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My hero EDM has gambled-away my enthusiastic vote

21 Apr 2018 at 20:04hrs | Views
Zimbabwe president Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa (EDM) once owned my heart as the world's most powerful man for a fortnight! I am on record as fighting his public battles for a fortnight! The only-one to achieve  an almost total national and international rainbow following for a November 2017 fortnight! He had earned it over The Grace Mugabe/co-Vice President Phelekezela Report Mphoko most aggressive anti-Mnangagwa campaign! Marked by extreme undue denigration, Ice Cream poisoning and expulsion respectively from the then Vice Presidency to Mugabe few-men stampede! And his short-lived fortnight of exile and heroic return as a hoped-for Messiah! The Prince of hope! Immeasurable most undue humiliation from birds of the same feather that had successfully most humiliatingly off-loaded former Vice President Dr. Joyce Mujuru in the same manner that the same Mnangagwa was! Stabbed with his own sharpened spear! Mnangagwa had not only earned my heart but the hearts of multitudes in good will, good hope and in good faith!

The Rainbow multitudes all believed that EDM had become a highly refined product through The Grace Mugabe/co-Vice President Phelekezela Mphoko Sandhurst Mill in addition to his close to forty years eating from The Devil's high table! Learning never stops even in the most adverse of conditions! Yes! Multitudes in both ZANU PF and opposition ranks had expected lots of political and administrative common sense from EDM despite the fact that, at the time, he had committed to none other than his lost gainful employment and extreme humiliaation! Not for good governance issues but for power matrix between himself and Grace Mugabe! A rainbow revolution emerged inspired by assumed urgent political and administrative reforms out of the then prevailing governing Mafia! And, therefore, high quality of the respective citizenry life. EDM and retired General, Constantino Guveya Chiwenga, whom I both bravely and confidently qualified for the title "People's General" for a November 2017 fortnight over and after The Rainbow Revolution, have failed to rise above the restoration of their gainful employment, cheap Animal Farm prestige, and, therefore, forfeited the good will, good hope and good faith of the same rainbow multitudes that had taken to the streets enmasse in support of an assumed new qualitative political and administrative dispensation! They have lost not only my vote but the rainbow vote equally enmasse! They stand as qualified orphaned political paupers surviving on borrowed time. Any free and fair election stands as political bad news for EDM and entourage. And could be safely bade an early farewell as embarrassed statesmen on the street.

The Rainbow Revolution remains as guilty for management or incitement by assumption! Desperate action! EDM and Chiwenga surely had made no commitment to good governance! They went on a personalised mission to restore personal legacies and to round-up all those believed to have influenced their unceremonial dismissals from gainful employment within the Mugabe 37 year-old Animal Farm government. A well-defined personal conflict with their long-time partner-in-crime, disgraced former president, Robert Gabriel Mugabe. The Rainbow Revolution, in this way, became a misguided voluntary missile of restoration of a two man legacy of immeasurable social horror at the expense of the masses who were already chocked in excruciating poverty! The Rainbow multitudes in their expectant minds had seen the emergence and the enshrining of the long desired change! No normal Zimbabwean emerging from Mugabe's almost 38 years of hostage governance would govern the globe-trotting EDM fashion! Chartered Malaysian jets have gobbled the meagre millions of the already most fragile economy in wild chase of his lame quest for "Zimbabwe is open for business crusade!" His empty begging bowl to and fro was ever predictable! Surely which part of the world, be it the west, east, north or south would seek to invest in a collapsing busket! Invest in a government whose days are most visibly numbered! This loudly tells the world of how less sophisticated EDM as a Head of State was! No nation, as of now, would rise beyond those free consolatative/valueless Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs). EDM has continuously multi-million dollar globe-trotted in command of high-powered government delegations with a Chief among them, with highly restricted political common sense and came back empty-handed! Even to those look east Father Christmas nations like China that the government that he was part of, for almost forty years, as an influential politician, failed to honour financial obligations with! No normal person in The Rainbow Revolution ever thought that EDM would ever dream and  find wisdom in governing without the most strategic partners in The November 2017 Rainbow Revolution! Driven by political greed, he negligently committed political suicide in this way in broad-daylight! EDM was carried more against Mugabe by the opposition, civil society, The Clergy and a section of ZANU PF. This stands as evidenced in the amount of revolt against him within the respective party in the form of multi-splits and the Grace Mugabe/Mphoko G40 most grave manifestations. Both the multitudes in The Rainbow Revolution and the entire world got fevered with mistrust upon EDM! Natural loss of confidence in EDM! There was no way that EDM could have build the desired empire without all key part-takers! Especially the late Morgan Tsvangirai whose party was electorally proven far superior to ZANU PF in terms of numbers and electoral performance since its formation about 29 years ago. In this way EDM would have surely instantly both opened Zimbabwe for business and attracted international mercies. For showing very little or zero political and adminstrative grey matter in the area between his ears, I withdraw and re-deploy my vote in the same manner as The Rainbow Multitudes! What he thinks was radical African economic transformation as compared to radical African nationalism has turned-out to be radical African Impoverishment pre-eminently marked by multiple draining flights and chartered jets in an already severely haemorrhaged economy. EDM proceeds into the 2018 elections as both a politically and administravely multi-fractured man! His short-lived glory as Head of State remains as Guiness Book of Records material! The 2018 elections stand to be a great moment of humiliation for EDM and entourage! EDM remains as most visibly non-presidential material of late! Political and administrative dust-bin material with many years of experience in governance but of zero political and administrative  wisdom! Fares badly upon The MDC Alliance's youthful and witful Nelson Chamisa who fell into The Mugabe rough political terrain as a mere school-leaving youth about twenty years ago. Grew-up fighting running battles in opposition of Mugabe's Animal Farm administration. And now The MDC Alliance front foot.

The Zimbabwean citizenry has become poorer and more desperate with EDM! The public service collapsed the evermore! Health institutions reduced to fulltime death-traps! Doctors and nurses fighting in the battle frontlines with zero pre-requisite! weaponry! Hospital dispensaries maintained as empty shells! Medical personnel highly de-motivated and ill-equipped! In Chiwenga-Parirenyatwa unlimited horror and terror and yet expected to render high quality service on the job! Patients required to provide own sundries for theatrical and maternity procedures! Broken-down ambulances! Cash scarcity! Up-ward spiraling prices of basic commodities! Unemployment close to 100 percent! A disgruntled public service and substandard service delivery in local authorities! Delapidated roads infrastructure and non-accountability of the roads network Tall Gate proceeds! And a still missing Itai Dzamara in the EDM new political dispensation! Give Zimbabwe its Son Itai Dzamara EDM! Restore legacy with his unconditional release! Grant Itai Dzamara his freedom as top-most priority! The Parliamentary Committee on Human Rights must wake-up over the location and release respectively of the missing Itai Dzamara! And yet EDM bribery of traditional leaders with top of the range Isuzu Double Cab luxury vehicles for this economical non-functional sector! Came as top-most priority. A social gap-filler institution! The traditional leaders who are assigned to manage or manipulate the political/electoral nerve centre in their respective rural jurisdictions coercing all-subjects to vote in favour of EDM's ruling ZANU PF, a carry-over approach of the Mugabe fraudulent electoral legacy.

Evangelist Reginald Thabani Gola.

Cell 00263 775184749.

Source - Evangelist Reginald Thabani Gola
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