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The retired general Chiwenga siege of the Zimbabwe Nurses Assiciation

24 Apr 2018 at 23:32hrs | Views
Military rule governs more by an iron fist than sanity! Breathes more by the hand than the nostrils! Feels more by the foot than the heart! Relies more on emotional turbo-drive Animal Farm judgment than quality common sense judgment! This explains the cause as to why and how retired general and now Vice President of The Republic, Constantino Guveya Nyikadzino Chiwenga (CGNC) finds it a most prudent quick-fix to seek to cure diarrhoea and cholera by stitching the anus in the health sector as against sustainable creative value-adding, well researched and professionally articulated interventions! The nurses industrial action required not only human, but professional value-adding interventions from high office! That is a disasterous military technic upon civilians in essential service and a population in excruciating poverty.

A people under rule and extreme abuse as opposed to good governance. The world's most powerful and most abusive Vice President ever ready to breathe fire instead of fresh air against the health sector. Military hooliganism against civilian health personnel! CGNC thinks with his shoes in broad-day light. That puts his level of consideration by far below the level of an Early Childhood Learning pupil. CGNC thinks and implements avoidable death upon the masses. He plays tricks and takes most grave experiments with human life. CGNC has opted to run The Zimbabwe Nurses Association like another division of The Zimbabwe National Army (ZNA).

He carries zero common sense in a humanity driven calling to serve the public! Nurses were drafted in the frontline of the health battlefield with neither relevant armour nor empowerment battle-cry that inspired the pioneers of the profession such as Florence Nightingale! And yet were expected to perform militaristic miracles on-the-job with this iron military motivation! This most primitive CGNC stone-age rule that abundantly lacks the desired common sense! When Iron Men descend from the hills to misrule, humanity suffers irrepairably. The most desired joy does not come in the morning as Iron Men play deaf to the voice of God that manifests through the abused multitudes and over-worked and yet underpaid nurses!

CGNC so recklessly believes in action before thought! And cares less about avoidable deaths and quaIitative service delivery in the essential services for the public. For the less feeling elite with the right to live and earn, Airforce jets on free charter are kept on stand-by to ferry them and their families to prestigious health institutions of the world as the voter perishes in deliberately paralysed local health institutions. When the quality of top leadership depreciates! When a vaccum takes place at the top! When management strategy deteriorates in the hands of reckless and unskilled metal thinkers in power, life becomes brutish, nasty and short for the voting public. Military rule in the health sector! Slavery in the health profession! Hospitals reduced to death- traps! And CGNC makes no-sense out of the gruesome man-made deplorable mess of the worst order three months down-the-line to an election. Deliberate suffocation of the health sector! Immeasurable humiliation for the health personnel upon the already highly compromised health service delivery system pre-eminently marked-by empty dispensaries and acute lack of other most critical on-the-job basic sundries. New mode of extra-judicial killings in health institutions! An already highly demotivated personnel! No! Ladies and gentlemen! The soldier must start thinking with his brains and feeling with his heart! CGNC must think value-addition in the Vice President's office rather than liability decision-making! Must look east for the best adult toys rather than taking to gaming with human lives in Zimbabwe's health institutions! Nurses hired today! Fired tomorrow! And re-hired the day after! Unparrallelled nonsense in high decision-making echelons! And public life on peril mode! Surely this makes of sufficient causative factors to re-call CGNC fron The Vice Presidency of The Republic! Chiwenga has proved himself to be one of the greatest peace-time risks of the time in modern governance! Chiwenga peace-time horror and terror in the health sector! And surely makes it a performance issue for Zimbabwe President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa (EDM) not to dismiss. A most critical performance issue for the ruling ZANU PF politburo! A politburo that has proved itself to be a window-dresser institution but out to win a July 2018 election against The Movement for Democratic Change Nelson Chamisa-led alliance. It makes of most critical incompetence on the part of The President. Or, confirms that EDM was surely non-presidential material himself. Not governing for, through, by and with the people but for other reasons. The two men failed or never had an iota of intention to rise beyond restoration of their personal legacies and lost gainful employment. Surely nothing betters the duo from the former president Robert Gabriel Mugabe whom they kept in power by hook or crook for 37 years of national sub-standard living.

Evangelist Reginald Thabani Gola. Cell. 00263 775184749.

Source - Evangelist Reginald Thabani Gola
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