of the nation.

People always cry about 2008. These politicians did not feel 2008. While you were feeling 2008 they were flying around the world for healthcare and enrolling their children in elite schools or importing private tutors for them.

The most painful thing is that Mashonaland keep voting these heartless people in. That pain is equalled by our own Matabeleland and Midlands voters that continue to pay electoral homage to these killers and looters. Are we blind, deaf and dumb when it comes to political analysis? Can we not have enough scrutiny to see that we need our own uncompromising force to interact with political mechanisms to rid ourselves of this slavery? That force is MRP. Mthwakazi Republic Party, the only party uncompromised and not infiltrated by Zanu PF poisonous cadres.

MRP will strip all politicians of assets and capital not gained through their remuneration. We will audit every single cent that has left Gvt coffers to check if the payments were done within the limitations and parameters of procedural regularity. MRP will peg MP, Ministers and Presidential earning to GDP per capita.

No more cheating. No more stealing. No more political immunity for unscrupulous behaviour!

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Source - Nqobizitha Maplanka
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