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Time to act decisively is now

01 May 2018 at 11:54hrs | Views
The political climate is getting hotter by day if not by hour as the elections get nearer. Political contenders do not seem to bother about anything else except to do everything just to "win"  or just to be there and make money from donations, why not? And when results will be announced some will come to their senses  and then, there will be cry fouls and complaints after the elections when  all will be done.  There are a lot of things to be done by both ZEC and the US the electorate now before we have elections that can be free, fair and credible.

A lot has to be done to eliminate the rampant polarisation of the press. ZanuPF Informtion Secretary was quoted as saying that there is  no room for press polarisation. As long as we still have POSA and AIPA, it is ludicrous  for the implementors of the repressive current  laws to hypocritically condemn their daily actions. ZanuPF using the state machinery is the one that has made sure that the state media  is in fact their indoctrination utensil.Many democratic people have given up on them. The State controlled media will not report anything that others do except if it is twisted to suit ZanuPF. Anything else is totally ignored. We want  a total and immediate removal of the deliberate press  polarisation now and not a description of what the ZanuPF Junta intends to do.

It is also becoming clearer by day that there is confusion politically as the electorate has to break off from the traditional voting pattern of choosing between shaping their future and perpetuating the evils of  negative political  careerism. The ruling party has gone politically bankrupt. Even the removal of Robert Mugabe with the support of the army has not given any hope for the economy. The press is applauding the just ended  Trade Fair as a great succes. Year after year this has been the song. Perhaps the press is referring to the "historic exhibition" at the Fair by the Sex Workers which also coincided with the legalising of mbanje growing. We are yet to see how many will be employed productively in the sex industry.The electorate has a challenge to bravely break off from  the repressive york of ZanuPF and other politcal groupings that reject constitutionalism and legality and the time to do that is now.

The ZanuPF government has clearly rejected the constitution that the Zimbabwean people crafted. The constitution has the Devolution of Power. For those who have been benefiting from the military backed looting spree this is not a priority. There have been calls to scrap it off. The people especially those who are victims of several brutalities including ethnic cleansing must put devolution of power into practice through their new vote pattern that shapes their future. It is now time to vote for a Member of Parliament, a councillor, or a Senator who politically answers to one`s own province. It is naive to vote for  people who are opposed  to the constitution that we all democratically crafted because of what they are promising.

Liberalising sex workers and allowing the production of mbanje are desperate moves at this moment in time when there is massive unemployment. Will the sex workers get more clients now that their oldest profession can be done openly? And will the Junta re-align laws to  prosecute those who abuse mbanje because it will always be abused like any other drug? The time to expose these pseudo political gestures has come. The people of Zimbabwe need the implementation of their constitution and not diversions to hoodwink them into believing that this ideologically  bankrupt Junta can have a solution to the socio-economic ills of our land.

Source - Mkhululi Zulu, Zapu Presidential Spokesperson
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