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Prophetess Dr Ruth Makandiwa an epitome of God's love

24 Apr 2018 at 07:39hrs | Views
The Webster dictionary defines the word unsung heroine as a woman whose heroism and achievements are unacknowledged, unrecognized and unappreciated though it should be the opposite. A lot of negative articles in different media houses have been written tarnishing the good image of the prophets of God both Prophet Emmanuel and Prophetess Ruth Makandiwa, However in writing this article my desire is to enlighten the public especially those that are out of touch with the good work that Dr Ruth Makandiwa is doing in Zimbabwe which in most cases is not covered by the same people who criticize her and the prophet also. At most many have written articles tarnishing and criticizing rather than appreciating the good work which Dr Ruth Makandiwa and her beloved husband have been doing for the less privileged in Zimbabwe, before I dig deep into all the good works that the prophetess has done which I have witnessed with my own eyes, it is my privilege to enlighten the reader that I personally was a beneficiary of a university scholarship programme in which I managed to study at one of the local universities of which Dr Ruth Makandiwa paid all my tuition fees for a duration of four solid years.

Educational Scholarships

Under the banner of Agape Family Care which is a charity department at UFIC. The prophetess has managed to pay for thousands of vulnerable children ranging from primary, secondary, college and university tuition fees over a resounding period of more than ten thriving years and such kindness have fallen blind to many people especially those who normally spend their time writing articles denigrating and besmirching the good prophets. The prophetess has managed to send students to every local university in which some of them have graduated with top degrees in which I'm one of such graduates having graduated with an Honors Degree in Politics and Public Administration.

Taking Care of the widows and orphans

Many widows have found refuge in the hands of Dr Ruth Makandiwa who have devoted her love in taking care of the widows despite harsh economic conditions. The prophetess does this through paying their rentals in different suburbs and providing them with food and money for their upkeep. In a nation where the social services have become progressively worse, the good prophetess have refused to do nothing about it but rather she has taken a leading role in taking care of the forgotten ones. In as much as the orphans are concerned Dr Ruth Makandiwa has for the past years devoted her time to celebrate her birthday with them in different children's homes while meeting their needs. Even the homeless are always in her heart as they always throng the city sports center every year to commemorate the birthday day of prophet Makandiwa. While in partnering other charitable organizations the prophetess has managed to donate to Chiedza, Harare Children's Home and many more in recent years.

Access to health for the less privileged

Dr Ruth Makandiwa has provided free medical services to the less privileged in most cases in rural Zimbabwe, thousands of people have benefited from free general medical, dental attention and of lately the famous operation restore sight in which hundreds of elderly people in Buhera where operated for 'Cataracts' and in doing all this the prophetess has been using her resources out of a generous heart which makes her a resemblance of God's love and put her in her own class. The prophetess recently donated money to the first lady in a gesture of good will in rendering hope to those who are unable to access critical health services especially the less privileged.

Empowerment Projects

Of late the prophetess has been assisting hundreds of people in different societies to be entrepreneurs by providing money so that they can start small and grow bigger and many people have benefit from her amazing love. In rendering such support some beneficiary are into small to medium enterprises (SMEs) businesses such as flea markets, poultry, farming and many other life changing empowerment projects and all these projects are being funded by her generous hand through the Agape Family Care

Homes for the Homeless

Dr Ruth Makandiwa has not ceased to do well in building homes for the homeless and in recent times she has done that to a lot of couples who were living in stagnate type of houses, through her undying love a lot of people are now house owners thanks to a loving mother, whom God is using to spread love to the nation. One can imagine that if we as a nation we could have many people like her surely we can eradicate poverty.

Prisons Ministry

Through the Agape Family Care, Dr Ruth Makandiwa managed to ease water crisis at the Chikurubi Maximum prison by installing a water tank that could go a long way in addressing water crisis at one of the oldest correctional facilities in the country. In partnering the charity work that other denominations have been doing to ease food shortages at both the maximum and the female prisons the prophetess has donated food stuffs several times that have managed to relieve the inmates in such a brutal economic situation in the country, with her unwavering love and support the Dr Ruth Makandiwa has touched millions of lives without doubt in our nation.

Source - Knowledge Hakata
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