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Chamisa must be recalled soon before inauguration, he has committed crimes against the people

03 May 2018 at 05:26hrs | Views
The power belongs to the people. We can not abandon the MDC-T because of one person, Nelson Chamisa. No! We can't do that. We can simple recall him soon before inauguration and make him answer for his crimes. MDC-T as a people's movement has all the provisions that prevent someone from hijacking the people's revolution. We have the evidence and we must not lose heart. MDC-T is a democratic machine and no one can be above the law. This article tries to build a dossier against Chamisa. If not handled well will result in him being the shortest ruler of all time.

Morgan Tsvangirai the late MDC-T president after realizing that his days were numbered, he went on to appoint two more vice presidents, Chamisa and Mudzuri. In order to make sure his will prevailed, Tsvangirai roped in Welshman Ncube and Tendai Biti in the form of the Alliance. Is this alliance legal? Why did he impose the Alliance on the people. This was done to ensure his project of Chamisa would succeed. Tsvangirai roped in Biti and Ncube to support Chamisa as the bona-fide successor to Tsvangirai and the alliance leader. This was deliberately done to give credence to these two political charlatans I'm the name of Biti and Ncube. Ncube who could not garner more than 93 000 and Biti whose party is only made of himself wanted political relevance and to get it they had to endorse Chamisa. Ncube and Biti are now now riding on the people's back at the expense of trusted Cadres like Mwonzora and Mudzuri. Indeed this alliance would be put to the people's court to decide its legality.

Chamisa's other crime against the people is that he traded with Gushungo Dairies. Anyone who did business with Gushungo and claim to represent the people is a charlatan. Chamisa went to springle salt and pepper on the people's sores by lying that he did not trade with Gushungo. Yet it is common knowledge that his trucks where contracted to Gushungo Dairies. This would be used to try Chamisa at the people's court. In the meantime let's vote and campaign for him for we can not abandon the revolution at this stage. We would recall him at inauguration or before.

Another pertinent question is whether Chamisa is appointing friends, family and cronies into influencial party positions. The idea of wanting to appoint Bhekithemba Mpofu, a personal friend during his days at the University of Zimbabwe as vice president of the movement is an abomination. People would not forgive Chamisa if he goes ahead it. The people would definitely withdraw him before or on inauguration.

Chamisa is also being accused of abandoning the aged through the so called generational mandate. This would not be supported by the people in the movement. Chamisa deliberately elbowed Khupe and Mudzuri from the presidency. He has been very aggressive in his quest to wrestle power that he has not respected the aged. Chamisa should allow people to choose people they want. I understand even Mutsvanga lost in Zanu-PF primaries despite being close to Mnangagwa as a presidential advisor. Chamisa must allow people's will to prevail rather than advocate for his cronies.

The use of political violence is another albatross on the neck of Emperor Nero. It is common knowledge that people like Khupe and others were beaten and nearly burnt in a hut during Tsvangirai's funeral. Information filtering suggests that it was done at the instinctgation of Chamisa. He has aggravated violence through the use of the vanguard a sort of militia in the MDC T. So recently independent supporters of Felix Mafa Sibanda were actually beaten and tortured at Kondo business center in Chipinge. This was done in the presence of Chamisa himself. Douglas Shoko was beaten behind Chamisa's branded car. Chamisa did not stop this brutal violence. This last Friday university students who wanted to submit a petition at harvest house were brutalized by the president's security. Harvest house has become a no go terror area even for the university students who actually helped him to rise to this top leadership position in the party. Mudzuri was forced to endorse Chamisa due to the fear of the brutal nature of Chamisa and his vanguard. Surely the people's court would decide to keep Chamisa or throw him in the political dustbin before inauguration. We will vote him because we can't let the movement and the revolution disturbed. All his crimes would be decided upon by the people. Our movement is democratic and has ways and means to deal with this violent brute in the name of Emperor Nero.

Chamisa surely cannot be a president of the country after blatantly lied on different foras without even an aorta of regret. Chamisa one day claimed that the American government on their visit to America promised them 15bn dollars if MDC wins this year's watershed elections. The American Ambassador to Zimbabwe was quick to refute this claim. Oh what a shame. Our movement's leader is a lying president. Not to back down on his lying trends. Chamisa went on to lie to the people in Bulawayo that he had been given the Nkomo staff. This was refuted by the family who said Chamisa never talked to them. This person who can say the truth to the people must not be allowed to rule. He must be withdrawn by the people before inauguration.

Chamisa cannot be the people's president. He deliberately delayed processes and hijacked to his selfish needs. He refused a congress after the death of Tsvangirai. Why did he refuse the people a congress. Thokozani Khupe wanted a congress. Elias Mudzuri and Mwonzora were also for congress. Obert Gutu wanted the necessary processes to be followed and was refused. Yet our not so shining youthful president had to use violence, chicanery and bribery to avoid congress and the necessary due processes. Khupe and Gutu were expelled. Mudzuri had to toe the line though grumbling. Chamisa has managed to induce fear in the people and has managed to hijack the movement to his selfish needs. The people's court is waiting for you Chamisa on or before the inauguration.

Chamisa as an individual has worked very hard to discredit his party putting paid to the statement that Chamisa is a Zanu-PF project. Definitely the people would never allow such a person to be their president. The people would withdraw him on or before inauguration. We must vote him in power so that the revolution takes its course and remove him after winning for we will be having the majority in Parliament.

We must start collecting evidence to prove otherwise let's shoulder on and stop making noise. The vanguard is not allowed in Parliament. MDC-T is a party of excellence and even Chamisa himself says so. If these allegations hold water we would recall him. Remember Zuma was recalled. And yet he has a militia tied to himself. It's hit the numbers that matter. We had minority rule in Zimbabwe and even South Africa and yet we all had the numbers. What's counts is the law and we must use it to hold people accountable. Remember when Tsvangirai was fired from The party. The results are devastating had Tsvangirai been president of the country. Tsvangirai has a culture of corruption and indecisiveness that is a train seen in Chamisa. He has now called his friends to do away with the MDC T brand while organizing a new party behind all us. He hijacked our movement, refused to follow the rules, now he's dumping it and creating something new with is close pals. We must move and recall him now and have a congress because he destroy the movement. It's hard but it can be done. If that fails, it would be too late.

Source - Jason Kangira Amish Mushonga
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