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Mujuru, Khupe heading towards Zimbabwe's political cemetery

08 May 2018 at 06:38hrs | Views
The recent developments in which former Vice President Joice Mujuru and her PHD colleague Thokozani Khupe has formally decided to join hands under an electoral pact which is yet to be unveiled have not caught many unaware as the two feminist politicians have been holding secret meetings since 2016. Both Mujuru and Khupe have a lot in common such as being expelled from their previous political parties, the two iron ladies as they are referred in some quarters of the society worked together in the then fruitful Government of National Unity both being deputies to their respective bosses. The two ladies have also managed to advance their education and both of them are holders of PHD's from two most prestigious local universities. A lot can be said about these two female politician both good and bad, however my article seeks to enlighten the reader how these two iron ladies manufactured their own political downfall as they are heading straight towards their political "Waterloo" soon after the presidential elections results are announced late July. The two former deputies in the Unity Government have decided to work together but the question still remains weather they can really plot a Chamisa-Mnanagagwa downfall? According to a reliable source, the two leaders met during the women electoral convergence (summit) in Bulawayo and together with PDP's Lucia Matibenga agreed in principle that an alliance ahead of the polls would be critical. However, the sticking point is on who will lead the alliance, "Ultimately that is the sticking point, the leadership and the presidential candidacy. They both want to lead and it does not look like any one of them is willing to let the other lead," another source said. With accusations barricading towards Thokhozani Khupe on her links with Zanu Pf it might prove difficult for Joice Mujuru to lead the coalition as Zanu Pf is desperately in need of Khupe's break away MDC T on the ballot paper as this will confuse especially many voters in the deep rural areas.

How Joice Mujuru lost it
Many political avant garde and even those that have been following Zimbabwe's politics for the past decade still believe that Joice Mujuru political career was dealt a big blow by the former First lady Grace Mugabe, however Mujuru's expulsion from both Zanu Pf and the government was rather a second and the final nail to her political career. Her expulsion could not have happened if those that plotted her down fall had not succeeded in their first plan. It is this well-known saying that in politics they are no permanent friends rather than permanent interests. When Grace Mugabe tortured a helpless Mujuru and succeeded in influencing her husband to fire Mujuru, she thought the way had been cleared for her to become the most powerful women in Zanu Pf and later on succeed her ousted former president Robert Mugabe, not knowingly that she had hijacked an already existing plan and for her it was merely being used and dumped later by the original Mujuru's demise plotters. Joice Mujuru lost the whole game of thrones when her husband the late Rtd Brg Gen Solomon Mujuru was killed in the so called ‘Ruzawi Farm Inferno'. The death of Solomon Mujuru marked the death of Joice Mujuru political career. Those who masterminded Solomon's death were very calculative as the late Gen was bigger than Zanu Pf more than Mugabe himself, Solomon Mujuru was the power behind the elevation of Joice Mujuru's elevation and Mugabe did so to at least to silence the late general so that he could prolong his long stay in power. Weather Joice was involved or not in the death of her husband, Solomon's death at his farm signified Mai Mujuru's death in the game of thrones to succeed Mugabe. Her expulsion from Zanu Pf was just a ceremonial event to mark her final root towards Zimbabwe's political cemetery. The biggest mistake that Solomon Mujuru did was to relax before his wife had usurped the reigns from Robert Mugabe considering that they were also carders that were eyeing the top post (Mugabe's position). What is now on the ground is a journey that was started on the early hours of 15 August 2011 at Ruzawi farm and that day is the day that Joice Mujuru political star was dealt a big blow. Coming back to the prior presidential elections Joice Mujuru should accept the bitter pill that her political career is over, if she thinks that she will ever become the next Zimbabwe's president even in a million years that is a pipe dream. My advice to the Mt Darwin born cde is to follow the footsteps of the former Malawian president Joice Banda or even assist Thabo Bheki at A.U in his role of rubber stamping dictators rule in Africa, as of dreaming to become Zimbabwe's president continue dreaming my sister just like your brother Dumiso Dabengwa.

Thokozanu Khupe unlike Mujuru plotted her own downfall
Sun Tzu in his book "The Art of War" says;" There are roads which must not be followed, armies which must not be attacked, towns which must not be besieged, positions which must not be contested, and commands of the sovereign which must not be obeyed". Anybody, including me, can contest the Presidency, but not anybody can become President. Queuing to vote is a formality, but the President is selected through boardroom rituals by the system. Basically Dr Thokozani Khupe lost the MDC T presidency to Nelson Chamisa through the boardroom rituals at the Harvest House. Khupe wanted to lead the main stream MDC T but lost the game smartly and that boardroom outcome at the renamed Morgan Tsvangirai building finally nailed this regionalist leader political career, she might prove to be relevant now but soon after the upcoming elections she will join her former cadre Prof Arthur Mutambara in the Zimbabwe's political cemetery. If Khupe had supported the MDC Alliance without doubt she might be today leading the same boat but her staunch opposition to the late Tsvangirai's views made the late former premier to appoint Mudzuru and Chamisa who later neutralized her power base. The love of money will send this regionalist leader who in most cases campaigns in Bulawayo in front of 100 supporters to the political dust bin come July 2018. Let me state it clearly Thokozani Khupe my sister Zanu Pf is going to use you like a condom and later it shall dump you dumbed. If it dumbed Robert Mugabe what about you Ms. "Categoricari".

Knowledge Hakata is an avant garde political commentator and the cofounder of Demos-Cratos. He can be contacted on

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