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Why Khupe will stop Chamisa from being president?

23 Apr 2018 at 07:20hrs | Views
MDC-T can only undermine KHUPE at own peril. She will spoil Chamisa's dream of winning. This is a warning and don't say you were not warned. Only one person can NEGATE KHUPE its non other than Felix Magagela Mafa Sibanda. You must act now and empower him as vice president.

Khupe had 8 to 10k people at her congress and those people were tribalist convicts. The message at the congress was what's our benefit if Chamisa wins. They are indeed set to spoil the movement. It's much more important to understand the motive. It is to stop Chamisa at whatever cost. There is no leader in Matebeleland and khupe can easily garner 70 000 more due to focused poisoning of the well.

Khupe has unlimited funding from Zanu-PF and she continues to evoke hate speech that will need a strong voice to silence it. This strong voice should come from Matebeleland and it should be from a respected patriot with respect from the people of Matebeleland religion. You can not underestimate Thokozani Khupe.

The people of Matebeleland have been very loyal to the cause of MDC-T. This was mainly because of the fact that they saw MDC-T as the only political party that would address the issue of Gukurahundi. They also thought that the MDC-T leadership would realize and respect the patriarchal nature of the Ndebele culture. However after the death of Tsvangirai and the fall out of Khupe the Ndebele feel shortchanged. They would vote Khupe because to them is a better devil. It is because of this that the MDC-T must appoint as its vice president a man who is respected by the people. In this case Felix Magagela Mafa Sibanda who has royalty in his blood.

Rural Matebeleland feel that the MDC-T president has to appoint one of them as vice president. It is indeed true that Felix Magagela Mafa Sibanda is a true Ndebele Patriot who has a rural home in Membesi. Appointing him as the vice president of MDC-T would go a long way as far as wooing the rural Ndebele vote as well as the urban vote in Matebeleland.

Thokozani Khupe is a Ndebele woman. Zanu-PF understand that she can be a spoiler and are pumping thousands of dollars into her activities in Matebeleland. MDC-T needs to counter this Khupe by taking adequate steps which include a Ndebele male for vice president. It is true that the Ndebele culture places importance on man. If Felix Sibanda a man is appointed vice president he would surely be followed by many Ndebeles. When he stated that Bulawayo is for Chamisa the people responded. It is this type of charismatic leadership that we want to undo the potential damage Khupe's Zanu-PF project would do to MDC-T.

Marketing principles states that one disgruntled person spoils eleven families. That's a huge number considering that Mthwakazi is also hate filled against the way Chamisa has disloyaly lied about Nkomo and the discrimination of male figures from the MDC-T. Between Mthwakazi and Khupe, they will certainly soil Chamisa's dream. Yet many people are dismissive and laugh at the determination of a scorned woman. Which woman have you ever seen lose a battle before the courts and public opinion. Many women sympathise with Khupe and many other people cultural Ndebele males will practice apathy and yet they have power over the families and they will leave it to be. It's fool hardy to believe Khupe is non factor in an election when one vote matters. Chamisa has never had enough love pledged by the Matebele people. They are in a curious state. Not the conviction stage. They will walk away easy.

In short MDC-T can undermine Khupe at own risk. Khupe can be a spoiler to Chamisa in the forthcoming watershed elections unless MDC-T counters Khupe by appointing a male figure as vice president to tap on the partrichal nature of the Ndebeles. Indeed Felix Magagela Mafa Sibanda is the man for the job.
Henry Madiro writes these articles in his personal capacity as a Zimbabwean who analyzes events and issues as they happen.

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